5 Top New CBD Products To Purchase

It isn’t a surprise that when a product has the ability to quickly ease the suffering caused by mental and physical ailments (and also when that product is all natural), it can generate a big buzz on the market and become the next hot product to purchase and consume.

When such widespread, common ailments such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, nausea, PTSD, addictions, schizophrenia, and cardiovascular disease symptoms can be relieved by the same commodity, it is no wonder that CBD has spread like wildfire.

So what is CBD? Simply put, cannabidiol is a derivative of the cannabis plant (the non-THC part) that helps to calm the nervous system and that also helps to relieve pain in the body.

It is powerful, yet gentle, because it does not result in the psychoactive high that drugs produce and yet it still calms as a sedative drug would. Additionally, it is all natural with no synthetic chemicals; it comes straight from nature. For this reason, people are instinctively drawn to it and the demand for it has risen dramatically.

Because CBD’s new popularity, there is now opportunity to experience its benefits in many different ways. Different products are coming out on the market that contain this CBD, giving people the preference on how they want to use the natural medicine.

Given that each person has a unique body with unique ways in which it best absorbs this compound, it makes sense that the marketplace has exploded with a multitude of ways to benefit from its soothing properties. But these CBD health benefits aren’t cheap most of the time. Why CBD oil is so expensive is because it is a relatively new product with new supply chains and a high product demand. After all, in this day and age who doesn’t want less anxiety and inflammation?

While there are many types of CBD products currently popular, this article focuses on the top 5 products that have many thousands of people now utilizing CBD. They are listed as follows:

1. CBD Oil

The wonderful thing about the oil is that, as with any liquid form of a product versus other forms such as edible or supplemental forms, it is much more quickly and easily absorbed because it doesn’t have to be broken down in the body but rather goes straight into the bloodstream; therefore it gives the person taking it a faster relief from their ailments. However, before purchasing the oil, there are some factors to consider. And this goes for any of the CBD products purchased.

For example:

  1. Is the oil pure cbd; in other words, does it contain traces of THC and/or is it diluted with other fillers? If it is more diluted, the milligram dosage will be less, which leads to the next consideration …
  2. What concentration do you need? Prices vary greatly depending on how many milligrams you need. A good way to see what strength level you need is to start with a low milligram dosage and then work your way up if you do not experience relief right away.
  3. Where you buy the cannabinoid from. Some places are more expensive than others. Generally, online is the best way to pay lower prices. Online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay sell bulk quantities for more wholesale prices, or, have coupon deals.
  4. How much are you willing to pay for pure CBD oil cannabinoids? The average cost per milligram seems to be around $0.15 to $0.20 but can be higher (but again, online tends to be cheaper in many cases).

2. CBD Vape Juice

Vaping in general has become a very popular trend as this form of smoking is known to have less extreme health consequences as regular cigarettes while still having the calming qualities. Consequently, there is no surprise that, since CBD is a calming compound as well, that it would become marketed as a vape liquid.

The beautiful thing about this is that it does create a more tranquil individual and also, that it is a natural product compared to the nicotine vape liquids; hence, a more attractive option for people who want the benefits of vaping but also care about their health.

The second benefit of this form of CBD treatment is that, like the oil form, the vape that is inhaled into the lungs also goes straight into the bloodstream through a quick diffusion process.

That being said, like with any high value product, one must always research which vape liquids are the best quality and that the milligram dosages are indeed what the company claims on the bottle in order to get the best results.

How much does this cost? Well, like the oil form, it depends on the potency and the quality of the brand. Because this product has to be imported (not domestic), has manufacturing costs, and high levels of testing, the prices are not low. Depending on the brand and the milligram dosage, you can expect to pay anywhere between $30-$100 per 25mg-300mg cartridge.

3. CBD Skin Cream

For people who mainly desire to use CBD for the relief of pain, this product is your answer because it does not enter the bloodstream but remains concentrated on the top layers of the skin. It functions as a localized pain reliever by delivering the CBD compounds to the specific area of pain, quickly alleviating the discomfort. Whether it is a sore muscle, sunburned skin, or a rash, this product can help with the discomfort.

Costs, again, really depend on the strength, the ounces, and the company selling it. Some spray lotions are over $100 but are heavily concentrated with CBD while large jars of lotion are around $20 but are not heavily concentrated. Ultimately, the cost depends on the specific needs of each individual.

4. CBD Gum

Any gum lovers out there? If an individual has mood swings, consistent low energy, or has chronic pain, this version of CBD might be the answer; especially if you are a big gum lover. This option is a more timed released form, which still gives a person the initial fast relief but then also gives sustained relief over a greater length of time.

The price is generally lower in this form but only because there is not as many milligrams per dosage as with many other forms. Most CBD gums average around 10 milligrams per piece and are around $20-$30 per pack.

5. CBD Coffee

For all coffee lovers out there, there is the magic of CBD coffee. The wonderful thing about CBD coffee, is that the caffeine and CBD together create a synergetic effect in the body that produces relaxation, while at the same time, giving energy to the body without the jittery or anxious feelings that usually accompany caffeine consumption.

Therefore, you get a pleasant combination of boosting energy and a peaceful calm to help support anyone’s physical or mental upsets. This is also a great way to get pain relief.

The average cost of this CBD oil product is anywhere from $15 per 8 ounces to over $40 per 8 ounces, depending on the milligram dosage. The stronger the milligram dose per serving, the more expensive the coffee will be.

In conclusion, whichever product one chooses to try, the best way to know which one will be the best option is to simply try them out depending on one’s needs. CBD, in all its forms, proves to be a great solution for thousands of ailing people all around the world.