20 Steps to Make More Money in MLM

Top 20 Powerful Steps to Improve and Make Money in your MLM

Top 20 Powerful Steps to Improve and Make Money in your MLM

Most people who join MLM quit within a year. Here are the Top 20 Powerful Steps to Improve and Make Money in your MLM.

One of the biggest reasons people quit MLM as soon as they join is lack of knowledge.

New distributors are sometimes misled by clever marketers, or they just didn’t know to what extent it takes to become successful in network marketing. There are many methods to make more money with MLM.

Having started out with no knowledge of what MLM, Direct Selling or network marketing was, I have been in the trenches and have survived my first two years of MLM.

Here is what it takes to succeed in MLM with 20 Powerful Steps

MLM products

1. Take the Product

I have asked new distributors, after they have been in my current company for over a month, how they like the product.

To my surprise, a small handful of them haven’t even tried the product!

How can you promote your product if you don’t know what it does and how it tastes or feels?

The best way to promote your new MLM business is to know first hand about your product.

I know a lot of network marketers lead with the business side of their business, but you still need to experience your product first-hand.

Conclusion: Take the product.

autoship for MLM

2. Turn ON Autoship

With tighter regulations from the Federal trade Commission, MLM companies are required to make “Autoship” or recurring ordering of your product on a monthly basis, optional.

This can trip up a new distributor who thought they were good to go in being a home-based network marketing business order only to find next month they are being warned about losing their position in the company as well as future commissions.

Conclusion: In order to be “active”, you need to order your product every month.

document your results in MLM

3. Document your Results

After you receive your product in the mail by ordering and becoming an active distributor in your company, you want to take the product. (Step One)

You should notice results from the product within a week, sometimes two, whether this is losing weight, wrinkles reducing, brain fog lifting, etc.

These results from the product are going to enable you to share a testimonial, your personal story of how the product has helped you.

This is very powerful because in network marketing, aka “word-of-mouth” advertising, your story is what gets people interested in your product and business. This leads me to step #4.

how to create an MLM testimonial

4. Creating your Testimonial

Your personal story with the product is the foundation to how successful you will become in network marketing.

Yes, you can just promote the business opportunity by strictly marketing, but that’s advanced and takes time to build your online authority.

If the product hasn’t done what you wanted, or it has side-effects, I recommend switching to a different company.

Research a company that offers a product you feel would be a good fit.

Some network marketers believe that the product is actually unimportant.

They believe what’s important is the network marketing business model and that it’s simply a vehicle to use to obtain wealth and the product is secondary.

I believe that type of thinking sets up a red flag to the regulators, because if no one is taking the product in your organization and they are just promoting the business opportunity, the FTC considers this a “Pyramid Scheme” so be careful.

quick start guide in network marketing

5. Read All of the Quick Start Training Material

Most MLM companies offer a “quick start guide” how to get started in the company. If the company doesn’t have this, usually the leaders in the company have created one.

A quick-start guide gets you going quickly, because “success loves speed” in this business and nothing gets done when people are confused.

A quick start guide keeps network marketing simple, which gets everyone on your team on the same page and allows for your team to “duplicate.”

You don’t have to bring in all these recruits yourself. If you get a few good leaders on your team, you could potentially have thousands within your organization in a few years, so duplication is key.


6. Attend ALL Company and Upline Webinars

People who “Plug in, stay in.” This means if you get plugged into the weekly webinars that your sponsor and company provide, then chances of you quitting decreases.

You become immersed into the training and self-development which is crucial in building a successful business.

It also allows you to hear other people, like you, who are on the same journey, that of being transformed by the product and as network marketer as a whole.

leads for MLM

7. Create a Lead Strategy

The lifeblood of growing a successful MLM business are Leads. If you don’t have eyeballs viewing your presentation, then your business won’t grow.

Creating a Lead strategy takes finding out what works. When I first started my business, I promoted my links everywhere, hoping to get sign-ups.

It wasn’t until I put analytics on my links that I knew where my best Leads were coming from.

It’s very important to A/B test your Lead Generation and see what does the best, because usually what works wasn’t what you thought would.

blogging for network marketing

8. Start a Blog

Blogging for network marketing is very powerful. Blogging effectively and over time can create thousands of Leads for your company.

But it takes time and consistency, that’s why this is something you begin early on but still focus on quicker Lead generation practices first, like “warm market.”

You want to brand YOU, not your network marketing company, so create a website in your name, like JohnDoeMarketing.com. People want to join YOU, not a vague company, so start creating you as the brand.

Go buy your name over at name.com. It should only cost $10.99. Once you have your name, go over to bluehost.com and buy a hosting plan.

