Top 8 Things You Can Do To Stay Healthy For Christmas

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Now that December is finally here, we’re all waking up each morning to open our advent calendars and making that mad dash to get everyone’s gifts before it’s too late.

Christmas is always a time for giving back to the people in our lives and we do this with parties and presents, but we also should give something back to ourselves for another successful year.

We can treat ourselves to a thing or two during those shopping sprees and also make sure we are healthy and fit. Here are some of the ways you can make sure you are fit and healthy for Christmas.

Get moving

The easiest way to prepare for the holiday season and make sure that all those mince pies don’t go to your thighs is to exercise.

Exercise is not only great for the way we look but it can help our organs to stay stronger and keep us healthy throughout life.

Taking the time each day to either go for a walk, do a small workout in front of the TV or simply go running in the Park is a great way to stay in shape and healthy this winter.


If you seem to be stressed out a lot at work and in life in general one thing you should definitely try to work into your routine before Christmas is meditation.

Meditating for even 5-10 minutes every day can greatly reduce your stress and it means that you are less likely to get into a stupid argument over the dinner table on Christmas Day.

You can use an app like headspace which will guide you through the process and make it super simple to practice each and every day.

Go outdoors

The great outdoors can be a huge thing for many people especially if you live and work in the city. If you find yourself feeling a little bit stressed and as if you never leave the couch it is always a good idea to get out and do something else.

Fresh air can be great for the body and it will help you stay super fit and healthy, and it can also help prevent you from catching one of those dreaded winter bugs.

Eat better

The food we eat is the most important way to keep us healthy and it accounts for most of what we look like and who we are.

It is always crucial to make sure you eat a balanced diet and this means eating lots of fruit and vegetables as well as lean proteins and healthy carbs.

Your meals should have a source of protein, healthy fat and carbs each day and this will keep the body moving strong and make a massive difference to your overall bodily functions.

Quit bad habits

It is so easy to pick up bad habits throughout our lives due to stress and other factors and it can be hard to quit these habits once they have rooted themselves into our lives.

If you want to make sure you are healthy and happy during your life, don’t wait until new year to change the way you live: do it now. This will include making sure that you cut down on the drink for a while, cut down or quit smoking and also get rid of those bad eating habits which you have picked up during the year.

Eat smaller portions

One of the super easy ways to keep yourself lean and fit during the year is to eat less than you normally would. We aren’t talking about eating a restrictive diet or doing some crazy fad: we are simply speaking about eating smaller portions each day of the same meals to help you maintain a healthy weight.

So for example if you would normally eat 6 slices of pizza, try and eat 4. You can even buy yourself smaller plates from the store and fill them to trick your mind into thinking you are still eating the same. It will reduce things like bloating massively and it can also help with IBS.

Go for a checkup

Yes, we know. No one likes to take time out of their day to visit the doctor and it’s never fun to sit in the office waiting for your name to be called.

But seeing a doctor on a regular basis is super important and it is something you need to consider to keep yourself fighting fit. If you have boggling symptoms and other ailments which never get checked out you could be putting yourself in pain for no reason.

Visiting your doctor every now and again with you issues is exactly what you need to do and it will allow you to make sure you are healthy. It also means that if there is anything wrong you will be able to get it treated as soon as possible.

Think natural remedies

When it comes to thinking about medicine and looking after ourselves, so many of us will teach for the nearest paracetamol as soon as we have a headache without even thinking or take a sleeping pill when we are stirred awake.

But there are other ways to stay healthy and you can learn more about natural remedies and healing online which can actually do the trick just as well without all of the chemicals and the money.

For example if you have a headache one day which you can’t shake, you can think about using a warm compress on your head to relax the muscles and this can make a massive difference to you without using a pill.

When you can’t sleep you can use some lavender oil and massage it into your temples to relax you and help you drift off to sleep. Try using different home remedies for your illnesses and it can really make a big difference to your health and well-being overall. You’ll be able to enjoy Christmas with your family feeling in tip top shape and it will be amazing.

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