5 Reasons to Drink Green Roads CBD Coffee

Recently, I did a review of the top 5 reasons why you should consider Green Roads CBD products. This time I want to spotlight one of Green Roads most popular products – their CBD coffee. I am not affiliated with Green Roads and their products, so this is an unbiased review.

As if the product line offered by Green Roads wasn’t enough, the company’s 100% Columbian coffee infused with a broad-spectrum CBD formulation is giving the competition a run for their money and has customers consistently coming back for more – because it’s that good.

If your looking for an enjoyable way to socially consume your daily dose of CBD, look no further than Green Roads.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should be sipping on Green Roads coffee.

One – Pharmacist Formulated

The fact that all Green Roads products are personally formulated by a licensed pharmacist is one of the biggest variables that sets this company apart from other CBD brands.

The coffee is no exception.

Once Green Roads receives their 100% Columbian gourmet coffee, the in-house pharmacist begins to work her magic. Green Roads carefully introduces a pharmaceutical grade CBD formula, complete with a full terpene and cannabinoid profile into the mix, and the result is nothing short of perfection.

When you sip on a cup of Green Roads CBD coffee, you have peace of mind knowing that the most trusted and knowledgeable pharmacists in the industry are behind every bag, keeping you safe.

Two – Affordable

When compared to some of the other CBD coffee producers, Green Roads coffee is well in-line, or below, the current pricing trends.

Green Roads CBD coffee comes in a couple of different options. Firstly, we have the newly introduced decaf variety that comes in an 8. Oz bag of coffee and accompanied by 250mg of CBD for $54.99. When choosing this option, the end user will receive 16 servings of coffee with 15mg CBD per every 0.5oz serving.

In addition, Green Roads offers a caffeinated variety that comes in an 8oz bag for $39.99 and a 16oz bag for $55.00. Just two tablespoons of this coffee will deliver 10.5mg of CBD. Some folks only need or want 10.5mg of CBD daily, and if that’s the case, this product makes it easy and inexpensive to get all the benefits of CBD you need.

Three- They Were a CBD Company First

Green Roads wasn’t a coffee company that got into the CBD business; they’re a CBD company who got into the coffee business by infusing their pharmaceutical grade CBD formulation into their coffee.

This is important to note as there are quite a few companies out there carelessly jumping into the CBD industry infusing all kinds of products with CBD and not delivering a safe, quality, and reliable product. Green Roads has been well into the CBD game for many years and is well established in the CBD industry.

After perfecting the numerous CBD products, they decided to turn to coffee to appeal to consumers seeking a casual way to consume CBD.

I’d say they nailed it.

Four – Organic Ingredients

Green Roads infuses all their products with 100% organically grown industrial hemp extracts. This is also true for their coffee. Not only are their extracts organic, non-GMO, and vegan-friendly, their method of extraction has been an industry standard since the discovery of CBD. Of course, I’m referring to the C02 high-pressure gas extraction method used by most credible CBD company’s.

This extraction method eliminates the use of harsh toxic solvents that have been known to degrade the CBD on a molecular level and makes it less potent, and more importantly, less safe.

Anytime you are searching for a high quality, pharmaceutical grade CBD oil, these are two areas you don’t want to cut corners. The ingredients should all be 100% organic and extracted using the clean C02 extraction method. If they don’t, I would be leery of giving it a try.

Five – Social Proof

Most people in the CBD industry have heard of Green Roads in one form or another. The same holds true for the majority of CBD consumers who have spent any amount of time researching different companies. One thing you’ll always find consistent with Green Roads customers is their level of satisfaction and loyalty.

This is especially true for their CBD coffee.

Not many folks are dissatisfied with their products and the reviews on the company’s website will reflect that. In fact, Green Roads’ coffee specifically was recently featured in Cosmopolitan as a “must try “revolutionary CBD product.

Hey, if Cosmo’s down for Green Roads CBD coffee, then that’s more than enough social proof for me to try it too.


Green Roads is truly one of the top players in the CBD industry, regardless of what product you try. The CBD coffee, however, is second to none and comes with all the credibility and social proof one would need to give any company a second look.

Infusing CBD into coffee has been shown to eliminate the negative side effects that may come with drinking caffeinated coffee. You get a desired level of alertness without the jitters and anxiety.

Hopefully, you too will begin to enjoy CBD infused coffee for your bodies overall health and wellness, and when you do – I’m here to tell you that Green Roads should be on the top of your list.

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