7 Top Benefits Of Breatharianism

Breatharianism is an ancient practice of receiving prana (vital life energy) from the sun. Advance practitioners forgo their daily bread (and sometimes water too) in exchange for receiving prana from sunlight.


While to the casual observer this may seem extreme and even impossible, practitioners find themselves not only surviving, but thriving in ways they never thought possible.

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While this ancient practice isn’t for the casual spiritual seeker, those who find their way onto this path often experience great results and spiritual fulfillment that spreads into all areas of their lives. When your body is fueled with what it needs the impossible becomes possible and your dreams are always within your reach.

Whether you are merely curious or are considering adding Breatharianism to your daily life here are the top seven benefits of the Breatharian practice. Here are the Top 7 Shocking Benefits of Breatharianism.

1. Save Money on Your Grocery Bill

With grocery prices across the globe at an all time high, everyone is looking to save some cash on their grocery. Breathariansim, even practiced part time will drastically reduce your grocery bill.

When you eat less or not all, you can forgo the shopping trip and spend that time and money on something else you have been dreaming of. As an added bonus, a Breatharian will also avoid long lines at the grocery store while bringing your body and spirit into a healthy alignment with the universe.

Most followers of this path don’t set out to save money, but it is a happy side-effect of Breatharianism.

2. Cessation of Hunger and Thirst

Everyone has been there. Stuck in traffic with a growling stomach or dry itchy throat from thirst. The light’s green, but the driver at the front of the line is taking their sweet time. Imagine if you didn’t have to experience the discomfort of being hungry or thirsty while stuck in traffic. Or ever again for that matter.

Think it is impossible?

Think again breatharians.

Long term Breatharian practitioners report that once their body adjusts to feeding on the prana energy of the sun they no longer feel hungry or thirsty.

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3. Decreased Caloric Intake, Weight Loss, and Achieving Your Ideal Body Weight

Food and beverages are dense with calories and weigh heavily on the body and spirit. When the body is weighed down by heavy foods with harsh ingredients the spirit feels heavy too. In addition to caloric intake, this can pack on the pounds and keep them there making weight loss or management feel impossible.

When you receive your vital nutrition and prana from sunlight there’s no need to consume heavy or unhealthy foods. Your energy will come from the purest source available. Practicing even part time will reduce your caloric intake leading to weight loss and eventually your ideal weight and figure.

4. You Will Need Less Sleep and Have More Time to Spend on The Things You Love

Life in the digital age is moving faster than ever and some days it feels impossible to keep up with demands of life and also find time to do all the things you love.

Practitioners not only save time by not attending and eating large meals, but overtime when your body is fueled on prana from the sun you gain more energy. Thus, the need for less sleep while fasting and enjoying the Vitamin D with oxygenation.

What would you do with an extra two hours or more added to your day thanks to breathing better? The sky is the limit. Breatharians enjoy extra happy waking hours while the rest of the world is tucked away in their beds.

5. Clear Mind

If you struggle with mind clutter, Breatharianism just might be the solution you’ve been searching for. When the body is weighed down by heavy and unhealthy foods so in the mind.

Our brain needs an ample supple of prana to stay clear and focused. When we eat a surplus of foods (healthy or otherwise) it takes vital energy from our brains to digest it.

When practicing Breatharianism this is resolved, and you add a wholesome supply of prana to your body every day resulting in a clear mind ready for whatever adventure you have planned!

6. Natural Healing

Prana is the source of all life and a healthy supply of it heals the mind, body, and soul naturally. An increase of prana from the sun not only aids in pain management, but also can heal various ailments.

With less energy used on digestion and the increase in prana intake your body is fueled up more than ever to carry out all of its natural healing abilities.

7. You’ll Have More Confidence Than Ever Before

From time to time we all struggle to find the confidence to successfully climb the mountains that separate us from what we truly want. When you tune into what your body really needs and what your soul really wants it is impossible not to feel confident.

When we are healthy and happy confidence is a natural side-effect of life. With the Breatharian lifestyle, anything is possible. Breath in deeper and feel the freedom in your lifestyle!

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