Top 10 Bitcoin Websites In The World 2023

Top 10 Bitcoin Websites for 2018 and Domain for Sale

As you probably know already, Bitcoin is exploding, and there doesn’t seem to be any ceiling. Last I checked in 2023, Bitcoin was $25,000 with 55% dominance in the entire cryptocurrency market – out of thousands of other “altcoins.”

If you are looking to dominate an online presence with Bitcoin, you need a powerful website name.

Most two worded .com website names are already taken – especially names that have very popular keywords, like “Bitcoin” or “BTC”.

Bitcoin websites are huge, and cryptocurrency websites are growing each month.

The top Bitcoin websites get over a million visitors a month and are ranking as the most popular websites in the world for 2023.


Here Are Rankings for the Top 10 Most Popular Bitcoin Websites

One –
Investopedia was founded in 2015 and has been managed by CEO David Siegal. The website is based out of New York. Estimated U.S. and has exploded in 2023.

Site Rank U.S. 233. Est. Traffic: 6.6 million monthly visitors

Two –
Coindesk was founded in 2013 by Shakil Khan who was also an investor in BitPay. Coindesk provides resources and guides to people who are new to cryptocurrencies.

Site Rank U.S. 428. Est. Traffic: 3.6 million monthly visitors

Three –
Bitconnect is a Bitcoin lending, mining pool, and affiliates program with a robust blog. Founded by Ken Fitzsimmons out of the U.K. in 2016, Bitconnect has risen the ranks very quickly, especially for not being a primary website for Bitcoin news.

Site Rank U.S. 887. Est. Traffic: 1.8 million monthly visitors

Four – was registered in 2008 by the man himself, Satoshi Nakamoto but was eventually bought by Roger Ver in 2014. is everything bitcoin and is the premier resource for Bitcoin. They are one of the best news sources on Bitcoin and have dozens of contributors.

Site Rank U.S. 1,093. Est. Traffic: 1.5 million monthly visitors

Five –
Cointelegraph was founded in 2013 during one of Bitcoin’s first peaks and is based out of London. In a few short years, with a passionate contributor team, Cointelegraph has become one of the most dominant Bitcoin news sources on the web.

Site Rank U.S. 1,379. Est. Traffic: 1.2 million monthly visitors

Six –

Site Rank U.S. 1,627. Est. Traffic: 1.0 million monthly visitors

Seven –

Site Rank U.S. 3370. Est. Traffic: 546,000 monthly visitors

Eight –

Site Rank U.S. 7046. Est. Traffic: 278,000 monthly visitors

Nine –

Site Rank U.S. 10382. Est. Traffic: 193,000 monthly visitors

Ten –

Site Rank U.S. 17616. Est. Traffic: 120,000 monthly visitors

So, let’s look at the best rank in the U.S.

That would be at 233. predicts the monthly average visitors for the most popular websites on the web.

Quantcast estimates that Investopedia gets around 6.6 million monthly visitors for rank #233 (even though it wasn’t Investopedia in that spot. Must have moved or is privately listed.)

website traffic for top bitcoin sites

Even a site that is ranked 17,616 in the U.S. like gets over 120,000 visitors a month.

This is serious income potential, whether you offer click-through ads, do the Amazon affiliate program, promote your own ebooks and products, or promote third-party products or ad space to clients.

A number to throw out there that I have seen on a forum is earnings of about $20,000 a month per million visitors.

This is just a general figure. If you run Google ads you are looking at maybe $5,000 per month, but if you have a compelling offer you created, you could earn maybe $50,000 a month per million visitors.

So, in essence, Investopedia would be making $325,000 a month at 6.6 million visitors per month.

That is great income, especially when you can hire a staff of great writers and have a staff manager running the show so you can go play.

Some cryptocurrency websites are on sale for $500,000 US dollars.

This site will be an excellent choice for a cryptocurrency agency or enthusiast wanting to create income from the internet.

There are so many amazing aspects to cryptocurrency. It is not just Bitcoin that is creating a stir. The entire world is being transformed by cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technologies.

Blockchain is challenging every aspect of the status quo, and new BTC websites or crypto mobile apps need to step up to the challenge.

Nothing will look the same in 5 years, including banks, government, and how we conduct business.

There will be great advances in bitcoin websites and crypto sites, and of course there will also be a dark byproduct from this digital progression. Unfortunately there is always bad mixed into the good of new cryptocurrency websites or domains and blockchain tech advances.

There is no better way to be on the forefront of the cryptocurrency revolution except for creating insight, cutting-edge content, and limitless income streams on a new BTC website. Keep your eyes out for the next top Bitcoin websites and domain names coming to your interwebs soon!