Top 3 Strategies For Staying Fit and Healthy Over 40

mens health over 40

Staying fit and healthy, regardless of your age, can be a struggle for some. With the careers and lifestyles that we have, it can sometimes not be conducive to doing all of the things that we want to do. But as we hit the middle of life kind of time, it can become even more of a struggle, especially if you are battling a particular health issue.

Things just start to slow down once you’ve hit 40, and it can feel like you have to work that bit harder to get fit and stay fit as you once were. Which is why staying on top of your health and fitness throughout your life is really important.

If you are soon to be in your forties, or already are, then here are some well-being tips to make sure that you are healthy and well (or will be) once you’ve hit the forty mark. It would be great to hear what you think and if there is anything that has worked well for you.

Get Annual Check Ups

One thing that we as men can find it hard to do from time to time, is to seek the help that we need, when we need it. If you feel unwell, both physically or mentally, then you need to get help.

You shouldn’t miss appointments with your doctor or miss the chance for checkups at places like the dentist. If you see someone regularly enough, then it can help to deal with any issues as they arise, rather than letting something get so bad and then getting help. Prevention is the best medicine.

Walk at Least 10,000 Steps a Day

Being inactive can lead to several issues with your health, especially if it involves sitting down for long periods of time. In fact, sites that talk about male infertility talk about just how much sitting down for extended periods of time can impact your fertility.

So making sure that you are walking plenty is going to be a good thing for many ways. You may go to the gym and lift weights.

But are you walking enough? You need to have an overall level of activity that is high, for an overall improvement of health. Getting a step counter can be a good way to measure, or there are some apps to use on smartphones.

Weight Bearing Exercise

If we don’t keep up with our health, then it can quickly spiral downwards. Muscle mass decreases around one percent each year after 40, so it is a really good idea to make sure that you are doing all that you can to strength train.

Weight bearing exercises are an important factor in all of that too, as your joints can become weaker as you get older, as well as your bones.

Paying close attention to the diet that you consume is such a good idea too. Articles talk about the best things for men over 40 to eat. It might surprise you what you need to make sure that you are having plenty of.

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