Top 6 Best Mentors for Network Marketers

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Top 6 Best Mentors for Network Marketers

If you are in network marketing you will have difficulty finding quality MLM mentoring, until today. The right network marketing and direct selling mentor can help your business significantly. Entrepreneurs need mentors to maximize their potential in multi-level marketing, affiliate marketing, or any other specialty in 2024.

Here Is The Top MLM Company For Newbies

Which MLM mentor should you look to for advice on business success? Here are the Top 6 Best Mentors for Network Marketers and direct sellers worldwide.

1. Mike Schiemer

Mike Schiemer has been in the MLM industry for 14 years with 3 different companies, most recently LiveGood, Primerica, and David Allen Capital. He was also worked briefly with FHTM and Nu Skin many years ago, along with actively promoting Market America and Usana Health Sciences for clients.

He has also been a marketer, investor and consultant for other network marketing businesses to help distributors and downlines to live good. He has become a top network marketing and direct selling leader at a relatively young age as well, with team members in over a dozen countries and countless leads generated. Michael Schiemer has also built many companies online that have generated millions of dollars and worked with dozens of multi-billion dollar corporations. Mike Schiemer is a servant leader in MLM despite being a busy millionaire, and he works in the trenches daily with his downlines.

Join Mike’s MLM Team Now!

Michael Clouse best MLM trainer 2016

2. Michael Clouse

Michael S. Clouse is a professional network marketing trainer from Seattle, Washington and has over 35 years experience in Direct Selling and MLM.

He has been actively speaking on stage, training thousands of network marketers for decades, and has a wide array of training products.

All new MLM clients must listen to Thinking Your Way to Success first before signing up to receive one on one training with Michael. (I do not receive commissions for mentioning this, nor any other mention in this article) on how to succeed in MLM as a top professional.

“Michael readily admits that he initially didn’t know what he was doing, but he was willing to learn.  Within six months, he was able to cover his family’s car payment and more.  By his thirteenth month, Michael’s new MLM career was paying for his family’s mortgage.

If you are serious about improving your network marketing success, you can call him or visit his page to view the details of his MLM mentorship program. You will thank us after his MLM mentoring pays off.


randy gage mentorship program 2016

3. Randy Gage

Randy Gage is another veteran in the Direct Selling and network marketing profession. Randy has penned over 10 books on MLM, including How to Build a Multi-Level Machine: The Science of Network Marketing and Risky is the New Safe: The Rules Have Changed.

risky is the new safe by randy gage

Randy also consistently earns over a million a year in his current network marketing business and has an estimated lifetime earnings of over $12 million from MLM.

He has a membership site which offers ongoing MLM training and certificate of completion through his site called Gage Academy.

randy gage academy

Although, this is not one on one mentoring, Randy’s academy is thorough enough to be called mentoring and you will receive a certificate of completion when you finish.

The signup cost is $77, then it is $17 monthly to have access to all the MLM training modules and special updates.

Randy is one of my favorite direct sales and MLM trainers. He started as a dishwasher and worked his way up to waiter, then manager, then restaurant owner.

He discovered he was more of a wage slave than ever as a restaurant owner and lost all his money, along with owing the IRS $130,000 on top of that debt. He also had to overcome addiction and other obstacles to become a top MLM leader.

Network marketing saved Randy’s life and it can save your multi-level marketing biz as well. Get committed and start MLM mentoring today.


todd falcone MLM mentor 2016

4. Todd Falcone

Todd Falcone is another successful network marketing trainer with over 30 years “in the field” experience.

He creates massive free value on his YouTube channel, with over 380 videos and over 15,000 subscribers, and also by doing one of the longest running Monday Night Conference calls on his website for free.

His coaching package is called “A-Team Coaching” and is for a one-time fee of $499.

He will work with you in a group setting as well as one on one. Todd is a huge trainer who is in high demand to speak for network marketing companies who want Todd’s expertise to train their distributors.

Todd has a great character and tells you like it is. If you are struggling in network marketing, then watch his amped up videos.

Network marketing is a powerful business if you understand how it works. I would have quit a long time ago if I didn’t have videos like these from Todd and from other network marketing trainers who will shave years off your learning curve by giving you sage advice of the troubles and hardships of network marketing and the benefits of staying in until it does feel worth it.


tai lopez mentoring

5. Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez is not a mentor specifically for network marketers, but for people who want success in their lives and the four pillars of life: health, wealth, love and happiness.

