Top 7 Profitable Reasons why Every Network Marketer Should Blog

Top 7 Profitable Reasons why Every Network Marketer Should Blog

Top 7 Profitable Reasons why Every Network Marketer Should Blog

Blogging is one of the most powerful ways for generating MLM Leads. Find out the Top 7 Profitable Reasons why Every Network Marketer Should Blog.

Having a blog is very important, but it’s not a get-rich-quick method and requires patience and consistency.

If you can handle being in the trenches with blogging for a couple years, you will have unlimited leads checking out your business on autopilot.

Let’s explore the 7 main reasons why you should blog:

1. Business Card of the 21st Century

Having a blog is today’s business card on the Internet. People can view your content on your blog and immediately get a fuller sense of who you are.

All it takes to have a decent blog is an “about” page, “contact” page, and maybe a “training” or “product” page.

These pages will lead people on a tour of all your services, who you are, faqs, and testimonials about you.

2. Branding YOU as an “Authority.”

Your prospects don’t necessarily care about the ingredients or features of your product or service.

They want to know who you  are and have faith in you to take them where they want to go.

If you appear knowledgeable through your content, people will trust you as they make a decision to join you or buy from you.

Branding YOU also means you have the freedom to switch gears and promote different things without having to completely rebrand yourself if you started out with a company specific blog.

3. Gains Trust with Prospects

Again, people need to “know, like and trust” you before making a decision to work with you.

Having a solid blog that reveals your authentic self is the quickest way to gain trust. Videos are also powerful.

So, if you can have at least one video introducing yourself on your blog that would go far.

4. Share as you Learn

The easiest way to produce lots of consistent content on your blog is to share what you learn.

A mentor of mine calls this method “invest, learn, teach and profit.” What you do is look for a leader in your niche market and (invest) in one of their info products.

You then take thorough notes as you (learn) it. You then “internalize” that information and then (teach) it to others in your own words.

You (profit) by providing useful information to others, which gains their trust in your authority and buy from you. You can never run out of content doing this method.

5. Global Reach

Your blog is a “global asset.” Your blog is on the internet 24/7. This is very powerful because people from all over the world can view your blog at anytime.

It isn’t unusual for me to get most of my leads while I sleep. Very powerful.

6. Passive Income

Again, your blog can convert your readers or viewers into “buyers.” You make income without being “active” in the sale.

This is called “passive” income. Residual, passive income is different, and comes from your MLM organization making you money through their activity.

This is “leveraged” income because you are leveraging through the efforts of others. This is like having employees and earning a certain amount of money off each hour they work for you. Good stuff.

7. Unlimited Leads

The holy grail of network marketing are LEADS.

The more Leads you generate, the bigger your organization grows. With Blogging, you can generate thousands of leads, like I said earlier, on automatic pilot.

No more chasing friends or bugging strangers when your blog begins to get lots of traffic from the search engines.

But, with anything worthwhile, Blogging takes time to grow. It needs constant watering and nurturing, but the rewards are vast and can enable you to make new business connections you never had dreamed of.

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