3 Direct Selling Tips To Supercharge Sales

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3 Ultimate Direct Selling Tips for Success

Direct Selling is most effective when you stick to a simple, duplicatable system. Here are the three most important direct sales tips.

1. Lots Of Traffic – Quality And Quantity

With any Direct Selling business, the main objective is to get as many eyeballs onto your opportunity as possible.

It truly is a number’s game and the bigger your numbers, the more people will “opt in.”

Ideally, this traffic is looking for what you offer, but if you have a real good email system, like the one my company uses, you can get untargeted traffic to sign up as well, just not as many.

There’s two types of traffic:

Paid traffic

Solo Ads – There’s many sites where you can buy solo ads. These sites usually have a list of leads that they email your offer to. The problem with solo ads is that these companies spam the same email list over and over.

Adsense – Google’s ad network. Strategically places your ads on sites in your niche and caters to the interests of the traffic. This type of advertising of “cost-per-click” can get expensive fast, up to a $1 or more per click and a click doesn’t mean they will sign up to see your offer.

Bing – Same as Adsense, but this is for Yahoo and Bing search.

YouTube – You could post a video on your YouTube channel and then promote it. I would look at other “ad” videos on YouTube within network marketing to see what’s out there.

This type of advertising can get really spammy fast, because people tend to want to over-hype and blatantly lie to outdo the other guy to get seen.

If done properly and tastefully, your video could get thousands of views and you could get a lot of Leads.

A master at this is Tai Lopez. He basically shows off his mansion in a nonchalant way and they tells you that you could achieve this also if you follow his proven strategies.

He’s a master with his 67 steps program.

Facebook ads – Facebook ads are awesome because you can really narrow down the demographics of your audience down to what they buy online, their age, education, profession, etc.

If you have a great video or free offer to capture leads and stay within Facebook’s somewhat strict advertising policies, you could get tons of Leads. Again, A/B test different ads to see what converts better. You’re looking for “clicks” on your ads, not views.

Free Traffic

Free is the best way to go in my opinion, although it takes a lot more time and effort to get going.

But, once you get lots of lead-attracting content out there, you’re going to dominate your niche without spending anything!

Two entrepreneurs who come to mind who crush it with content creation is Grant Cardone and Gary Vaynerchuk. They have thousands of videos online and mass amounts of other social media content that brings them thousands of Leads each week.

Social Media – Social Media is a fast way to get leads for your business, but you have to learn the right way of doing this.

Each social media platform has a bag of tricks to learn in order for you to get Leads.

Basically, the easier stuff you try on social media will already be “played out” and won’t work anymore.

You have to really find the secret goldmine to each platform and do it consistently.

When I first started my network marketing business, I thought I could take advantage of my 80,000 Twitter followers by spamming my links.

Little did I know at the time that everyone on Twitter and anywhere else for that matter was sick of spam.

My business suffered because I looked like any other spammer and didn’t provide any value.

My tweets were generic and didn’t connect with anyone. Occasionally, I would get a new distributor this way, but they usually weren’t quality people and they wanted to copy my spammy techniques as well.

Your distributors will copy your techniques. Be careful how you promote your business!

I eventually discovered a trick with getting leads with Twitter and my business took off.

Again, find a social media platform you like and can master its secrets.

Video Marketing – Another quick way to get your opportunity seen as fast as with social media are with videos.

Videos are easy to produce and can be uploaded directly from your smartphone to platforms such as YouTube, Instagram’s IGTV, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook Live and many more.

Effective videos are short (2 to 5 minutes), provide value and solutions to problems, and have a CTA (call-to-action) at the end.

Videos are not meant to hype your products. People are inundated with spam all day long and they don’t need to hear about another “life-changing” product.

Instead, answer a problem that people have within network marketing and provide a solution.

If you’re brand new and don’t know a lot about network marketing, talk about your hobbies, what you learned that day or any other kind of insight into your life, because people need to get to know, like and trust you before they want to join you.

Videos are the fastest way to gain trust with your viewers. They are powerful because people can see and hear you and pick up on your mannerisms which establishes trust fast.

If you’re insincere and merely want money from people, it will show in your videos.

It’s okay to be driven by money, just focus on helping others achieve their goals before yours and the money will follow.

My entire business changes when I switched my focus from making money to truly wanting to help others, and the money followed.

We won’t make a lot of money if we are constantly clinging to it with desperation. Relax. Be helpful. Provide value.

Blogging – Blogging is my favorite and has generated a lot of leads for my business literally while I slept.

Blogging is not for the faint-of-heart. It’s a slow, sometimes gruelling, process and can take years to finally pay off. But, it’s definitely worth the time.

See, every post you create is personal equity. This equity is your very own content on the internet that can generate leads for you for many years. The more content you write or videos you have on your blog, the more equity you have on the internet.

So, the first year might be slow, as well as the second, but the third year you will probably see momentum.

That’s a picture of 5 years of blogging.

