Top 5 Reasons You Should Sell CBD Oil Through an MLM

Top 5 Reasons You Should Sell CBD Oil Through an MLM

Everyone seems to be selling CBD Oil these days, but many are getting shut down. Here’s the Top 5 Reasons You Should Sell CBD Oil Through an MLM.

I just saw a pot leaf on the cover of TIME magazine. Everyone is crazy about CBD Oil and medical marijuana. Here’s the 5 top reasons you should use a MLM to sell CBD Oil:

One  – Established Company

Every naturopath seems to be selling CBD Oil. The problem is, they usually made it in their home themselves and they have little business experience to protect themselves and others.

They usually have been in business only a month or two and are excited about it, but soon lose interest in a year or so – or worse, no one buys from them and they just stop.

You want to choose an established network marketing company, one that has gone through the growing pains of expansion and has scaled up to handle the demand. One that’s at least two to three years old.

Two – Superior Products

Most network marketing companies have a research and development department with a scientific staff to create the highest quality products.

MLMs need to compete with regular store goods so they put extra emphasis on the quality of their products and spend a lot of money doing it. You know that you are getting pure CBD Oil from a reliable source when you choose a CBD Oil network marketing company.

Three – Marketing Done For You

If you sell CBD Oil through a network marketing company, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. MLM companies have done almost everything for you, i.e. they store and ship the product directly to your customers and new reps, they handle all the bookkeeping, they have a customer service department, and they usually give you beautiful looking personalized websites so you can share your products on the internet.

You have to do ALL of this if you start your own business. Plus, if you get sued you’re all on your own. MLM companies cover you under their incorporated company name.

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Four – Awesome Commissions

There’s always a chance that you believe in CBD Oil so much that you want to share it with family and friends and make a profit at the same time.

Network marketing companies have the highest commissions in business today. Not only do you receive commissions from first-time orders, you also get a percentage of commissions from anyone you recruit who chooses to recruit people also.

For example:

The company I’m in pays me 50% on first-time orders. Then I get 10% from anything they sell, 8% from anything those people sell, and 5% from anything those people sell, etc. This goes down 6 levels for me, and that’s not including the residual monthly income commissions!

Example for 10k Affiliate Rank:

Level 1 – 50%

Level 2 – 10%

Level 3 – 8%

Level 4 – 5%

Level 5 – 3%

Level 6 – 3%

That’s why network marketing leaders can make over $100k a month. They are not selling CBD Oil at a local farmer’s market to one-time buyers. They have created a huge organization that moves millions of dollars worth of product each month.

Five – Protected Legally

Most network marketing companies have a legal staff that handles any legal issues. They also are incorporated and protected by many regulations, policies and procedures.

A lot of people don’t know this, but you can actually get fired from your network marketing company if you don’t follow their policies and procedures.

MLM wants your business, but they are extremely ethical when it comes to the way they operate. Network marketing wouldn’t be generating almost $200 Billion a year (in the U.S. alone) if it was just a pyramid scheme.

To summarize the Top 5 Reasons You Should Sell CBD Oil Through an MLM

CBD oil is a very exciting MLM product because it’s not another man-made potion or lotion. It’s not another skin cream, it’s not another diet shake or pill. It’s completely natural and comes from a plant. Some call it God’s miracle plant and I agree.

Thanks for reading.

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