5 Reasons To Drink Hellion CBD Infused Coffee

When it comes to marketing a unique blend of CBD infused coffee, Hellion seems to stand out like a sore thumb. They have perfected their product and defined their brand from the brewing to the infusion process, to the clever packaging and marketing the company implemented.

Based in the heart of America, Hellion CBD infused coffee has taken their craft to a whole new level with their lifestyle marketing approach and the creation of a refreshing, cold brewed CBD infused coffee drink.

Here are five reasons you should consider Helion CBD infused coffee. 

1.  Cold Brewed Coffee

One of the most unique characteristics of Hellion CBD coffee is the fact that it is cold brewed.

Most CBD infused coffee is produced through the traditional coffee making rituals resulting in a run-of-the-mill coffee drink that is hot. Of course, this isn’t a bad thing – however, this is one area where Hellion has set themselves apart from the competition.

Not everyone wants a hot, mid-day pick-me-up in this summer heat. That is where Hellion comes in.

While there are many cold brewed coffees available, Hellion is one of, if not the only, CBD infused coffee drinks that is cold-brewed.

Twisting off the top of one of these refreshing cold-brewed CBD infused coffee drinks is sure to remind you of popping the top off your favorite bottle of suds.

2. Unique Packaging Options

Another area where Hellion has picked up the slack of competitors is their unique packaging options. Seriously, Hellion has developed some genius one-of-a-kind packaging and bottling solutions to meet the convenience needs of their customers.

First off, as mentioned above, you can enjoy Hellion CBD infused coffee from a convenient 12oz glass bottle with a twist off cap. Need more than one? You can also purchase this option in 4-packs, in addition to 24 bottle cases.

Another option is cold brewed coffee as a bag-in-a-box. You have probably heard of boxed wine, right? Take this concept and replaced wine with CBD infused cold brew coffee. Customers have the option to purchase a 2.5-gallon bag of coffee, shielded by an easy to store box. This option offers fridge storage solutions, and the tap provides easy access to a refreshing cold coffee drink.

For B2B distribution solutions, Hellion has offered their coffee in 5-gallon kegs at wholesale prices. This gives other businesses the opportunity to serve Hellion CBD coffee in their restaurant or coffee shop and the advantage of wholesale pricing to make it possible to turn a profit.

Finally, Hellion also offers their coffee in 3-liter bags. Each bag has a built-in spout, much like the spout used in their bag-in-a-box product. These 3-liter bags come in a box of three – totaling the amount of CBD infused coffee to 2.5 gallons per purchase.

3. Trendy Brand Merchandise

One area of Hellion that I admire is the marketing of their brand. If you love Hellion CBD coffee, why not take the next step and snag some cool Hellion CBD coffee swag?

For under $1.00, you could own a trendy Hellion drink koozie. Hellion also offers two different options for squirt bottles, t-shirts, and koozies.

Heck, even empty Hellion bottles are justified as a unique piece of home décor.

4. Lifestyle Approach

Perhaps one of my favorite things about Hellion is their lifestyle approach to their products and their brand.

When you consume Hellion CBD infused coffee, sure, your getting all the health benefits of CBD and the energy provided by the coffee, but what you’re also getting is a complete experience.

Take their Instagram profile, for example, its full of images and videos of dramatic scenes of their products interacting with their largest customer demographic. Which brings me to another point – the social proof of Hellion is undeniable. Folks love to engage with Hellion on social media just as much as they love their product.

It gives you a sense of feeling. A sense of being a part of something bigger than yourself.

You are not just drinking the best cold brewed CBD infused coffee, your living it. Even if you don’t intend to, you will without even noticing.

5. Accommodating Seasonal Blends

Two different types of coffee offered by Hellion are; Hellion Classic, and Hellion Rabble Rouser. Hellion Rabble Rouser is a blend where the flavor profile remains the same. However, the coffee inside is rotated seasonally.

In contrast, Hellion Classic is the company’s flagship product. Tried, tested, and a local favorite in the company’s home base, Chicago, Illinois. This blend stays the same throughout seasonal changes because it is that good.


In my opinion, there are not a lot of CBD companies revolutionizing CBD infused coffee quite like Hellion. Their cold brewed blends are one-of-a-kind and stand out amongst their competitors who seemingly are all doing the same thing.

While there are plenty of quality CBD infused coffees available on the market, I encourage you to consider Hellion cold brew as your next product experience.

You won’t be disappointed with the drinking experience!