Top 3 CBD Hemp Oil MLM Companies Exploding Right Now

best CBD oil MLM companies review

Top 3 CBD Hemp Oil MLM Companies Exploding Right Now

The CBD oil industry is predicted to soar to $2 Billion a year by 2020. Thousands of network marketers are jumping on the CBD wagon. Here’s why.

Most products I have come across in network marketing have been pretty good, but nothing has gotten me so giddy like CBD oil.

I truly feel like this is the MLM gold rush, just like the gold rush of 1848, where thousands came from around the world to capitalize on gold within the mountains and streams of mainly California.

Why CBD Oil?

CBD oil is one of the 85 compounds found in the Hemp plant.

CBD oil is not pot, marijuana, and has no THC.

However, this compound is creating a lot of commotion in the scientific research community and among Hemp enthusiasts.

CBD has been recently discovered to have powerful beneficial effects on various problems and diseases in the human body.

I don’t proclaim that it heals anything, but what it could help includes:

  • Relieves Anxiety
  • Relieves pain
  • Reduces clogging of arteries
  • May reduce seizures, convulsions, and muscle cramping.
  • Can reduce artery blockage
  • Healthier hair and skin
  • May reduce blood sugar levels

There’s many more benefits on the list and new ailments that CBD could help are added on the list every day.

The CBD oil industry is exploding right now, mainly because medical marijuana has become legal in over 29 states and counting.

Hemp has been put under the spotlight because of this surge with medical marijuana and powerful compounds within Hemp are being discovered.

Here’s the Top 3 CBD Hemp Oil MLM Companies Exploding Right Now

kannaway CBD oil review


Kannaway was probably the first CBD oil MLM on the scene.

It says on their company website:

Kannaway’s products combine pure hemp oil and other all-natural ingredients to create daily use CBD supplements.”

Kannaway was started in 2014 with a rocky start because CBD wasn’t really defined or regulated or classified yet.

No one knew really what Hemp was, except maybe “weak pot.”

Kannaway has a pretty cool blog which is newly updated with CBD oil related articles.

I haven’t heard anything bad about Kannaway.

I’m a little concerned if they have the new cutting-edge landing pages and autoresponder email marketing system that many new MLMs have today.

myclub8 CBD oil MLM review


My Club 8 is fairly new and has exploded onto the CBD scene.

Their website states: “New Products, New Hope, New Possibilities.”

I discovered MyClub8 from a Facebook post on Frugal Fitness.

I dived in a little deeper and discovered that MyClub8 was growing faster than expected which has caused internal problems with shipping and distributor satisfaction. (I don’t proclaim this myself.)

Other than that, the CBD oil MLM company still seems to be in “pre-launch” mode, so we’ll come back to My Club 8 later.

my daily choice CBD oil MLM review

My Daily Choice / Hempworx

My Daily Choice exploded onto the MLM scene back in 2015.

Founded by Josh Zwagil, an MLM veteran, their website states:

“It’s our daily choices that create our dream lifestyle.”

MDC started with a sublingual spray product line, then acquired Brain Abundance and carried their two flagship products, Brain Fuel Plus and Brain Bears, brain supplements for adult and children.

MDC also has “cash back” travel packages and now a powerful CBD oil product line called Hempworx.

I personally like MDC because I have enjoyed their products. Also, Josh Zwagil, the CEO of Hempworx/MDC was personally there for me, and even screen shared with me how to work my dashboard (This was before he became huge and almost untouchable)

I also feel that their automated email marketing system, high commission binary comp plan, and high definition landing pages really help out new distributors to grow their low cost home business.

To Summarize: Top 3 CBD Hemp Oil MLM Companies Exploding Right Now

Forbes predicts the CBD oil industry to soar to $20 billion a year by 2024. The multi-level marketing industry is also set to grow substantially in the next several years. That’s a double whammy of business growth potential.

That is 1000% growth since 2016 for this MLM CBD company.

I don’t know of any other MLM product in recent history that has created this much stir in the network marketing or cannabidiol industry.

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