Top 5 Ways Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy Works

A name like Amino Neuro Frequency (ANF) Therapy is sure to catch someone’s attention, isn’t it.  Well, it was doubly true for me as both a neuroscientist alternative therapist, and aspiring physician. 

When I first came across this new type of therapy, I was immediately intrigued, did my initial research on it, and signed up to take the course the next day. 

The theories behind it made sense to me, but I could never have anticipated the true power and effectiveness ANF had to offer.

Before getting into who and what can benefit from ANF Therapy, I will provide some background on what it is, first. 

ANF Therapy is a type of wearable frequency technology – a system of small adhesive discs that work together to restore the body back to its original healthy state.  Each type of disc (I believe there are over 200) is embedded with a different electric frequency designed to elicit a specific effect from the body, working at the cellular level. 

As such, each case requires different combinations of discs in different locations and amounts to achieve the desired results. 

And no, just because it is electrically charged does not mean you will be shocked.  In fact, you probably won’t feel anything at all, with the exception of some clients of mine exclaiming that they could “feel it working” (aka feel their pain dissipate in minutes).

Now I am going to discuss the top 5 ways to utilize this revolutionary therapy:

  1. Chronic Pain

The first 3 educational courses of ANF all deal with treating clients with pain, and most importantly, chronic pain. 

They take an incredibly holistic, and different, approach to treating pain which allows the therapist to find the underlying cause, rather than simply treating the symptoms: “where the pain is, the problem isn’t.” 

As such, ANF Therapy addresses some issues that most other therapies and forms of healing wouldn’t.  ANF’s approach to chronic pain is centered around the notion of hidden, or “invisible”, inflammation. 

Inflammation can take up to 7-10 years to build up to the point where you feel pain.  That’s why chronic pain is…well…chronic.  It’s hard to get rid of something that’s taken so long to build up, especially if you don’t know where it is. 

Well, ANF Therapy makes it easier.  Where there’s inflammation, there are free radicals.  The free radicals cause the problems and the inflammation causes the pain. 

ANF has discs charged with frequencies that stimulates your body’s production of different types of powerful antioxidants, both locally and systemically. 

Free radicals are oxidizers, so by looking at the name, you can figure out what the antioxidants do.  Then, the other big player in eliminating the hidden inflammation is the lymphatic system, your biological sewage system that is commonly overlooked and underappreciated. 

And yes, ANF Therapy has a system to get the lymphatics working properly and flowing to start clearing the inflammation. 

Several body systems are assessed and addressed as needed by the ANF therapist to discover and eliminate the root cause of the chronic pain and inflammation.  In some cases, I’ve seen 20 years worth of pain diminish in 20 minutes.

  1. Stress and Anxiety (And Related Conditions)

This is something that gets addressed in almost all cases.  Whether you’re coming in for a case of pain or specifically for stress or anxiety, if you are dealing with some stressors or are carrying around some negative emotional baggage, well, ANF has got a disc for that. 

Actually, ANF has several different types of discs for that, utilized very specifically to best assist each individual client in finding relief from their psychosomatic struggles. 

And like I mentioned, even those clients seeking ANF treatment for pain will be analyzed from this approach for multiple reasons. 

First off, any significant injury has an emotional component.  Both serious injuries and long-term chronic injuries actually lead to the development of emotional pathways to the affected area in the brain. 

Secondly, stress has physical implications on the body…and not just in the form of going gray or getting wrinkles. 

Heavy stressors can cause physical pain, and one of the most common forms of this is in lower back pain, often presenting as “sciatica”. 

I remember treating a client who was ex-military and then was a firefighter for 20 years.  Pretty stressful jobs, right?  He had been experiencing lower back pain for some time and nothing seemed to help it. 

Before anything else, I treated him with stress and emotional protocols, and before moving on I re-evaluated his pain to find a 50% reduction from that alone.

  1. Acute Pain

Acute pain stemming from recent injuries is actually, in my opinion, one of the easiest conditions to be treated with ANF Therapy. 

This, of course, is dependent on what the acute pain is a result of.  If you just tore a muscle, chances are ANF treatment won’t make you 100% pain-free.  It can help a lot, oftentimes reducing pain 50% or greater, but the tear would still be actively present and your body would not stop producing inflammation in the area until it’s begun to heal (inflammation is actually good in proper doses as it is the signal to initiate healing). 

And in a case like that, a good therapist would not want to make you 100% pain-free because what happens when someone is pain-free?  They think they are injury free and oftentimes go on to further injure themselves. 

Now, I’m not saying to not seek ANF Therapy for an acute injury, rather, quite the opposite.  See an ANF Therapist for an injury that’s just occurred because they can knock down the pain and inflammation to an extent, but also help speed up the initial healing process. 

That’s right, ANF Therapy can help get blood flow to an injured area, remove free radicals, move lymph in the area, and stimulate the production of healing hormones and blood cells. 

All of what I just listed is necessary to be in place for proper healing to occur.  Plus, nobody likes acute pain.  Instead of taking an NSAID or pain-killer, utilize ANF to allow your body to clear the pain naturally.

  1. Pets

You read that right.  ANF Therapy works with non-human animals as well.  Positive results from ANF have been noted in dogs, horses, and even pigs – oh my!  Effects have been seen in animals with pain and injuries, temperament issues, and illnesses. 

So, if you’ve got a pet in need and don’t want to pay those hefty vet bills, perhaps consider the work of an ANF Therapist to get your pal back into top shape.

  1. Performance

From athletes or the common gym-goer, to students or employees, ANF Therapy can help with performance needs.  ANF can boost both athletic performance and mental performance. 

For starters, athletes perform better when they’re pain-free, so that’s a no-brainer.  However, ANF also has protocols for so many athletic factors.  From joint stability to increasing flexibility and range of motion to boosting strength and power to increasing lung capacity and endurance, ANF can do it all. 

There are specific protocols for all of these things, as well as personalized ones for individuals’ needs.  As for the mental performance, there are several types of discs that specialize in exactly this.  In fact, there’s even a disc called “Mental Focus” (warning on that one, once you try it you’re never going to want to function without it again). 

With all that being said, I’d like to also make a note that these are just some of the ways in which Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy can be beneficial.  Trust me, there are many more. 

My favorite aspect about ANF is that there are almost no negative side-effects to the therapy.   The only one is that typical mild detox symptoms are possible.  Usually this only occurs in first-timers who get disked up pretty heavy, like in the case of a “full lymph protocol”. 

Even so, this isn’t a common response and only some people will experience it.  Heavy hydration usually makes the symptoms lighter and go away more quickly.

If you are wondering if Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy can benefit you, without even knowing your situation I will say “yes”. 

It can be used alone or in conjunction with any other type of therapy and/or treatment you might be receiving.  But, if you have doubts and want to get a personal opinion, find an ANF Therapist in your area and reach out.  There are ANF Therapists worldwide and across the entire United States.


Alex Woinski

ANF Level 2 Therapist


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