Top 7 Ways Introverts Can Succeed in MLM

Top 7 Ways Introverts Can Succeed in MLM

Top 7 Ways Introverts Can Succeed in MLM

A lot of people hesitate before joining network marketing because of fear and Introversion. Find out how in 8 Ways Introverts Can Succeed in MLM.

Are you thinking about joining a network marketing opportunity, but you fear you have to push product onto your friends and family?

Do you envision having to bark like a car salesman to strangers that want nothing to do with you?

Do you think that the only way to make good money in MLM is to speak on stage or hold hotel meetings?

You can relax.

Network marketing is about sharing your product or opportunity, like you would recommend a great movie, and that’s it.

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I’m a quiet guy who wanted to make money from home, literally. . .

I had been trying to make a full-time living online since 2011.

I tried selling MP3’s, eBooks, did some shady investment programs, Affiliate Marketing, and eventually network marketing.

When I joined MLM, I ignored the phone call from my new sponsor.

See, I kind of thought I was prepared enough to start network marketing on my own and I didn’t even want to hear what he had to say.

I didn’t want a welcome message. . .
I didn’t want info on how I could talk to other people about my MLM.
I didn’t want him telling me what to do, period.

Call it what you will, I was a loner who had amassed a good dose of social anxiety because I hadn’t been around anyone else, besides my girlfriend, for years.

But, I wanted to make money online. . .

Soon, I realized I didn’t know what I was doing and called my sponsor.

Well, I knew how to turn my opportunity links into cool tweets on Twitter and knew how to change “legs” in my Geneology, but I needed some heavy marketing tools which I knew he had.

I got a mass emailer from him and something that scraped thousands of emails off the internet, even got their phone numbers. . .

Well, the software crashed my computer and it ran like a snail until I rebooted it back to a previous date. Took all day. . .

The emails and phone numbers it scraped were worthless.

They were phone numbers of churches and mechanics who didn’t even want to hear about my MLM opportunity!

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So much for heavy marketing tools.

I realized after spamming my opportunity links for a year on Twitter, that people responded better to thoughtful content, rather than naked links.

I pretty much took control of my business, watched hundreds of videos online from MLM trainers and read every eBook on the subject.

Learning MLM like you would a new profession,prepared me for the setbacks that happen in starting any new business.

I’m still here in the same company two years later, long after the so-called leaders left to go build hype in another “ground floor opportunity!”

MLM for introverts

So, how can Introverts Build an MLM?

1. Share third-party tools

I knew that some of the Leaders in my company had created business videos.

So, I asked for them and uploaded them onto my own YouTube channel and other sites which allowed me to share them whenever someone asked about my opportunity.

 2. Talk on the phone

I’m shy, but somehow I do fine on the phone. I have always been more comfortable speaking to one person at a time. It’s groups of people that are scary.

The phone allows you to avoid physical interaction.

Since most people operate solely online these days, you don’t need to worry about invitations in person.

If someone lives in your city, just say you strictly do business online. (if you’re really introverted.)

3. Image friendly sites, like Instagram and Pinterest

You can make a ton of images and write quotes on them using Picmonkey. 

People love quotes and you can embed a link back to your business “capture page” or your website.

When you post an image on Pinterest, write the maximum words allowed under the photo.

Make sure what you say is original, sometimes these “Pins” get picked up and indexed by Google for something original the caption under the picture said.

Same with Instagram.

Use several #Hashtags under your photo explaining what your image is.

A lot of people post success quotes, then their hashtags are like #success #quotes #mlm #networkmarketing, etc.

4. Webinars

Another way to do business, but avoid seeing people in person are webinars.

I think you can even put up a picture of yourself instead of actually showing yourself, but I’m not sure.

Anyways, webinars are great for holding real conversations with your MLM leaders, sponsor, downline, distributors in other countries.

5. Using skype

Even though Skype is meant for video communication, you can use it as chat instead.

I installed Skype, but realized I didn’t have a video camera hooked up to my computer, so no one saw me.

I chatted instead. Pretty cool for introverts!

6. Slideshares

Slideshare is a site for powerpoint presentations or slides.

There’s like 70 million users using Slideshare and it’s owned by Linkedin.

These slides can get pretty creative and you can add active hyperlinks back to your website or opportunity links.

Google also loves Slideshare and some slides get indexed at the top of Google, so many people will see your slides.

I posed my best slides over on my MLM Training Page, check them out.

7. Blogging

My favorite of all, a writer’s paradise, is Blogging. If you like to write and can do it consistently over a period of time, you can get tons of traffic and leads from it.

A blog does take about 1 to 3 years to really get noticed by the search engines and before you start getting good traffic, but it’s worth the wait.

I like to post new articles about 4 times a week, but you can start by doing one a week. I would brainstorm on what you want to write about and stick with it.

Create a one sentence mission statement of what you intend to do. Mine was “let the #1 network marketer on social media show you how to earn money online.

This was a little pretentious and long, so now it’s “Helping people switch from JOB to Home Based Entrepreneur.

If you don’t know what to write about, find something on YouTube or in paid training material that you want to learn about.

Once you study the new material, write a post about it in your own words.

This is how to start blogging and the more you learn about MLM, the more you can write and make money.

People are dying to pay you for your expertise, so learn what you can, assimilate it and make it your own brand.

When you become a brand instead of your MLM product being the brand, you have a lot more freedom to write about what you want.

When you’re the brand you won’t have to worry if your MLM company goes out of business or scares everybody off when they get sued. It’s just better branding YOU as the brand.

I hope this helps. Thanks for reading!


Erik Christian Johnson

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