5 Network Marketing Tips for Men Over 40

Top 5 Network Marketing Tips for Men Over 40

Top 5 Network Marketing Tips for Men Over 40

Baby Boomers and Retirees have little in Savings. Network marketing provides supplemental income. Here are the Top 5 Network Marketing Tips for Men Over 40.

Why Network Marketing for Over 40?

Network marketing has evolved over the years from selling soap door to door to being a $180+ Billion dollar industry worldwide and now completely integrated with the Internet.

Network marketing, also known as “word of mouth” marketing has gained massive popularity due to the economic uncertainty, layoffs, and people’s desire to work from home, or wherever there is a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Network marketing is a better option than opening a franchise, and has the same income potential for the fraction of the cost.

You can start your network marketing business by simply becoming a customer of the product or service first, then promote the product to earn supplemental income later on.

With the Internet, network marketing has flourished and it is now easier than ever for people to earn extra income online on their own time from anywhere they want.

Shocking Stats

Retirement is approaching for a lot of us and the financial numbers don’t look good.

  • Net worth of Americans 35 to 44 is $14,226
  • Net worth of Americans 55 to 64 is $45,447
  • 38 million Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.
  • Average bank account balance was $4,436
  • Average Social Security check is $1,294

There are 76 million Baby Boomers who are retiring and $1,294 a month is barely going to cover rent. There will be no extra money for food, entertainment and travel.

Most retirees will be stuck at home and going to the foodbank. . .

Network marketing gives people like you and I an option to earn extra income, sometimes substantial extra income.

There is no income cap in network marketing and it’s not uncommon to make $10,000 to $50,000 in a couple years using MLM.

For as little as $75 a month, you could leverage a business to earn consistent residual income that comes in every month.

It is nearly impossible for us to save $50,000 and earn interest from it in the bank. . .

You would get $50 a month from having $50,000 in Savings from a bank.

Network marketing can get you $500 a month in as little as a couple of months…

my story in MLM

My Over 40 Story in Network Marketing

I had been trying to make money online for many years unsuccessfully before I found network marketing.

What I liked about network marketing is getting paid over and over on something you did once, meaning I get paid every month on the activity of my distributors on my team and the activity of myself.

In fact, this post will be on the internet for years to come and will get me clients while I sleep. This is work I did one time.

But, it wasn’t always easy…

I tried making money online with:
  • Selling my lame music on MP3’s
  • Selling my okay eBooks on Amazon
  • Getting slaughtered in penny stocks
  • Getting scammed from online scams
  • Doing okay with Affiliate Marketing

I did okay with Affiliate Marketing, but there was not a lot of recurring income. It was mostly one-time sales.

With network marketing, I get paid on initial sales of the product, then I get paid again the next month, and again and again as long as they keep ordering from me.

Plus, I get commissions from people that my distributors bring in and get paid when they bring in people, doesn’t matter how many levels it goes deep, I still keep getting paid…

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Network Marketing: Easy for You and a Guy Like Me

I wasn’t an expert when I joined network marketing and getting my business going was difficult, but any serious profession is difficult when starting out. . .

There is a learning curve for anything new and that’s the same with network marketing…

I took to learning everything I could about MLM because I wanted it to work. . .

I knew I couldn’t go on working for someone else in stressful kitchens or back-breaking landscaping gigs. I needed to be my own boss now, and loved the freedom of internet marketing.

I read every book I could on the subject and watched a lot of videos about network marketing. These are the core steps to follow:

  1. Find a product you love that’s offered by a network marketing company. I believe being older than 40 that a “Brain Health” supplement is ideal.
  2. Take the product and note its effects. This will become your personal testimony of the product. The stronger the story, the more people will want to join you in taking the supplement.
  3. Learn how to “invite” people to look at your product and/or business opportunity. It’s good to have a balance of customers who love the product and distributors that want to make money.

How to Promote a Network Marketing Business

Once you order the product as a distributor, or Paid Affiliate, you will be given your own personal website and capture page links for your business opportunity.

In my business, you get 5 different links, ranging from corporate website to retail customers capture page, and for distributors to sign up through.

Four Easy Ways to Start Promoting Network Marketing

I began tweeting my opportunity links on Twitter, but soon realized they looked like spam.

Find interesting facts about network marketing, then post your shortened link behind the interesting fact, like this:

“Network marketing is a $180 Billion dollar industry that won’t let you down like stocks.

So, Twitter was first. You can also post on Facebook and learn how to prospect locally using Facebook.

Next fastest way to get your opportunity out there is posting videos. Short 2 to 4 minute videos can do wonders if done correctly. Add your website URL in your bio on the desired video platform you want to use also, so people can go back to your site after watching your video.

I like Instagram, and there is a new app called Blab. These are video platforms you can shoot video straight from your phone and post.

Don’t just start talking about your network marketing business. Talk about your hobbies and something funny that happened to you that day.

Get people to know you first. Let them search for your opportunity. Don’t be blatant about your opportunity. If they want to know more about what you do they can click on your website link.

Next, is blogging.

Blogging is very powerful because people search for you through the search engines and find your articles.

When people look for you instead of you bashing your message over their heads, they are 100 times more likely to sign up with you. This is called Attraction Marketing. They are attracted to you. . .

This approach takes longer to establish, but will get you more Leads in the long run.

Blogging is my favorite, but it took about a year for me to start getting organic traffic from the search engines.

That’s why shooting video first, or using social media first while your blog gains popularity is important.

You want to at least get your product paid for within a month by enrolling at least 3 people. This will not only get your product for free, but 3 potential distributors that want to grow a business as well.

Network Marketing for Men Over 40

It is the end of October, 2016.

On January 1st, 2017, I will have been in network marketing for three years.

It’s been an interesting ride. . .

Actually it’s been a life-changing ride.

Little did I know the transformative qualities of network marketing.

In the beginning, I thought it was just a business opportunity.

I didn’t think much about it, but I did cling to it as my life depended on it.

I know, that is an oxymoron, or paradox, such as life.

But, each year passed and I learned more about network marketing and the bad days of rejection got less intense.

And, I started to notice prospects taking an interest in my business opportunity because I was still in the game, day in and day out.

My income changed as my mindset towards the business changed.

As I was “faking it until I made it’ I barely made profit over my product expense, but as I became a leader, my income became real as well.

I fired my boss about 6 months ago.

This had been the third time I had “fired” a boss.

The first two times, I didn’t do enough with my business to warrant a full-time job from home.

Third time’s a charm.

I now work at home like a true Entrepreneur.

And, it is not all about me anymore in 2023.

Even though I proclaimed to be an introvert 3 years ago when I began MLM, I know now that it is truly a “people” business.

Don’t worry though, if you are an introvert like me.

You just need to connect with people a little more than I did in the beginning.

Facebook Messenger is great for keeping up with your downline and videos are great for training large MLM teams.

Seeking Men Over 40 in MLM

I am not a sexist.

I love women and anyone can join my business.

I mainly work with men over 40 because men suffer as much as women in jobs they don’t like and a physical lifestyle they don’t like.

I was depressed and had anxiety.

A lot of guys my age are going through a type of “midlife” crisis.

Many men have been working in a career they don’t necessarily like this they got out of college 20 years ago.

I am helping them see that they don’t need to work 20 to 30 more years in a career they can’t stand.

This is a great time to start MLM or try network marketing again if you have quit in the past.

If you are willing to stay committed for a couple years, I will show you how to make $100,000 a year within 5 years.

This will get you out of your dead-end job 15 to 25 years earlier than you expected.


Erik Christian Johnson