5 Benefits of Dry Fasting Doctors Don’t Acknowledge

Top 5 Shocking Benefits of Dry Fasting that Doctors Don’t Want to Reveal

I’m going to share with you some amazing benefits of dry fasting, and not including the obvious benefits, like losing weight, feel better. . .Here’s the Top 5 Shocking Benefits of Dry Fasting that Doctors Don’t Want to Reveal.

These Top 5 Dry Fasting benefits are bordering miraculous and are somewhat obscured from public knowledge.

These dry fasting health benefits were discovered thousands of years ago by the Egyptians and Greeks. But science today doesn’t want you to know and big pharma certainly doesn’t want you to know about dry fasts.

Here’s the Top 5 Shocking Benefits of Dry Fasting

Five – Age Backwards

Universities of Chicago and So. Cal have studied fasting rigorously and have even created a term for it, called Rejuvenescence. Rejuvenescence is the ability to regain youth and literally reverse the clock on aging.

One study was conducted on insects that usually only lived a few weeks, but during fasting the doctors extended their lifespans to a couple years.

The most impressive study was conducted on a 40 year old male who fasted for two weeks. The study was performed by Dr. Carlson and Professor Kunde from the Department of Physiology at the University of Chicago. They discovered on a cellular level that this man’s cells regenerated back to a state of a 17 year old’s cell health during dry fasting.

They concluded this by measuring the ratio by comparing nucleus material versus cellular material in the cells. Older cells have more cellular material, whereas newer cells have more nucleus material. His cells were that of a seventeen year old!

Four – Greatly Increase Metabolic Rate

Dry Fasting can increase your metabolic rate by 5-6%. This is huge if you think about it. We lose about 1% of our metabolic rate every few years after we turn 30. If we gain back 5% with just 3 days of fasting, that means you rejuvenated your metabolic rate by 15 years!

Every time we eat, it takes about 6 to 8 hours to burn through the glycogen stores (sugar.) Most of us eat 3 times a day, so our bodies are in a constant state of breaking down sugar instead of breaking down fat. Fasting kick starts your body into burning fat for energy rather than sugar.

Dry fasting also has a long-term effect on our metabolic rate. Studies have shown that fasting just one time can spike our metabolic rate for a year or more.

Three – Turbocharge Growth Hormone

Studies have shown that dry fasting can spike our human growth hormone (HGH) by 1300 to 2000%. Dry fasting turns on your anti-aging functions, including a huge increase in HGH. Increased HGH helps build bone density, maximizes workouts, develops muscles faster, enhances immune system, and makes you feel more alive! In addition to dry fasting you may want to supplement with powerful peptides to maximize your natural HGH production. Learn more about deciding between Sermorelin and Ipamorelin peptide supplementation and Sermorelin dosage before you plan your next fast.

Two – Autolysis of Tumors and Diseased Cells

During a fast, the body will breakdown diseased cells, tumors, abscesses, cysts and break them down for energy the body can use.

Your body knows how to restore and repair itself, but digesting food usually taxes our system so we really don’t ever go into “repair mode.”

Once we fast, the body will begin restoration, and the kidneys will begin purging and flushing out old material. The body will completely transform itself by burning off unwanted dead cells. This is the most powerful fountain of youth technique, and it’s free!

One – Stem Cell Regeneration

The most impressive benefit of dry fasting is the formulation of new stem cells. Most people spend $50k to $100k to get new stem cells injected into their bodies, which could trigger your body getting sick and rejecting the new stem cells, or you can dry fast and have a completely new immune system in 3 days!

Valter Longo of USC Davis of Biological Sciences states that our bodies try to conserve energy by burning off old immune cells, which forms an entirely new immune system in 3 days. One day of fasting is the equivalent of one year of rejuvenation.

Dry Fasting lowers white blood cells which triggers stem cell regeneration and lowers the enzyme PKA. PKA needs to be suppressed for our body to kick into regeneration mode.

On a spiritual level, the chakras get cleared out and more creativity happens with a heightened awareness and brain activity. Parasites that typically feed on your sugar are also killed off, which will alleviate you from depression and anxiety.

Fasting isn’t for everyone, and if you have a high-glycemic diet, eating a lot of carbs, you will have a very hard time fasting.

The key to dry fasting success is to get into Ketosis first, which is high protein, high fat, and hardly any carbs. This is like the Atkins diet or new Keto diets out there today.

You can also switch from sugar to Stevia, which the body registers as a fiber rather than a sugar.

Quitting sugar is probably your first, most important step in dry fasting.

Thanks for reading Top 5 Shocking Benefits of Dry Fasting that Doctors Don’t Want to Reveal. Enjoy your fresh fasting future!

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