10 Ways Top Earners in Network Marketing Make Money

Top 10 Ways Top Earners in Network Marketing Make Money

Top 10 Ways Top Earners in Network Marketing Make Money

Do you want to know the secret to network marketing and how the Leaders make the money? Here’s the Top 10 Ways Top Earners in Network Marketing Make Money.

There’s many variables of how a home-based Entrepreneur goes from zero to hero in the financial realm of network marketing.

I lay out the exact attributes needed to achieve ultimate success in network marketing.

1. The MLM Personae

Many successful network marketers started with nothing. They lived in dismal settings, had no money, and had no experience in business.

Why and how did these people in sub-human environments and situations rise to the top in MLM?

Answer: They had nothing to lose. . .

kiyosaki MLM

Many people that had nothing to lose rose quicker in MLM than professionals who had successful careers, because they wanted it more.

They had nothing to lose. They were broke, had no job or crappy job, no higher education, sick family, from third-world impoverished countries, etc. The list goes on.

2. They are HUNGRY…

When I started network marketing, I was $15,000 in debt, had no money, worked 60 hours a week in a hot, greasy kitchen. I was really ready for a change and kept going. . .

failure in MLM

3. Failure after Failure

Successful network marketers can endure setback after setback. The only way to truly fail is to quit.

Network marketing is about showing as many people as you can your opportunity. People first starting out in MLM go right to their families and friends and excitedly talk nonsense about their business and scare them away and face rejection.

Beginners can’t stomach rejection. They think it’s a personal attack. It’s not. Think about the waitress that asks people all day if they want more coffee…

failure after failure in MLM

She doesn’t go into the back room and cry when someone says “No.” She keeps asking until her shift is done. Everyday. . .

Leaders are told “No” every day and they don’t think twice about it. Success is too important to them and they know that “No” is not a personal attack. It just means “Not now.”

“The more “No’s” you hear, the closer you are to a “Yes.”

your why in MLM

4. Burning Desire and a Strong ‘Why’

True Leaders in MLM have a strong “Why” and a burning desire to succeed at all costs. I had failed at so many things in the past.

It was truly my time to rise and shine, because my burning desire was now so great. I had failed at:

My Health: Alcoholic. Heart-Attack at 32.

Stock Investor: Lost $20,000

Ebook Writer: 5 failed books.

Music Producer: 1 failed LP Album.

These failures really just fueled my fire. . .

always learning quotes

5. Always Learning

Leaders never stop learning. They invest in their education. Network marketing is one big self-development course…

“The more you learn, the more you earn.”

The more you invest in your education, the more people will look to you for advice, and they will inevitably join your opportunity if you provide enough value.

Be the “Go-To” person on the Internet. Dominate your niche by doing twice as much as the other leaders in your niche. If they make a video once a day, you make two. Etc…

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My business really took off when I spent money on my training.

It was like I signaled the universe I was serious about my home-based business, when I finally shelled out some of my hard-earned cash for training.

Reading books is essential, ideally you want to read one hour in the morning and one hour at night.

Read books on Leadership and network marketing. Throw in a couple of Law of Attraction books to round everything off!

Some awesome books:

recruit and grow rich

success principles

go pro by eric worre

6. No Complaining or Negativity

I see a lot of beginner network marketers bash other network marketers and the company their in.

We are one big family in this industry.

If a network marketing company is in a lawsuit, we should support them, because if one MLM company goes down, we are all subject to go down and we love our Industry too much…

social branding for network marketers

7. Social Branding & Marketing

It’s not enough anymore to just post your opportunity link a few times on social media and call it good.

Network marketers today are complete marketing machines. You need to know how to do:

*Social media integration

*Content strategy


*Branding & Authority in Niche.

One of the most powerful ways of growing your MLM business is to blog.

Blogging consistently over time will bring you free, organic traffic from the search engines.

Everyone loves free traffic, which means free leads, because if you have to buy Leads they are expensive and hard to convert if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The top leaders blog a lot. Some of my favorite MLM trainers post everyday; some post on their blog then shoot a 3-4 minute video on YouTube; and some post, shoot a video, then do a podcast all in one day!

You really have to want success, have a burning desire, and strong “why” to be wildly successful in network marketing, but what’s the alternative?