I am actually kind of blown away by Tai’s knowledge and experience. He is a millionaire Entrepreneur, Investor and Author living in the Hollywood hills and has crazy videos of driving his Ferrari around with Miss Kentucky, like this one:

He has over 500 million views on YouTube and his website is ranked 17,700 in the world according to Alexa.

He is a traffic generator machine but with good reason. He is an investor of many different companies and has a full-time staff working just for him and his brand, Tai Lopez.

One of the biggest catalysts of becoming a successful Entrepreneur and network marketer is to invest in oneself. This means sacrificing some of your hard-earned cash into self-improvement.

One of the best purchases for my business mindset has been his 67 Steps to Getting anything You Want out of Life: Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness.

He engages the viewer immediately. There is no fluff or lip-service. He is fluid knowledge in motion. The package is $67, which is insane for the value he delivers in 67 videos that are the fundamental essentials to transform your life, whether you want better health, more intimacy with your lover, more money in the bank, want to launch your start-up, whatever it may be.

Some of the video modules are over an hour and are packed with his personal experiences, quotes from the greatest minds in the last 5 Centuries, and practical stories and lessons from other successful Entrepreneurs, Millionaires and Billionaires.

His modules have interesting titles, like Picasso’s Rising Tide & the Law of 33%, or My Poor Friends & Cameron Diaz’s Parrot. There are 67 modules and he brings up those things stated in the titles for the lesson to succeed more in multi-level marketing or direct selling.

He strongly suggests you view all 67 videos in 67 days because the University of London believes that new habits take 67 days to form. If you watch all of these videos, regardless of the 67 day timeframe, your life will be changed with more success in network marketing.


ray higdon MLM mentor 2016

6. Ray Higdon

Ray Higdon was a Real Estate investor and trainer in Florida when the Real Estate bubble burst. He had, I think, 7 homes in foreclosure when he needed to act fast to save his finances.

Since he already was a great Real Estate trainer, who helped Realtors position and market themselves, he switched all his focus over to network marketing in 2009.

With his wife, Jessica, who worked full time at Nordstrom’s to help Ray pay his bills, Ray put his nose down and worked in building a network marketing business.

With his getting “20 No’s a day” while prospecting, Ray built up a $50,000 a month income within six months. He then began creating a lot of free training for other network marketers.

His practical and useful free advice to network marketers and his ability to create massive amounts of content online, landed Ray as being one of the top MLM trainers in the world.

His website is ranked 90,000 in the world with over 8,000 Backlinks. He had over 1,200 videos on YouTube until he moved them over to his blog.

Ray believes in providing massive content and with blogging consistently 4 to 5 times a week for 4 years, Ray’s MLM blog makes him over a million dollars a year, along with his Top Earner Academy. And he knows from experience that only 10% of your MLM team will earn you 90% of your income, because they are the top leaders of your network marketing business downline.

One of his record days on his blog was earning $30,000 in one day, while he was attending Eric Worre’s Go Pro Recruiting Mastery. People can also earn that much with blogging by using SEO techniques found here i.e buying niche edits and guest posting that level up your affiliate marketing performance.

If you are looking to:

  • Grow Your Team Faster
  • Grow Your Brand Using the internet
  • Build a Better, More Profitable Relationship with your List
  • Or you are a go-getter looking to get to the next level

Then, Ray’s Mentorship program for MLM mastery is for you to help you learn and earn.

Conclusion for the Top 6 Best Mentors for Network Marketers

Most network marketers who have found success would agree that mentoring with an MLM leader brought them a higher level of success quicker.

Tai Lopez believes strongly in mentors and thinks that they should have 10 to 20 years more experience than yourself. This enables you to dramatically reduce your learning curve by learning from the mentor’s mistakes.

Tai Lopez says mentorship also allows you to break through old paradigms (ways of thinking) that do not serve you anymore, and/or are actually preventing you from breaking through to success.

Tai Lopez talks about 33% rule:

In one day, spend:

33% with people lower than yourself. (your followers, people you can guide.)

33% with people the same as you. (best friends, people growing at the same pace.)

33% with people higher than you. (mentors, leaders)

This enables you to thrive in MLM with balance. All three groups are necessary to increase your confidence, grow accordingly with accountability partners, and reduce your MLM learning curve by working with mentors with more experience than you.

There are also other top MLM mentors such as Ben Glinsky, Eric Worre, Misha Amira, Nauder Khazan, Tracey Walker, Erik Johnson, Ryan Gookin, Lisa Goodkin, Tim Miller, Curry Russell, and Cory Draper that you should check out.

I hope this resource guide helps you in finding more success in network marketing and direct selling.