Top 5 Animal Spirit Guides Who Aid in Pain Relief

Most people are familiar with the concept of animal spirit guides as aids to navigate the vast spiritual worlds they inhabit and to advise their charges on difficult life decisions.

They teach their lessons in abstract ways at times, but did you know after befriending a spirit guide they may very well become a key part of your pain management routine?

Spirit guides have been around for centuries and those who work closest with them know that the lessons they teach each of their charges are unique. Sometimes it’s just a matter of asking for help. Below are the best animal spirit guides to aid in pain relief.

  1. Turtle

When you think of animal spirit guides the turtle may not be the one top of your list, but these long-lived and tough-shelled animals teach many lessons that apply to pain relief and learning to live with chronic pain.

Best known for his ‘slow and easy’ wins the race Turtle teaches us that no matter how slow progress comes to us, progress is still progress. He teaches us to be kind and patient to ourselves.

The other lesson for pain management and relief that Turtle offers is knowing when to draw into yourself to find your inner strength for healing.

Turtle isn’t averse to ducking into his shell when something threatens him, or he just needs a nap. Inside his shell he’s safe, comfortable, and recovering.

Turtle also teaches us to use our downtime to look to other spirit guides and to participate in things that nourish our souls. When our souls are happier we experience less pain in our physical bodies.

  1. Birds

Every chronic pain suffer knows the longing just to up and fly away from their bodies and leave their pain behind. There are many particular birds who excel at aiding their charges in pain management, but any bird spirit guides you are drawn to can offer some assistance.

Birds have long been viewed as the messengers between Earth and other realms. Flying in between our world and others they carry messages and energies back and forth. When working with a bird spirit guide ask that she carry your pain away to a place where it can be healed and restored to a positive energy. Pain like every other sensation and emotion is merely and energetic response and bird spirit animals are more than capable of performing this task.

  1. Wolf

If you say “Quick, think of an animal spirit guide!” most people will think of Wolf first. Mankind has shared a long-lasting kindred with Wolf and his doggie companion descendants, but did you know many of Wolf’s lessons also apply to pain management and relief?

Like Wolf, we humans are pack animals. We’re happier around those we love and adore. Spending time around loved ones and friends with positive attitudes can literally boost our immune systems and the natural chemicals in our bodies that fight pain. The first lesson Wolf can teach you is how to seek out and draw these positive influences into your life if they aren’t already there.

Wolf’s mortal counterparts have adapted to an everchanging world by growing and changing. His lessons are of adaption and survival. Several species of his mortal kindred have returned from the brink of extinction.

Wolf teaches us not to allow us to put expiration dates on us or to determine our wellbeing. Wolf’s biggest lesson is that it’s okay to put your wellbeing first. So, take your time and heal. The world will still turn, but you don’t have to rush along with it.

  1. Butterfly

While Butterfly may seem like another unlikely animal spirit guide to turn to in trying times she’s more equipped to deal with the changes chronic pain bring than any other animal spirit guide. She’s born a caterpillar who builds a cocoon to transform herself into her beautiful final high-flying form.

Chronic pain suffers know how many changes come with the onset of pain or illness. Everything stops and goes into fast forward all at once. Everyone knows what’s best for you. Doctors, family, friends, other sufferers, and even strangers on the street. Everyone has a cure, but none of them work!

Butterfly teaches us not to get caught up or bogged down in the details. She teaches her charges to set their eyes on their final goals and move right along like a caterpillar munching on foliage. She never doubts her transformation will happen. She doesn’t worry if others think she’ll never transform into her final body. She just keeps trekking along.

This lesson is about not being bogged down by the details. Practice self-care, meditate, do what makes you feel good, and pursue your healing every day. It doesn’t matter what the outside world sees, because you and you alone know the goal you’re working towards is possible and will manifest.

  1. Snake

Don’t let common phobias perpetuated by the mainstream media keep you from asking a snake spirit guide for help. As far as spirit guides go snakes can prove to be some of the friendliest. They’re commonly misunderstood and that’s something most chronic pain sufferers can relate to.

Snakes have long been held in high esteem as healing totems by people across the world. When you befriend a snake spirit guide, you access his long memory of healing across the ages. Once befriend, snake often offers personal advice on healing and pain relief. He draws upon his vast knowledge of history and spirit healing to bring you relief and practical advice.

Best known for shedding their skins, Snake also teaches us to willingly shed the parts of our lives that cause us the most emotional pain or complicate our already difficult moments. He teaches us that when we let go our the unneeded and often toxic burdens we carry that true healing and pain relief can be found.

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