Working 40 years at a dead-end job? I would rather blog for four years than flip burgers for 40.

4 year MLM plan

You also have to have a strong social media presence also.

This means you have engagement with a lot of people on social media. When I started network marketing, I had 80,000 followers on Twitter and 5,000 on Facebook.

Don’t worry though, you can follow up to a 1,000 people a day on Twitter.

To give you a head start, you can buy followers, which will help you get over that 2,000 following Twitter limit.

Writing “Copy” comes in handy when you are posting on social media. In the beginning, my tweets were tacky and spammy, like most new network marketers:

“Want to Earn $5,000 next week?”

Now, it’s more informative, like:

“The alternative is working at a dead-end job and retiring broke”

It’s a little more mature and less desperate. People can sense desperation, so when starting out try to remain poised and calm.

Don’t make false claims just to get a sale, that’s what gives MLM a bad name.

I don’t even like saying MLM that much anymore. It’s either Direct Sales or network marketing, but for this post MLM is fine 🙂

8. MLM Automation Systems

You will die of exhaustion if you are just stalking in Facebook chat to find Leads.

Leader use automation whenever they can to expose thousands of people to their opportunity.

They write books, shoot videos, using automation software, like Hootsuite and Buffer to automate their tweets, facebook posts and Linkedin articles.

The biggest breakthrough for me was getting an automation app for my Twitter, called Crowdfire.

It sends out an automated message whenever someone follows me back on Twitter. My message brought in over 3,000 Leads, all for $19.99 a month thanks to Crowdfire.

crowdfire for getting leads

With my large social media presence and automation, I developed a strong marketing system that got me into the top 10 every month in my current company, out of 30,000 distributors.


simple duplication systems

9. Simple Duplication Systems

MLM Leaders have a simple duplicatable system that they share with their entire team.

If it’s not easy for an eighth grader to comprehend than it’s too complicated.

The simpler the system is, the faster your team will grow, because network marketing is essentially all about duplication.

When you join a network marketing company, use the system your company or sponsor provides.

When I started out, I created a 5 page pdf manual that had pictures and several links to books and podcasts. Now, I know that was overkill. No one even read it!

10. Selfless and Motivated to Help Others

MLM Leaders started out wanting money just like the rest of us, but they developed into “selfless leaders” who got more joy out of helping others succeed.

zig ziglar on MLM

Like I said earlier, network marketing is one big self-development course and the more you learn about others, the more you learn about yourself.

The bigger you paint your vision of success, the bigger your reach is helping hundreds and thousands of others.

Bonus #11 Long-Term Vision

Leaders understand that not everyone is meant to be in this business.

“Leaders sort, amateurs convince.”

When we gain posture and confidence in MLM, we find out we don’t need to recruit everyone into our business. Leaders sort through all the wannabe’s and tire-kickers to find the cream of the crop.

There’s still going to be challenging days, especially when a leader in your team quits unexpectedly.

But, if you keep recruiting, you can usually find another leader to replace the previous one.

Network marketing seems like a losing battle in the beginning when we discover that 90% of the people quit within the first year.

But, network marketing is a very powerful vehicle in generating wealth, and with the exponential growth effect it only takes 2 to 5 leaders in your organization to become a millionaire.

Keep recruiting new people, it’s a remedy that solves most problems in MLM.

Bonus #12 Success breeds Success

In the beginning of your network marketing career, it might seem that you have only recruited “duds.” Don’t worry.

This happened to the best leaders as well. I have heard, on more than one occasion, that the leaders’ first 40 “Independent Distributors” were duds, but after that the quality of distributors got better. Why is that?

  1. They’ve shown the Universe that they are serious by staying in this long.
  2. Their self-development has paid off and they are attracting a better quality of person.
  3. Network marketing is all about the Law of Numbers and the more people they recruited, the more Leaders surfaced.

Bonus #13 Momentum

The last thing I want to cover is momentum. A company goes through different stages as well as the distributor.

Once you start getting some quality people on your team and they start recruiting there will be a point when you hit “momentum.”

This is an exciting feeling, because it will continue to grow with or without you and provide you stable residual income, which is what it is all about, right?

So, keep recruiting, have a simple, duplicatable system in place and never quit MLM!

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