10 Shocking Reasons To Use CBD Infused Coffee

They call it the perfect blend. Coffee and CBD go together like peas and carrots. It’s like they were always destined to be together.

It turns out, that they are shockingly good for your health. Who knew that coffee and cannabinoid oil could be healthy for you? Well, we knew, and we want to tell you all about how this perfect blend can brew
you the best cup of good health of your life.

Here’s the Top 10 Shocking Reasons to Use CBD Infused Coffee:

1. It Will Give you a Good Brain Surge

We all know by now that CBD oil is good for you. Don’t ask us, ask Dr. Sanjay Gupta. He’ll tell you that CBD oil has many positive health benefits. Coffee actually does too.

America is falling in love with ingesting CBD oil without smoking anything. That’s why the mixture of
coffee and CBD in your brewer is the perfect blend of mixing these two health elixirs that both benefit your health.

2. Coffee and CBD Make you Alert and Relaxed

The mixture of these two functions of the brain makes for brain mastery. Think about it though, as the CBD helps the neurons relax the caffeine’s giving you a boost of energy. This makes for meaningful thoughts that are properly focused without the disparaging effects of depression, anxiety and self-doubt.

CBD oil has been known to help with depression and anxiety. Many complain it relaxes them too much
during the day. That’s where the caffeine comes in. It solves that conundrum by energizing you while the CBD relaxes you and frees your thoughts.

3. They are both full of antioxidants

Both CBDs and Caffeine are considered superfoods. Coffee is considered the biggest source of antioxidants in the Western diet.

For this reason, together they can protect your cells and DNA from damage. This promotes healing and detours the aging process. Due to the antioxidant properties in CBD, it is said to be very helpful for the recovery process from brain trauma and stroke.

4. Together You Don’t Need Another Espresso
Many of us order a latte every morning. After that we usually want to order another. With the inclusion of CBD Coffee, you might not need another espresso. That’s because CBD is found to be energizing and a mood booster. This will save you money on getting another coffee.

5. Loosens Those Morning Muscles
Most of us stretch when we first wake up. That usually does the trick before we have the energy to get up and get our coffee.

Well, with CBD coffee you get your caffeine and less tension too. That’s because the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties in CBD can help with
morning muscle ache.

6. CBD Helps With the Coffee Jitters
We’ve always been there when we’ve had too much coffee. CBD is known to have eased anxiety and will help if you drink too much black brew. CBD coffee is said to be stimulating without the edge of drinking just coffee.

7. They Counteract Each Other
Both of them interact with Adenosine. That is the neurotransmitter that helps you determine if it is time to fight or if it’s time to rest.

While they both work with the adenosine, they do it with the opposite effects. That means that caffeine with awaken you while CBD tells the Adenosine to stay calm. This counteraction helps our bodies adjust to the morning. We need our brew, this will help us stay calm too.

8. The CBD Will Give You Good Energy
Let’s face it, many of us love our morning cup of Joe. There are quite a few of us who also get it to go to the gym or go on a run. The coffee gives you that extra boost and the CBD gives you a feeling of wellness.

CBD has been shown in studies to increase our serotonin or the “happy” neurotransmitter. Let them both give you a boost before you release endorphins on your morning run.

9. Coffee Can Prolong Your Life
In a recent study, scientists found that people who drink more than three cups of coffee per day experience less death and heart disease in comparison to non-drinkers of Joe. Add in the CBDs and you have a mega-health morning drink.

10. It Helps Prevent Memory Loss
The synergistic effects from combining the two makes for maintaining your memory. In a recent study on zebra fish, both coffee and CBD have helped protect against memory loss.

While the jury is still out on CBD results, they know that caffeine is a memory protector. That means until they do more research at least the synergistic properties of combining them will counteract any negative effects of too much CBD on the memory.