21 Ways To Be A Top MLM Business Leader

Top 21 Ways to be a Powerful MLM Business Leader

Top 21 Ways to be a Powerful MLM Business Leader

Ever wondered if you could truly be successful as a home-based network marketing Entrepreneur? Here are the Top 21 Ways to be a Powerful MLM Business Leader.

1. You are a Motivated individual

Ever since you were a child, you have had a certain drive about you.

You knew you would become successful one day and today you are more excited than ever to be that successful person with multi-level marketing, affiliate sales, and direct selling.

Friends always teased you because secretly they were threatened by your potential and ambition.

2. You have Desire

You never settle for the status quo. You have a smoldering fire inside you, which almost feels like it was a torch passed down to you by your ancestors, kind of like a torch of primitive yearning for humankind as a whole.

3. You’ve had Failures

Some of the biggest mistakes or temporary failures in your life are the best lessons in hindsight.

Without those mistakes, you wouldn’t know as much about yourself and you wouldn’t have gained the insight needed to go around the next obstacle.

You understand failure is only temporary; quitting is forever.

“You understand failure is only temporary; quitting is forever.”

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4. Successful Role Models

Growing up, you probably had a poster of an elite athlete, celebrity, or Entrepreneur hanging on your wall.

You stared at them in awe of their excellence and achievement.

Yeah, you probably have idolized not the most healthy of people also, but you always came back to idolizing successful achievers.

5. Your Coachable

You have the unique ability to decipher which teachings are bogus and which ones are truly valuable.

You drop your ego and listen with 100% participation. You have excelled in all areas that you care about and have a passion for.

When you join network marketing, you instantly take to your sponsor, who is a leader.

6. A little Humble

You are humble for your years. Confucius said, humility is “the solid foundation of all virtues,” and sometimes you shock your parents by how humble and wise you are.

Being humble gives you a chance to become  introverted enough to truly see others without your ego getting in the way.

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7. Confidence

Nothing attracts others to you more than a healthy dose of confidence.

I remember some days when I had more confidence than others and those were the days people remembered me the most.

No one wants to hang out with a person trembling in the corner and your God gave you the right to be here like everyone else and no one has anything over you.

So, don’t be afraid to shine because it is your God-given right.

8. You Help Others

Ever since you were a child you helped others, even your pets got more attention than yourself.

Giving people caring attention has always made you a natural leader.

You could hold any position of power just on the simple fact that you want to help others.

Network marketing is all about empowering and helping others develop as leaders.

“God gave you the right to be here like everyone else and no one has anything over you.”

9. Looking for More

There has been something nagging inside of you, and it is reflected throughout the world in wars and riots.

We as a People are destined for more and deep down we know this.

You have the courage to rise above the mediocrity and become more, which goes against the majority who fear bringing attention to themselves for thinking differently. 

“We as a People are destined for more and deep down we know this.”

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10. Living through Tragedy

We are colored by our Past and somewhere along the way there was tragedy.

This was, of course tragic, but it gave your personality a little color and deeper meaning.

Tragedy can blossom the hardest thorns into beautiful flowers and vice versa.

Look at 9/11, that tragedy brought together a city jaded and complacent and made a lot of heroes and really woke America up.

I remember listening to the female host on Good Morning America talk as 9/11 was happening and she sounded like she was on Valium, no emotion, and that was how America was, asleep before 9/11.

Your tragic story fuels your personal story when you enter network marketing and you help so many people with your story.

11. A little Crazy. . .

“But we are never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy,” nice words from Seal, but so true.

You are a survivor because you have seen some real stuff in your life and you walk, breathe and live it.

There is no way I would have become a successful network marketer if I didn’t take some crazy risks and kept going when it looked like a dead-end. Those roads that look like dead-ends, sometimes lead to the best views.

Life is crazy, but so are we and it is your choice to take the road toward success or the road to failure. Every day there is a new fork in the road, it is your choice.

“Those roads that look like dead-ends, sometimes lead to the best views.”

