Top 2 Industries To Promote For Income Increases

After a New Year’s resolution, millions of people will be attempting to change their lives financially, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

In this article, I reveal the Top 2 Industries to Promote for Income in the new economy.

This blog is to help you make a living from home.

I have been a full-time internet marketer since 2016.

I discovered network marketing in 2014, right after affiliate marketing in 2013, and it wasn’t an easy ride to reach my level of success in 2023.

The first year in MLM I was making around $200 a month, and $120 of that had to go to my product.

The second year was a little better, at around $250 a month. But nobody can live off that paltry income obviously.

You are probably thinking, “why the heck didn’t you just walk away?”

The answer is because I knew I didn’t want to flip burgers for thirty more years.

I was just turning 43 and was still making $12 an hour doing restaurant work.

Sure, I could have really worked hard and climbed up to Executive Chef, but I knew there was more to life.

I wanted to create my own hours and do as I please.

I didn’t want to sit behind a desk or stand in front of a cutting board 12 hours a day.

So, I busted my butt in MLM and had an emotional rollercoaster of a time figuring it out. . .

The rejection and the low income was ridiculous at times, so much so it was laughable, like I was in “Punk’d or some hidden camera reality show.

How could I put up with this?

But, I kept pressing on and started to figure stuff out.

Most people quit the first 3 months when they see they actually have to work.

They think MLM is like a fun hobby or lottery ticket.

When I tell my new reps that they should create content everyday, they usually write two articles and shoot two videos then quit.

I used to be heart-broken when they quit because they were my only hope for working from home.

Or, so I thought they were my hope – that was the way I thought when I was only bringing in 3 people a month.

Now, I bring in over 30 people a month and frankly I don’t look back to see if my new reps quit or not.

My motto is “put out the fires and keep recruiting. . .”

Because, the bigger your downline is the more issues people have.

That is just the way it is, MLM is a people business, more people equals more issues, no matter how perfect you think your MLM company is.

Here Are the Top 2 Industries to Promote for Extra Income

One – CBD Oil

CBD Oil is huge right now and people from all walks of life know about it – aka “the masses.” When my landlord, an ex-cop, knew what CBD Oil was and my wife’s redneck friends knew what it was, I knew that it had already exploded into mainstream acceptance.

In fact, Forbes predicts CBD Oil to become a $4.2 Billion a year industry by 2023 or 2024. I am sure it has already reached that. There are already over 100 CBD Oil companies online, that I personally know of, there are probably a lot more now in 2023.

You may have heard of the powerful and numerous benefits of CBD Oil – no it is not medical marijuana – it is derived from the hemp plant and has virtually no THC. It has personally helped my anxiety, joint pain, and back pain and I sleep better.


Two – Cryptocurrencies – Like Bitcoin

Just like CBD Oil, everyone is talking about Bitcoin, especially when it went from $9,000 to $16,000 in one week! Now it is trading in in the $20,000-27,000 price range in 2023 as of this writing.

Heavy industrial traders and hedge fund managers are coming out of the woodwork to get on the Bitcoin train.

Over $24 Billion is being traded daily on the cryptocurrency exchange.

It is officially big business, but the masses still have no clue what it really is.

That is where you come in by promoting a fully stocked educational platform dedicated to all cryptocurrencies.

This platform not only teaches you how to day-trade cryptos, loan out Bitcoin, and what wallets to use, it is a powerful affiliate marketing opportunity with generous commissions, including the ability to earn from your upline (me) without recruiting yourself.

That is it guys.

These 2 industries are going to explode even more after New year’s and into the new year.

I hope you get in to these industries before everyone else does!