27 Steps To Start An MLM Business Working From Home

Top 27 Crucial Steps for Starting a MLM Business 2018

More and more people are working from home with home-based businesses. Find out, Top 27 Crucial Steps for Starting a MLM Business and work from home.

It’s important to start off on the right foot with a home-based business.

So many people fail because they didn’t take MLM seriously, and they left a lot of money on the table because of it.

Here’s the Top 27 steps for Starting a MLM Business:

1. Ask why you want this.

When looking for a home based business, the most important question is why you are looking. Are you strapped for cash?

Do you want to save money for your children’s college education. Really ponder why you are seeking this.

2. What problem do you need solving?

There is something missing in your life. Usually, it’s either lack of money or there’s a health issue you want to address. Sometimes, you just want more purpose in your life.

3. Ask why you want this, again.

Asking “why” you’re doing this is going to be what really fuels you through the hard times of getting your home based business launched.

Leaders in MLM call this your “why.” Your why is your story of how you discovered this opportunity and how you became successful with it. People will be inspired by your why.

4. How would this help you.

Look into the future of your home based business and see how this opportunity or product will help you. Either it will improve your health or financial situation, or it will enable you to fire your boss. There is something about this that will really excite you. Find it!

5. Who would this help?

Your home based business uses the network marketing business model, which is essentially a business that helps other people. Identify the people that your product will help.

If the product was a natural supplement that helped ADHD in children, you would focus on mom’s with potential ADHD children, etc.

6. Find a product/network marketing company.

After identifying your needs and  problems, you will begin to look for an MLM product to use and share with others.

It has to be a product you’re absolutely excited about it, because if you’re not pumped up about your product, no one else will be either.

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7. Find a distributor with that company.

With network marketing, you need to join through another distributor, typically.

Distributors receive commissions through signing up other people, the company does not advertise or enroll people themselves.

8. Email them, ask questions.

Once you find a distributor of the company and product you want to promote, you find their opportunity link and sign up through it.

You will then get an email from the distributor. Ask them a few question, which I will cover further in these steps.

9. What kind of leader is this distributor?

Look at how this distributor is presenting themselves online. Do they have a nice blog?

Do they use social media in an effective way, or do they post unrelated pictures or spam their links?

10. How has the product helped them?

Ask your ideal distributor how they benefited from the MLM product or service.

Did it really benefit them or are they just hyping it up?

11. What training do they provide?

Ask what kind of training the company provides and is there a “quick start guide” that will guide you in the initial stages of setting up your home based business.

12. What kind of marketing tools do you get?

Again, like with training, ask what kind of “tools” you will get so you can promote your business.

In my company, I get 5 different “Lead capture pages” and a main website to promote. There’s also a pre-built autoresponder that emails my prospects for me.

13. Who are the business owners?

Look at the main website of the company. Who are the founding members? Do they attract you or repel you?

I would say Google their names, but there’s so much misleading reviews on the internet. Just use your judgement.

Also, how long have they been in business? If it’s under two years old, it’s a risky bet, but if you feel passionate about the products go for it.

14. Is their website optimized?

Does the company website look poor or highly developed? How fast does the website load? How many backlinks does the website have?

15. Are their websites mobile-friendly?

Can you load the website on your phone easily? What about the personal capture pages they provide you, do they look good on mobile?

Half of my traffic on the internet are coming from mobile, so it’s important.

16. What’s the purchase price?

How much does it cost initially and monthly to join your new MLM? Network marketing companies usually have a monthly autoship program.

You ideally want a consumable product that needs replenishing monthly, that’s how you get monthly passive income.

17. How do they ship?

What kind of shipping do they use and how fast does it arrive?

18. Where are their manufacturing plants?

Ask where all their distribution channels are. Ideally, you want a company that has several distribution centers strategically placed so shipping times are reduced globally.

19. What country is the company based in?

This is self-explanatory.

20. How many distributors in that country?

How many people are in the company in the primary country.

21. Take or use the product when it arrives.

When your product arrives, use it immediately. You want to document the effects so you can create your testimonial.

22. Create a testimonial of the product.

Your testimonial is your personal story of taking or using the product. Did it do what it says it does? Did it improve what it says it might improve?

Your testimonial story will make or break you in this business. New prospects are drawn to you and your story, not necessarily the product or the money.

23. Learn about MLM and network marketing.

Once you have become familiar with the company and the products and you feel like you are “home,” you can begin learning your new profession, because network marketing is a real profession and should be treated as such.

24. Promote online or offline?

You will need to decide how you want to promote your new home based business, whether offline, online, or both.

Find out what kind of platforms you want to use and master them. For example, if you are naturally extroverted, you might want to shoot 2 to 4 minute videos everyday about you and your business.

Mastering a platform means studying other marketers on those platforms and learning their secrets.

I mastered Twitter in the beginning and got thousands of Leads before I evolved into Blogging.

25. Prospect and invite people.

Learn the proper techniques used in network marketing to start prospecting and inviting potential leads.

There’s lots of free training videos on YouTube and some great MLM books on Amazon, and follow the lead of your sponsor. Everyone on your team needs to implement the same systems.

26. Teach duplication in your MLM Business.

The power of network marketing lies in leveraging your efforts by getting others to promote as well.

You earn commissions from everyone on your team and duplication is essential.

Network marketing is not about you doing all the work. It’s power lies in hundreds of people all working together and you earning a little off of all of them.

So, duplication is the ultimate thing to have within your organization. of course, not everyone will do anything in your business. 95% quit within the first year, but it’s the 2 or 3 rockstars on your team who stay that can make you millions a year.

27. MLM Masterminds

It’s essential to create an environment where you and the leaders in your organization can mastermind and have weekly or monthly meetings.

This enables everyone to address issues and work on self-development and create a strong core. Like with any successful business, there’s a core of leaders or founders who diligently worked together.

Updated for Starting a Modern MLM Business

Starting a MLM Business for the modern age of multi-level marketing is the smartest thing you can do, especially during the uncertain times as we face new global challenges.

Creating an additional residual income stream with MLM will benefit you more than just sticking some savings in a bank, collecting 2% interest.

With a MLM business, it is almost certain that you can achieve an additional passive income of $3,000 a month within 3 to 5 years of consistent effort with ONE MLM.

Many people who join network marketing and MLM get discouraged after 6 months to a year because they don’t realize that it’s a business undertaking, a business that will need study, implementation and mastery.

The hard work will pay off. I’ve been in my MLM business for almost 3 years, and I am now looked upon as a leader and people join my business because of that.

I wouldn’t have gotten that type of respect if I jumped from one MLM to another, thinking that it would change my luck. MLM is not a lottery, it’s a real profession that generates over $180 Billion in sales annually.

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