12. Slightly Competitive

You have an edge and you don’t like to lose. This is great for Entrepreneurs who want to become top leaders in the MLM profession.

There will be Leaders in your company that challenge you and you take it on with stride.

Pretty soon, you are producing more value than them, surpassing them in rank and commissions.

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13. Telling Stories. . .

There are six ways to brand you and your business through the art of storytelling, according to Clay Hausmann in his post on Fast Company, called The Age-Old AND Often Ignored Marketing Tool Every Company Needs To Know.

What kind of story are you telling?

We have been telling stories since we were able to talk. There is a fine-line between making someone roll their eyes, because your story goes off on a half-hour tangent, and engaging someone by the seat of their pants.

I have seen the best and worse reactions from people affected by my storytelling.

It is a skill I am still working on. I definitely prefer writing, than talking, but if you can do both well, you’re set from success in networking.

14. Being Genuine

There is so much competition online that the only true leaders that rise above everyone else are extremely genuine.

It is okay to be yourself and I believe every year you are growing, you are genuinely becoming more of who you truly are.

Being genuine means being self-aware, being confident and selfless, and listening truly to others with no hidden agendas of your own.

You are able to show your emotions without holding back. Being genuine relieves the tension of pretense.

One of the most real, often foul-mouthed Entrepreneurs is Gary Vaynerchuk.

He is all over the internet and is constantly challenging the mediocrity of the web with off-the-wall tactics.

Another off-the-wall Entrepreneur is Grant Cardone, famous author of the 10x Rule.

Grant uses a blitzkrieg style of marketing on the web by creating massive content. He has over 2,995 videos on YouTube and 293,865 subscribers.

Being genuine takes time to grow a follower base, but once you have a following you are set for life.

“Being genuine relieves the tension of pretense.”

15. Self-Love

Yes, we have all doubted ourselves and sometimes even hated ourselves, but to truly be able to become successful in network marketing and in life, you must love yourself.

95% of our thoughts are negative and changing those thoughts to positive is like exercising a new muscle. With daily practice of positive affirmations and hypnosis, you can right yourself of the inner negative voice.

Your body is your temple. If you eat crap, listen to crap and talk crap, you are going to be crap.

Eat well, sleep eight hours a night, and surround yourself with positive friends and shut off the news and gangster rap.

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16. Ignores Present Results

One of the biggest reasons internet and network marketers fail is because they look at their present results and get discouraged.

I admit, I looked every day at my website stats and my business analytics and it drove me insane.

Everything in business takes time and if you are writing content to attract Leads it is going to take at least six months to a year of posting 3 to 5 times a week to get seen on the first page of the search engines.

There are roughly 977 Million active websites on the internet. You need to be consistent and write engaging, original content to be seen and heard, but it is all worth it.

Ray Higdon made $30,000 in one day with his blog while he was at a training event.

He wasn’t advertising or promoting anything that day, it was just from his organic traffic!

Blogging is a very powerful tool that all network marketers should incorporate in their Lead Generation.

Don’t look at your present results. Concentrate on your future results and believe they are here NOW.

17. Rejects Rejection

Rejection only happens when you allow it. In his post, 10 Surprising Facts About Rejection, Guy Winch Ph.D. states “MRI studies show that the same areas of the brain become activated when we experience rejection as when we experience physical pain.” 

Remember getting your heart broken the first time? It knocked the wind out of you and your heart ached, didn’t it?

Rejection sucks and the most vulnerable time to be influenced by rejection is in the beginning of your network marketing career. It hurts a lot, especially when family and friends reject your awesome new business opportunity.

In order to become successful in Sales or network marketing, you will have to present your opportunity to hundreds, if not thousands of people.

Ideally, your prospecting is done online and it won’t be so horrible if rejection arises, but the reality is, you will need to become indifferent to rejection.

Network marketing is a numbers game, meaning there is a certain amount of people you have to present your opportunity to in order to find interested prospects.

