Top 5 Reasons I Suck at Network Marketing – It’s Kind of Brutal

I love network marketing and work very hard at it, but I sometimes go outside the traditional way people recruit and build their MLM team. Here’s the Top 5 Reasons I Suck at Network Marketing.

Here’s the 5 things I do or don’t do that make me suck at MLM:

One – Generic welcome letter

You gotta keep it simple, and if you give your new distributor a million links and videos to consume about their new home business, you’ve lost them.

They will not only think that they have to do that for their new distributors, they will be overwhelmed and get turned off immediately.

When I get a new rep, I send them the basics.

  • How to Log Back into the Dashboard.
  • Where to find your lead capture pages.
  • Where I generate the best leads.


You want your new rep to understand it’s a business.

You want your new rep generating leads as quick as possible without breaking their bank.

I wouldn’t send someone to paid leads if they cost $5 a piece and the leads don’t convert.

I don’t have time to hand write each letter for each new rep.

So, they get a generic welcome letter from me.

Of course, I change the name to theirs!

Two – No skype call or 3 way

We usually teach our new reps what our sponsors taught us when we joined.

I’m an introverted recluse, and luckily my new sponsor gave me space for a while then tried calling.

If I joined under a sponsor that forced me to get on Skype or do a 3-way call, I would have said screw you!

Not everyone who joins network marketing is an extroverted, ex-cheerleader, mommy blogger.

In fact, I had installed Skype on my computer twice and never used it.

It makes funny noises and I don’t even have a compute camera, so it’s just a noisy chat box to me.

Three – No Facebook shoutout when you join

Not a fan of Facebook even though everyone and the kitchen sink is on there.

Yes, there’s probably a hint of jealousy here, when I see other network marketers giving shoutouts to their new team members, but no shoutouts for me.

Only time I’m on facebook is when I’m posting new blog articles, then quickly get out of their before people notice my green box is lit by my name, where they stalk people in chat.

Four – No free giveaways

I’m hustling hard for my business.

If I have extra cash lying around, I’m going to buy advertising for my business, not buying extra MLM product to give away, or even a laptop, like some people are giving away.

Five – No hand holding

The statistics for people quitting network marketing is still high.

Nearly 97% will quit your business within a year or two.

I’ve learned over the years to work with the distributors who are actually signing up people.

I have long since given up on the “big talkers” who say they’re gonna bring in 20 to 100 people in the next few months.

Actually, the biggest talkers usually quit first.

I had a guy who said he wanted to make $25,000 a month who never logged into his back office and sheepishly asked me six months later how to log in so he could cancel his autoship!

So, to Sum Up Top 5 Reasons I Suck at Network Marketing

My network marketing business is a business, not a social picnic. I don’t see large international business using cute emojis on facebook when they get a new client and neither do I.

I’m not a social butterfly and won’t be asking my new reps about their barbecue they had last Sunday, or how old their child is.

Yes, it sounds cruel, but if you prospected thousands of people you would understand.

Most people are time suckers.

They don’t want to join your business, but they want to hold you on the phone for an hour to tell you why.

I overuse Attraction marketing because I’m not holding someone’s hand into my sales funnel.

Thanks for reading my diatribe!

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