5 Tips To Pick Small Business Website Design Services

tips picking website design services small business sites

According to Pew Research, more than 93 percent of Americans actively use the internet. With so many commerce, business, and pleasure choices, picking website design services should be a top priority. 

You want a website with a catchy design and great curb appeal. How do you best know who to work on your website design? What skills and expertise should they have? 

Here are 5 top tips on picking website design services for small businesses. 

1. Picking Website Design Services Begins With Asking About Experience

You don’t want a beginner when it comes to web design experience. You do want someone with experience when designing business websites. 

Finding out how long they have been in business and what kinds of clients they have done work for can be very beneficial. Ask if they have experience in mobile-friendly website design. What is their track record on business websites and company blogs?

2. Examine Their Portfolio 

Ask to see a portfolio of completed work when picking website design services.

Looking through a portfolio will allow you to make a more thought-out decision about knowing if they have web design experience and design experience. Can they do Kajabi themes to make your website look great?

A great portfolio can also show versatility. It can show how they handle different clients and projects.   

3. Client-Customer Interaction

The creative process can sometimes be tricky. Will you be the one making all of the decisions, or will you leave that to the web design team? How will the process work?

When designing business websites, it’s important to lay out the ground rules in the very beginning. You will want the team you are hiring to know how much (or how little) of your involvement in making creative decisions.

Will they bring their own ideas to the table and listen to your ideas?

4. Read Online Reviews

Reading online reviews is a great way to find out several things. A simple online search can help you avoid pitfalls or even answer questions before making your hiring decision.

By reading online reviews, you can find out how the company works with clients or if their mobile-friendly website design is worth considering. While the business may have a negative review, that could raise some red flags if there are many. 

5. Cost

When picking website design services, you want the company to stay within the website design budget. Asking how much they charge is key.

Will it be a one-time fee? Will they charge additional fees to update the website as needed? 

Getting all of these answers upfront can save you time and money. If you can, sign a contract or get everything in writing and know the payment scheduled before you proceed.  

Tips for Picking Web Design Services for Small Businesses 

Several tips for picking web design services for small businesses include asking about experience, looking at portfolios, and inquiring about the client-customer relationship. Also, read online reviews and ask about the cost. Following these tips can get you a great website design!

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