It doesn’t have to take this long also. Depending on your niche and how much you master the art of blogging, you could get popular a lot faster.

A blog is your very own. I recommend using a self-hosted blog that you have complete control over. You don’t have control over free blog sites, like WordPress, Blogger, About.me, Medium, and LinkedIn Pulse etc.

Blogging doesn’t need to be a headache. If you brainstorm exactly what you want to write about on a consistent basis and it’s a subject you love, it won’t seem like work.

You will also form a new habit of writing a new blog post one day and publishing it the next day.

This would mean 3 to 5 blog posts a week. These posts add up. You would have hundreds of posts in a couple years and some of them will be on the first page of Google!

It’s very important to narrow your niche (subject) down to a very specific topic.

When I started blogging about MLM and network marketing, my topics were too general. I wrote articles, like “What is network marketing?”

And “What is MLM?”

These articles were way too general and are the most competitive terms for MLM and network marketing.

Big authority websites like Entrepreneur and Forbes have dominated these general terms, along with other professional bloggers.

There’s no way I was even going to make it to page 5 of Google with titles like these.

So, I brainstormed and wrote down 20 keywords that I could blend in with network marketing, like “Introverts” and “Introverted.”

I began writing more specific blog posts with long-tail keywords.

Writing more specialized content by weaving in other subjects you know about will not only spice up your content and make it more unique, you will also attract a certain type of person to your business.

Let’s say you love dogs. You could write a blog post like,

How Dog Owners can Earn Residual Income from Home.

Or, even more specific,

How German Shepherd Owners can Work from Home.

Blogging takes practice but the more you do it the better your content.

A lot of bloggers will also go back to their older blog posts and revamp them in a year or two.

This not only creates a better post, it will bring new traffic to it.

Just don’t change the title of the post when you revamp them because it will hinder the ranking of the original title.

Attraction Marketing – Attraction Marketing is the combined effort of your content online which “attracts” people back to you.

You may already know what this term means, but it is crucial to use Attraction marketing to get leads for your business.

Like I mentioned earlier, if you only want to spend money to buy leads for your business you will go broke.

Leaders use attraction marketing all the time. You see the Leaders everywhere on social media, on videos, featured on Podcasts and in ebooks.

They know the value of Attraction Marketing because all these outlets are returning new traffic and leads back to them daily.

If you want to maximize Attraction Marketing, produce content daily, shoot a video, record a podcast and write a post.

Your online equity will eventually retire you from that job you dislike and will change your life for the better. It’s worth a few years of work to get out of 20 more years at your job or barely scraping by on Retirement.

2. Learn A Simple System

Network Marketing leaders know the power of using a simple, duplicatable system to grow their teams.

The name of the game in network marketing is “duplication.”

Duplication in MLM means teaching your distributors how to bring in their own distributors who then teach their distributors to bring in distributors and so forth.

If you don’t have duplication in your business, you are merely working a job.


If you don’t have people bringing in people, you are left to doing all the work and recruiting on your own.

This is exhausting and goes against the entire philosophy behind the “network” marketing business model.

If you’re not “networking” you’re dead in the water.

Here’s an embarrassing story of mine:

When I started my home-based business, I didn’t want to talk to anyone.

If I got a new distributor on my team, I ignored them.

Well, guess what happened?

They all quit within a month or two because I didn’t reach out to them. I was introverted, but took this too far in my business and it bombed.

The moment I overcame my fear of people and reached out to my new distributors to truly help them, my business changed dramatically for the better.

A simple, duplicatable system could be as easy as showing every distributor on your team a simple script and 2 minute company video to share with all prospects.

If everyone on your team followed this simple system there would be less confusion and a lot more growth.

3. Teach The System, Become The Leader, And Leverage Yourself To Freedom

Network marketing is not meant for everybody. It’s our job to sift through thousands of prospects to find a handful of leaders. The best way to find these leaders are to become a leader yourself.

My network marketing marketing business went through a dramatic change and a lot of people left because of uncertainty.

This is far too common in network marketing, even with the top direct selling companies in the world. Luckily, I had learned about the hardships of network marketing early on by studying the leaders, so I was prepared.

This hardship could have buckled me and I could of ran like the rest of them but I hung in there.

Eventually, I was tired of not having a sponsor anymore and having distributors complain to me that their sponsor left, and I stepped up. I became the leader that I wanted and other distributors wanted.

The fact is: 97% will quit network marketing and direct sales. It’s an easy business to join and it’s an easy business to quit, and when times get a little hard most will quit.

Let’s prepare as direct selling leaders.

Understand that these little failures add up to one big success. It looks bad only when you’re going through it. Afterwards, you will always be proud of yourself for being the one left standing.

Setting the bar high and being the direct selling leader will attract other direct sales leaders to you. We can’t become instantly leader-quality, that’s why the number one training tool in network marketing is self-development.

“The more you learn, the more you earn.”

Dramatically double your direct sales!