10 Tips To Quit All Addictions Permanently

how to quit all addictions for new year

There is no better time to change your life for the better except after New Year’s.

However, I am not new at quitting addictions and making self-improvements. Over the last 10 years, I have quit alcohol, cigarettes, pornographic material, and now sugar and Autistic rocking.

Yes, autistic rocking – it is like sitting cross-legged style on the floor and rocking your body back and forth.

I don’t swing back and forth dramatically, but do a gentle sway that I have done since I was 8.

This will definitely be the hardest addiction to quit because I have rocked at least 4 hours a day since I was 8 – that’s 37 years.

Death Rites to End My Old Self on New Year’s

Yesterday, I wrote about how my wife, who is an energy healer, performed the Death Rites on me, a shamanic practice, to erase my old identity and bring in a new identity.

Today is day two of being off all addictions, except coffee (caffeine is technically a drug), but I don’t abuse coffee like an addiction, so that stays on the list.

It is important to create a new routine right away, even if it feels awkward and unnatural.

I have tried quitting all addictions before, so I had created a daily routine, at least a skeleton of a new routine.

Here is the daily routine:

One – Instead of getting up and rocking for an hour before coffee, I get up and sit still by the heater and meditate.

Two – Instead of rocking after I post to this blog, I go for a jog or workout.

Three – Instead of rocking until dinner time, I watch a video on a new healthy topic, like Awakening True Happiness by Matt Kahn.

Four – Instead of rocking until bedtime, I watch a few more videos until 8PM, then I sit on the bed and meditate until 10 PM, then I read an ebook till I fall asleep.

Routines are crucial in maintaining sanity and incorporating a new lifestyle.

A new lifestyle will feel really unnatural for about 30 days.

You will need to add little treats or rewards in your new routine so you have something to look forward to.

Here are the Top 10 Powerful Tips to Quit All Addictions After New Year’s

One – Lots of different teas – teas can taste really good and actually be beneficial in raising your metabolism or relaxing you.

Two – Any dessert with Stevia – Stevia is a natural sugar substitute that doesn’t act like sugar in the body and is actually categorized as a fiber.

I love homemade whip cream on top of sautéed bananas and dates.

I quit sugar, but Stevia makes everything all right!

Three – Yoga – Yoga can be really hard in the beginning, especially if you are new at it, but after awhile Yoga is like a stretch from Heaven and you feel really blissed out afterwards.

Four – Sauna – They gym is usually crazy after New year’s with all the New year’s resolution crowd who don’t know how to lift weights properly, so I hide out in the sauna.

The sauna not only cleanses all your pores and challenges your respiratory system in a good way, it relaxes you and pulls all the stress out of you.

Five – Jogging – There is nothing better to get that primal feeling of being alive than a jogger’s high. If you are new to jogging, you probably won’t know what I’m talking about for the first month, but after you can jog a mile or two, endorphins kick in and you can experience a jogger’s high. It is really a simple, but life-changing exercise when you can enjoy a runner’s high.

Six – Making Love – This is obvious and results and positive benefits don’t need to be mentioned here in detail.

Seven – GABA – GABA is a feel-good, neurotransmitter inhibitor that comes in crystalline form. It is natural and our body already produces it, but adding GABA to a tea near bedtime occasionally can give you a natural buzz that resembles a nice wine buzz. Add Vitamin B in the morning to feel a lot more energy and positivity.

Eight – Meditation – Meditation can seem pointless and boring in the beginning, but the more you do it, the deeper your awareness can go, and for some, it feels like travelling to other, higher dimensions. Advanced meditators feel like they can meet divine entities and even God.

Nine – CBD OilCBD Oil is all the rage and is completely natural and legal in all 50 states. Derived from the Hemp plant, CBD Oil has hundreds of powerful benefits and can relax you and reduce pain.

Ten – Gratitude & Community – Most addicts have become isolated from humanity. They want nothing to do with people because deep down inside they usually feel anger and shame. The best feeling in the world is truly connecting with people on a heart-based level. I should know, I have been a serious recluse all my life, but once I quit all the shame-based behavior, I could face people again.

Thanks for reading Top 10 Powerful Tips to Quit All Addictions After New Year’s. I wish you all the best becoming your best self and I am always here for you. Keep reading for more tips on self-improvement to boost your health and wealth.