A rough estimate is 100 opportunity exposures to get 1 paid member, or “Independent Business Owner.”

This is only a 1% conversion rate and is the lowest I’ve seen. The more you establish trust with your prospects, the higher your conversion rate.

That is why your MLM sponsor wants you to prospect your warm market (family and friends) first. They have a conversion rate of maybe 20%, but your friends and family don’t usually build the business side of the product, which is fine, you will just have more customers than distributors.

Rejection can strike at any time and even seasoned networkers get a little upset about rejection, but it is the name of the game, numbers and indifference.

Look at it this way: a waitress doesn’t get upset and run to the backroom every time a customer declines coffee.

It is the same with network marketing; some will be interested and some won’t be, it is okay, don’t think about and keep moving forward and your business will keep moving forward also.

18. Articulate

The best way to release your inner thoughts is to articulate. No one knows how you feel if you don’t talk.

The key in articulating effectively is matching strong feelings with strong words and finding the essence of what you’re feeling and wrap it into shorter, powerful statements rather than long-winded statements.

“You have 7 seconds to impress someone. If you stumble past 10 seconds they are thinking about their laundry.”

The more you talk, the easier it gets. In my introverted days, I would go almost a week without talking to anyone.

(I was single and lived alone at the time) and it was incredibly intimidating talking to anybody and holding eye contact.

Practice in front of a mirror and emulate celebrities or public figures that you like and speak into an audio recorder and practice until it’s fluid.

Almost all network marketing leaders are articulate and give a “sense of urgency” in everything they convey. Success loves speed and the faster you recruit people into your downline, the bigger your organization and commissions.

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19. Mindset

What you think about, comes about.

The power of our thoughts dictate everything we do and we need to believe we are worthy in order to receive; we need to feel wealthy, to receive wealth, etc.

Many people don’t achieve a certain level of success because they have a belief of how much they are worth, which is called a money blueprint.  

In order to increase that money blueprint, you need to go into the subconscious and reprogram it.

I listen to a great video on YouTube called Money Flows to You everyday.

It takes some time to reprogram our beliefs because frankly, we have been living with them are entire lives.

A good example of the extensiveness of reprogramming it takes, Holton Buggs, the highest earning network marketer in the world, making approximately $1.2 Million a Month, made less than $700 a month in network marketing for seven years until he was able to break through his money blueprint.

He listened to subconscious reprogramming while he slept.

Your success in network marketing depends on your mindset and how you provide value to others.

If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?

20. Desire to Work from Home

If you are reading this, you probably have a desire to work from home or already are.

There is no better feeling than waking up undisturbed from a noisy, abrasive alarm clock.

When I get up too, I actually feel nauseas. I need my eight hours of sleep and I am sure you do too.

Network marketing affords you to do this. It might take a few years to match your income from network marketing to your job, but it’s worth it.

I certainly would rather retire in four years from network marketing than working another 20 years at a dead-end job.

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Setting your own hours means you can work at your most effective times.

Being a home-based Entrepreneur immediately decreases the stress you had associated with your job and the end result is you are happier and that’s contagious.

When you are happier, you can prospect better and you close more sales. Your business starts to take off because your success is infectious.

You start to attract more Leaders into your organization and so on, instead of a downward spiral, it is an upward spiral.

Being a Laptop Entrepreneur means you can work anywhere in the world there is internet connection. Your office weighs one pound and can be carried anywhere effortlessly (laptop).

You can hold conferences with your organization of hundreds of people and you can literally make $20,000 to $50,000+ a month residually, whether you work or not.

21. Blowing Friends & Family Away

The finale of all of this hard work has paid off. You now walk the stage at company events holding the big fat check they give to Leaders.

You flew your parents in and they can finally see what network marketing, that thingy you do, has done for you.

They have tears in their eyes and they never thought in a million years that you would be a millionaire helping so many people from around the world.

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All I can say is you are worth everything to have this kind of life and success in MLM or affiliate marketing. To your dream life, may you truly actualize it!