You can start with a basic package first, but I would upgrade to a virtual server when you get about a year’s worth of content on your site.

You’re going to point your domain name’s DNS servers from name.com to bluehost.com. You can watch a YouTube video on how to do this or ask name.com for assistance.

Blogging and content marketing is an art form. The days of slapping up generic content from a freelancer you hired for five bucks are over.

If your content is generic and boring, people will leave your site immediately and Google won’t index your content.

So, write engaging and original content. If you don’t like writing that much, there’s other ways to promote your business online, which I will discuss further. 

objection handling in MLM

9. Learn How to Handle Objections

The truth of the matter is that not everyone is going to be as excited as you about your home based business.

Even your closest friends and family are going to question your sanity, but friends and family are usually not your Leaders anyways.

Network marketing is still a “recruiting type” business and you will hear more “no’s” than “yes’.” This is fine.

It’s worth hearing 100 “No’s” to finally hear that “Yes,” especially if that “Yes” turns out to be a leader who brings in a hundred people.

There are several eBooks on how to handle objections and plenty of YouTube videos on the subject.

Hearing “NO” is not an attack on you personally, it just means they are not interested at this time.

Believe that the more “No’s” you hear, the closer you are to a “Yes.”

The Leaders in MLM hear No’s all day long and then they get a few Yes’, which balances everything out.

We are in the business of sifting through people to find a few who are very interested in what we do.

10. Warm Market Prospecting

Although I believe your friends and family aren’t the best prospects when building your business, I DO believe that it’s easier to start with friends and family.

I believe that most new distributors run out and tell their friends and family with no training whatsoever and get their feelings hurt when their business opportunity is rejected. It’s hard to hear “No” from people you love.

If you learn how to handle objections, work with your sponsor, and work on holding your posture, then warm market is great to start with.

11. Cold Market Prospecting

Your best Leaders will come from around the World, people you don’t know personally.

Since the Internet has taken off and network marketing companies have adapted to it, it’s easier than ever to promote your opportunity globally.

The second person I promoted into my business lived in Australia, half way around the world. I simply had a lot of Twitter followers from around the world who read my tweets everyday. You can do the same with your MLM.

You don’t need to recruit locally. I kind of laugh when interested prospects ask if I have any distributors in their town.

They want to work with someone in person, like it’s a job, or they are scared that the market might be “saturated” if too many people know about the company in their town! It’s impossible for saturation to occur.

social media for MLM

12. Social Media for MLM

Very, very powerful. . . My whole business started with Twitter. I know people that built their business using just Facebook. Also, new social media platforms are emerging all the time, like Periscope and Instagram.

I love social media, but often people abuse it. I know I did when I first started promoting my business.

New distributors tend to SPAM their links and don’t provide any value.

They also slap their company logo all over the place and call their username something they think is clever along with their company name , like skinnywrapgirl, or BobAmway.

Don’t do this! Use your real name, people who don’t know what network marketing is think you’re crazy, and adding what your product does in your bio doesn’t appeal to anyone.

Like I said before, brand yourself, not your company.

Your company could go under and you would be stuck with all this promotional crap on your social media that you would have to change.

13. Master a Platform

Everyone has a social media site they like. You can become wildly successful with any of them.

It takes time, but you can figure out the tricks and techniques of your favorite platform and get tons of Leads.

getting MLM leads with twitter

Most people use Facebook to get Leads, but they sit all day stalking Facebook chats.

There’s more efficient ways to get Leads. Like I mentioned before, my favorite social media platform is Twitter, but I didn’t sit on Twitter all day stalking people.

I discovered how to automate it so it prospected for me.

We can’t sit on the compute stalking people 20 hours a day, so we need to be smart about our business and use automation whenever possible.

14. Automation

The quickest way I got Leads on Twitter was by automating my direct message people received when they followed me on Twitter.

How did I know it was powerful?

I did the A/B testing like I mentioned above.

If you’re not putting analytics on your opportunity links, you won’t know where the good Leads come from. Very important.

I automated my direct message using an app called Crowfire.

I also automated my tweets using Buffer.

I send out 20 to 40 tweets around the clock using Buffer. You simply get some tweets together in a Word Doc and copy and paste them into Buffer. Buffer automatically shortens your long links too, making them look better.

So, instead of this: http://www.erikchristian.premierabundance.com/?SOURCE=ecj

It would be this: http://buff.ly/1LetF0R

Another cool program that let’s you gain Leads by piggy-backing off of other people’s articles is using Snip.ly. There statement says:

“Attach a call-to-action to every link you share.”

This means you can share a popular article that Forbes wrote about, let’s say about network marketing, and you could share it through Snip.ly, which would add your personal opt-in link beneath the article.

