Top 3 Ways to Promote CBD Oil as a Profitable Home Business

Top 3 Ways to Promote CBD Oil as a Profitable Home Business

Top 3 Ways to Promote CBD Oil as a Profitable Home Business

My home business exploded when I began promoting CBD Oil. It literally sells itself. Here’s the Top 3 Ways to Promote CBD Oil as a Profitable Home Business.

CBD oil, also known as Cannabidiol Oil, one of the 90 compounds found in the Hemp plant, has hit mainstream in the last year or so.

Forbes predicts the CBD industry to hit $30 Billion a year by 2022, and doctors, nutritionists, and naturopaths are raving about the benefits of CBD oil.

CBD oil has been documented to help many ailments, including ADHD, Alzheimer’s, PTSD, Anxiety, Cancer, the list goes on and on. (I don’t make claims that it “cures” anything)

I, myself, have experienced great things taking CBD Oil.

It’s the first MLM product that I have totally believed in, and it’s not some man-made diet pill or shake or skin cream – it’s a natural, powerful compound from nature.

So, when I began promoting CBD oil online, I was very surprised at the interest level, and my home business exploded.

In fact, most of my downline exploded with sales, people with no prior MLM experience.

So, here’s the Top 3 Ways to Promote CBD Oil as a Profitable Home Business

One – Sample Out

What a lot of non-MLMers have been doing, who believe in CBD oil, is to buy a bulk amount of CBD oil as a customer, then dispense the larger bottles of CBD oil into sample size droppers and pass them out to friends and family. Many people who sample out put a price on each sample bottle, like $15.

This is a great tactic to peek interest and earn money on the side, but the profit is coming from “the side” and not from the company commission structure.

Ideally, in MLM, you earn commissions by getting people to buy through your customer and business opportunity links.

This way, you don’t need to hold onto large inventory, only for your personal consumption, and the company will drop ship the product directly to your customers and paid affiliates.

You’re also not-protected by the MLM company if someone who bought a sample from you has a problem. (unless your MLM company offers samples and you sold them that way.)

So, the key to sampling out is to do sampling with only close friends and family who you trust.

Two – Customers

Again, obtaining customers for your CBD oil can be very lucrative and is covered by the MLM company. So, if a customer has an issue, you simply direct them to customer support.

Like I said earlier, CBD oil practically sells itself, so if you get a customer, they usually already know the benefits of CBD and will stay on it faithfully month after month.

Getting lots of customers will build up a nice monthly commission, if they keep buying from you.

Three – Paid Affiliates

There’s two ways you can promote your network marketing home business. Either, lead with the product or lead with the business opportunity.

By leading with the business opportunity, you’re basically looking for business partners who want to create a home business for themselves.

Getting “business builders” into your CBD oil home business is by far the most lucrative option because you are earning a small percent on everyone’s activity on your team.

It’s also easier to lead with the opportunity first, because if you lead with the product first and they don’t like it, they probably won’t promote the business.

CBD MLMs can be very lucrative by getting just a few good leaders on your team who are duplicating and actively recruiting.

The MLM business model is efficient and you can easily make six to seven figures a year by having 3 to 5 leaders actively recruiting under you.

Once you understand that roughly 10% of your team will create 90% of your income, you won’t be upset if someone quits.

In fact, 90% of the people who join your MLM business will quit.

This is not your fault, this happens in the entire MLM industry.

It’s very important to take your emotions out of this business, because there will be hard days.

So, the key to finding the leaders out of the masses, is to actively recruit each month.

A good number to shoot for is 4 new paid affiliates a month that you personally recruit.

This way, if 2 quit right away each month, you still gain 2 new reps each month.

Over a year, that’s 24 new reps a year.

In four years, you would have 96 new reps!

Now, for the good news!

Once you get a few people on your team who are building a big team fast, a beautiful thing starts to happen.

It’s called “momentum.”

This is what happens when your team starts growing fast, whether you recruit or not.

This is what Jordan Adler calls “Beach Money,” because you can literally hang out on the beach as your checks come in.

This is the true magic of MLM and it’s called passive, residual income.

Your organization will get so big, that instead of 2 to 5 people joining your team each month, you’ll have a 100 people joining per day!

Your income will also soar.

You’ll go from making $1,500 a month to $15,000 a month in a few months.

Anything is possible in network marketing.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for reading Top 3 Ways to Promote CBD Oil as a Profitable Home Business.

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