Infinite CBD Review

Infinite CBD oil is a rapidly growing company with new products launching soon. So is Infinite CBD a scam? I don’t think so. They are a rising company in the CBD industry with high reviews overall. I am not affiliated with them in any way so therefore this is an unbiased review.

If you have spent time on this planet, you have heard about the opioid epidemic. Basically, a huge majority got hooked on prescription pain pills, then transitioned to heroin or fentanyl for pain relief when their prescribed drugs became really hard to get. They write a lot about this in their company blog because it is a serious issue in the United States and other countries.

In the Infinite CBD Oil blog they talk a lot about the epidemic and then talk about the natural pain-reliever that is in CBDs. It is okay to seek pain relief for things like trauma and diseases like cancer. It does and can be overused and misused. That is where CBDs come in. You can get pain relief from CBD products and it is legal.

After major celebrities like Prince died, doctors stopped writing prescriptions as frequently for opioids. This made them very hard to get. The addicts then went to the streets for relief and then launched a crisis and State of Emergency.

CBDs are considered to be a safe way get relief in comparison to the use of opioids. CBDs have what is called natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It has been found to aide in relieving chronic pain. Here are 5 reasons why we rate Infinite CBD so high after completing our product review process:

1. They Tell you how to Take Your CBDs

When you first start ingesting CBDs as part of your journey to wellness, then you want to start with baby steps. They describe in-depth the various ways to get your CBDs. The top ways to get your CBDs is oral, inhalation, ingestion and topical.

You should always start with topical then move to oral. You take topical by buying a rub and putting it directly on your skin. A lot of users do this post-workout to help relieve achy joints.

You then want to get into oral ingestion of CBDs. You take these via tinctures under your tongue or in your cannabidiol coffee. When you get one of their tinctures be sure to drop the oil straight under your tongue and hold in there for 30 seconds before swallowing.

You will then maximize the benefits of CBDs by having some of them absorb under the tongue. It is a known fact that when an EMT arrives at the scene of a heart attack victim, the first thing they do is place a pill under the tongue for rapid sublingual absorption into the bloodstream.

Vaping is all the rage right now. Still, this method of getting your CBDs should be done last for most users. Start with a good topical then move to a tincture.

2. They have Yummy Gummies

They are called asteroid gummies. They say these can be used on children and many parents are turning to CBDs to help their child with sensory issues. For $23 you can get 10 gummies. That is a little more than $2 a gummy.

They come in flavors green apple, strawberry, grape, blue raspberry, lemon and orange. There are many hemp consumers who do not like the taste of the tincture. This is one of the other options of CBD ingestion. These gummies are vegan and gluten-free, which make these CBD products very easy to sell.

3. Their Topical Ointments are Amazing

Yes CBDs have pain-relief benefits that work for most consumers or patients. Yes, cooling the area with cold presses help relieve pain. Now, what if you provided a cream that does both?

They have a topical cream called Freezing Point that contains cooling and pain-relieving menthol. The 8oz bottle has 1,000mg of CBDs. It costs about $50 for this cannabidiol product.

It is always a good idea to start getting CBDs topically then moving to other methods. If you are a sufferer of aches and pains, then you may want to try Freezing Point.

4. They Have Products for the Skin

A lot of us suffer with conditions like eczema and open wounds that will not heal. They sell a product called Afterglow.

It is dispensed on a sore, rash or open-wound. It is said to help aid in the healing process and benefit the skin. Skincare is self-care!

5. They Sell Capsules

You can see all their CBD goods on their website. One that really stuck out for us, was their capsules.

You can buy them in three varieties. They have an isolate and an A.M. They also have a P.M. This is a wonderful option as CBDs should normally always be ingested at night when you do not plan to leave your home.

The reason, is in case you suffer any impairment you do not want to be out and about to cause harm. When you buy their A.M. capsules you are buying a way to get your CBDS before you leave for work. They come in a variety of options and range in price from $8 to $142.

I recommend Infinite CBD as a fine emerging business that sells CBD oil. I am not affiliated with them in any way, I simply wanted to review a promising new cannabidiol company.