You then promote that article on all your social media sites. This is a great way to get Leads if you can afford Snip.ly.

Another site that let’s you control many social media sites from one interface is Hootsuite. This is convenient and saves a lot of time if you are busy.

annual network marketing events

15. Annual Company Events

The quickest way to gain belief in your company and in yourself as a network marketer is to attend company events.

Some companies spend millions of dollars on a two day weekend event, making the event mind-blowing and life-changing.

If you have any doubt about network marketing, attend one of these events.

You will see thousands of people who just like you, took a leap of faith and joined the business.

Many of them are now successful and the event is a great place to showcase people’s testimonials and success stories.

My favorite success story is of a man who struggled for 8 years as a pizza delivery driver who now is extremely successful in network marketing. He had the grit needed to succeed in the MLM industry no matter what.

16. Masterminds

The best way to develop and maintain the strong leadership within your MLM organization is to have a weekly mastermind.

This mastermind will involve the rising stars in your organization who want to build successful businesses.

You can do many things in a mastermind, including:

  1. Share ideas and brainstorm.
  2. Grow quicker by being challenged by others in a productive way.
  3. Edifying the successes of others.
  4. Boosting confidence.
  5. Increasing the duplication of the organization.
  6. Benefits and initiatives.

mindset for MLM

17. Mindset

One of the main factors of people not achieving success is their limited beliefs.

We have been programmed by our external world, from negative messages in media to our negative relatives who doubt our abilities.

It’s everywhere and the only way to gain success and happiness is to gradually reprogram our minds.

I listen to an awesome YouTube video everyday that promotes wealth. Lie down somewhere comfortable and close your eyes and listen to “Money Flows to You.”

how to avoid failure in MLM

18. Don’t Ever Quit

If you can afford a cellphone bill, then you can afford to be in network marketing.

Network marketing is our last hope in free enterprise to make unlimited income without an advanced college degree.

The top earners in network marketing average $20,000 a month and this is possible for anyone who has determination, learns the skills and never quits!

It takes time to grow a thriving MLM business. You will have to sort through thousands of people and enroll over a 100 people into your business.

Yes, you can get luck and enroll 5 and get a true leader who builds a huge organization.

But, the reality is, network marketing will change your life for the better.

It’s changed my life both physically and financially. I never did make residual income before network marketing.

Now, I earn money whether I work for the day or not, because I have a strong organization.

There’s two very important steps that need to take place every day in your network marketing business, if you truly want to succeed.

19. Content Creation

Every MLM leader creates a lot of content on the Internet.

No question.

If you want to truly succeed in MLM for 2017, you need to start blogging and shooting video every day.

I don’t care if you blog three times a week and shoot four videos the rest of the week, but something related to your niche has to be created DAILY!

It’s not as scary as it sounds.

Even if you’re not a good writer, you can probably write 700 words in an hour or two.

After you write it, say something at the bottom of the post, like:

Please comment and share this post.

P.S. We’re looking for motivated, success-driven individuals to run with this simple business, click this link to find out more.

See, that was a “call-to-action.”

Call-to-actions should be a part of all your content so you can collect MLM Leads.

Creating content is like working out in a gym.

It will be very hard at first, but once you get into a routine, it becomes easier.

What to write about?

Read a couple chapters from a MLM book, and take notes and then write about what you learned as if sharing it with a friend.

Shoot a 3 minute video on what you learned.

There’s two pieces of content right there! This will make waves with your MLM business.

20. Consistency

We need to produce content consistently for MLM monetization to work.

There’s a ton of abandoned blogs on the internet because people lost hope because they didn’t see quick enough results.

Blogging is a long term game.

Video creation is a shorter game.

Both are super powerful in getting a steady stream of MLM leads looking at your opportunity.

If you begin writing three times a week in your network marketing blog, stick with that pace for a couple years.

Blogging is like a 3 to 5 year game plan.

Don’t look at any results in the beginning, just focus on creating content.

3 to 5 years is not as bad as you think.

In 3 to 5 years you would still be at a dead-end job if you didn’t blog, but if you do a blog post 3 to 6 times a week on top of your dead-end job, you could get out of your dead-end job in 3 to 5 years.

Video creation can get you solid Leads within 6 months, but again you have to shoot a video 3 to 6 times a week,

Video is fast and easy.

I shoot a 3 minute video on my iPhone each morning and upload it to YouTube.

After time, you will have a lot of videos collecting Leads for you.

Remember, to put a “call-to-action” below your videos without being too spammy.

Hang in there, it’s totally worth it for MLM mastery!

If you’re looking for a new home-based opportunity, Read this.

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