5 Reasons Not To Join A Bitcoin Pyramid Scheme

Top 5 Reasons Not to Join a Bitcoin Pyramid Scheme

Top 5 Reasons Not to Join a Bitcoin Pyramid Scheme

Since Bitcoin skyrocketed, there have been a lot of Bitcoin Pyramid schemes online these days. Here are the Top 5 Reasons Not to Join a Bitcoin Pyramid Scheme or other BTC scam.

1. There Is No Actual Product

You simply pay a set amount and hope for a 150% to 1000% return.

There are a lot of “doubler” Bitcoin pyramids that promise to “double” your money in a set period of time.

The problem is, if Bitcoin goes down in market value, it throws off the profits of the entire pyramid. This could spread panic and many people will quit, which will result in the pyramid crumbling until no one gets paid and the owners leave for the Seychelles.

2. Shady Leadership and Website

The website of the pyramid is never registered in the United States. This is your first red flag that it is a crypto pyramid scheme. Since the U.S. has strict rules and regulations concerning how online businesses operate, you will rarely see a U.S. owner. If you do, it is a relatively new website that has flown under the radar so far.

There are also no transparency and there are usually typos on the company’s website and it is of poor quality all around.

3. Momentum Collapses

In the beginning of a new pyramid, there is a lot of interest. Everyone who wants to make a lot of money without doing anything wants to join.

Then, there are the stories from the top leaders making millions of dollars.

This gets everyone excited and spurs on more people joining, which fuels the pyramid.

This momentum cannot last forever, however, as the top leaders secretly exit the pyramid, leaving everyone else without money.

4. No Legacy Left

Pyramids don’t last long and unlike legit network marketing companies, you can’t leave your business to your grandchildren.

*A pyramid doesn’t have an annual company convention where you can meet your excited team members and share photos of your children.

*A pyramid most likely doesn’t pay you through your bank or PayPal, but some digital currency exchange like Payza or other third party site operating out of Russia.

*A pyramid doesn’t have training for you, because the entire business is about recruiting more victims to feed the pyramid.

*A pyramid is cold hearted and doesn’t care about you or your family.

5. FBI and SEC investigate You Or The Company

If you were one of the lucky ones at the top of the pyramid and received some serious money, you will probably be interrogated by the FBI and SEC when they shut down the pyramid. Chances are they aren’t interested in busting you, but getting more information to bust the company or its top executives.

Here’s some pyramids that were finally busted:

*Wake Up Now


*Global Wealth Network (GIN)



*Equinox International

*Trek Alliance

Here is a photo to show you the difference between a legit MLM and a Pyramid scheme:

bitcoin pyramid scheme review

Top 5 Reasons Not to Join a Bitcoin Pyramid Scheme

Bitcoin pyramids are the latest scam.

They all claim that Bitcoin is going through the roof and you can make millions from investing in the pyramid.

Why not just invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency coins at a real exchange then?

How does a pyramid make such bold claims about ROI off of Bitcoin, when even Bitcoin can’t provide such ROI?


The Pyramid takes the money from new members and pays the older members.

It is as simple as that when it comes to crypto coin Ponzi schemes.

Stay away from Bitcoin Pyramids because buyer better beware.

There are Fortunes Being Made Every day with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies (legitimately) so don’t give up on crypto entirely forever!