5 Top Careers For Carers And Caregivers

best caregiver jobs

Do you have a natural desire to care for others? Is caring something that you could quite happily turn into a career?

There are many jobs out there that involve caring for others – in fact, there is a high demand for people to fill these kinds of role. Here are just several careers in caring worth considering.


Nursing is one of the harder careers on this list to get into – in most cases, nurses must obtain a nursing degree before they can start working in this field. There are a variety of nursing programs that can be completed within 2-6 years depending on your previous education and level of credential you are seeking.

Whilst it does require a fair amount of medical know-how to become a nurse, having natural caring instincts is vital to the role – you are there to look after the sick and injured and make them feel comfortable. Nurses aren’t just employed at hospitals, but also at local clinics, on cruise ships and on an at-home basis.

Senior Care

Another option to consider could be senior care. You don’t need qualifications to work in this trade – so long as you’re able to prove that you have a caring attitude, getting employed at a care home or as an at-home carer is a feasible option for anyone.

Those with experience may be able to consider more senior roles as well as the option of possibly starting a senior care business. There are even senior care franchise opportunities for caregivers with entrepreneurial ambitions.

Closely related to senior care is disability care which could be another option to look into. There are also careers that combine senior care and disability care with the more medical side of nursing.

Social Care

Social care workers provide a valuable service, helping to work with victims of abuse, homeless people, substance abusers and orphans. Whilst their care is less hands-on, a caring attitude is still vital to the role – these carers often play a vital part in helping people through times of great hardship. The job of a social worker can be very unpredictable which can make it exciting.


For those that love kids, there are lots of roles within childcare to consider. Such roles could include working in a day care centre, childminding or simply babysitting. Certain jobs in this field may require qualifications, but other roles may not require any education – simply having experience with kids could be all you need.

Animal Care

Animals need care too. If you are animal lover, it is possible you may be able to get a career working with animals in need.

This could include working for a rescue service or working in a dog shelter. There are also more basic jobs to consider such as dog-sitting and dog-walking that could be a good entrepreneurial avenue. Most animal care jobs don’t require any qualifications, just the love of animals and a lot of patients.

You could start working at a pet store, pet care shop, veterinarian office, or zoo and work your way up. Those with credentials like vet techs have the potential to make a lot more money in this field.