7 CEOs To Follow On LinkedIn In 2024

top ceo follow on linkedin

According to the latest estimates, over 67 million companies have a presence on LinkedIn. This number cements it as one of the most accessible platforms to connect with industry executives whose unique insights can help advance your career and enrich other areas of your life. Whether you want to build a professional network, launch a new business, acquire valuable tips, or learn something new, these CEOs are worth a LinkedIn follow.

1. Yamini Rangan

CEO of HubSpot; LinkedIn: @yaminirangan

As one of Women In Tech’s top 100 leaders to watch in 2024, Yamini Rangan offers a wealth of knowledge to anyone with career aspirations in the STEM field. Rangan has more than 25 years of tech experience and innovation to her name, and upon becoming the HubSpot CEO in 2021, she led a $150 million acquisition of the B2B analytics software Clearbit. Her LinkedIn content focuses on how to drive customer-centric business growth and nurture high-performance teams with an intentional blend of empathy and curiosity.

2. Vas Narasimhan

CEO of Novartis; LinkedIn: @vasnarasimhan

Since founding the multinational medicine corporation Novartis in 2018, Dr. Vas Narasimhan has been on a mission to reimagine healthcare. Dr. Narasimhan is on the front lines of developing treatments for heart disease, cancer, malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS, aiming to boost medical access by 200 percent in the next two years. He also consistently ranks among the Top Global Influencers on LinkedIn, where he writes about the intersection of breakthrough science, social justice, eco-conservation, and public health.

3. Jasmine Crowe-Houston

CEO of Goodr Co.; LinkedIn: @jasminecrowe

Entrepreneur Jasmine Crowe-Houston utilizes technology to combat food insecurity and tackle socioeconomic issues that lead to hunger in the first place. Her business, Goodr Co., recycles surplus food to ensure more communities can access nutritious meals while cutting down on unnecessary landfill waste. This hunger solution earned Crowe-Houston the GoBeyondProfit Champion Award in 2023. She is also a visionary author and TED speaker who uses LinkedIn to harness momentum for positive societal change.

4. Damola Ogundipe

CEO of Plural; LinkedIn: @dogundipe

Witnessing barriers to civic participation across the U.S., Damola Ogundipe created Plural, a software that empowers ordinary citizens to influence government policies. This tool uses real- time data monitoring to inform thought leaders, activists, organizers, and other constituents about legislative decisions that affect their lives so they can take proactive measures accordingly. As a passionate civic influencer, Ogundipe uses LinkedIn to start conversations about making the democratic process more widely inclusive.

5. Danielle Delongchamp

CEO of Concorde Investment Services; LinkedIn: @danielledelongchamp

Danielle Delongchamp just took the helm as Concorde Investment Services’ newest CEO in November 2023, but she is already an influential voice within the finance industry. As an expert in financial advisory, business operations, cybersecurity, and tech innovation, Delonchamp has the insight to share on various topics—whether that is how to reach investment goals or cultivate robust leadership skills. She also advocates for a healthy work-life balance and enjoys showing her personal side on LinkedIn.

6. Mark Chung

CEO of Verdigris; LinkedIn: @markchung

According to his LinkedIn profile, Mark Chung’s “affair with technology” dates back to the fourth grade when his father showed him how to use an IBM computer. This lifelong passion motivated him to launch Verdigris, a company that enables businesses to reduce their energy consumption through AI automation. Chung recently announced a new $10 million investment toward the pursuit of AI-generated net zero carbon emissions, and his LinkedIn content sheds light on the nexus between tech and climate policy.

7. Jaleh Rezaei

CEO of Mutiny; LinkedIn: @jalehr

Another innovator in AI automation, Jaleh Rezaei’s no-code platform Mutiny, makes it easier for websites to customize the browsing experience for each unique visitor. This software can deliver a 75 percent boost in conversion rates, and the vibrant company culture that Rezaei has built earned Mutiny a “Great Place to Work” certification. On LinkedIn, she offers practical tips for AI integration, lead generation, and other marketing tactics, mixed in with fun, interactive posts to connect with her followers on a human level.

Give These Fascinating CEOs A Follow In 2024

From technology and finance to politics and healthcare to social justice and sustainability, the valuable insights from these top CEOs are sure to elevate your LinkedIn feed. Their content will inspire, educate, and galvanize you to pursue the career ambitions on your own radar in 2024. So, whether you have entrepreneurial goals or want to learn from a reputable leader in your field of interest, follow along with all these fascinating experts on LinkedIn.