9 Top Investment Ideas

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If you have been careful with your earnings, you may have saved some extra cash. Pat yourself on the back, you are doing better than most people these days. But since you have some disposable income, are you now trying to decide the most effective way to help that savings to grow? Here are 9 top investment ideas to get you started making your money work for you instead of sitting still and stagnant. 

1. Bank Account

A safe way to save your money is to open a bank savings account. Shop around to find the highest interest you can earn. You may find some better rates if you commit to leave the cash in a long-term account. However, if you commit to a 12 month or longer CD then you will forfeit some of the cash if you need to access it sooner. You don’t want the penalty of early withdrawal to vastly overshadow any extra interest you earn. 

2. Mutual Funds

Your funds can be pooled with other investors toward bonds, stocks and other assets. You can choose active or passive funds. You may earn more than in a savings account but with a little more risk. 

3. Commercial Real Estate

Investing in real estate can help your money to grow faster than a savings account. You can even purchase property in an area where you don’t live if you hire a group of Property managers Ottawa. Be aware that if the building you own doesn’t have a current tenant, you are still required to meet the expenses. So real estate can be riskier than other investments. 

4. Annuity

There are different types of annuities and which kind you choose depends on what your goals are. You can have long-term investment that will pay higher interest. This tends to be a safe way to have your money grow. In today’s volatile market with big shifts in stocks and cryptocurrencies, annuities are one of the most consistent investments out there.

5. Stocks

You can put your money into stocks that are safe or risky. Consult with a stockbroker for advice on the safest investment, if that is your desire. You can also invest in ETFs (electronically traded funds) which are lower risk investment funds with shares in many companies, but bought and sold just like stocks.

6. Cryptocurrency

Many have chosen an alternate path by investing in cryptocurrency. This digital currency can be traded for goods and services and used to be free from government regulations. However, new laws have been proposed to tax earnings. This is not a low-risk investment.

7. Precious Metals

Silver, gold and other precious metals can be a great investment. Their value continues to grow, and you have an asset you can possibly hold in your hand. 

8. Small Business

Many new businesses are popping up and need funds to get started. If you have a friend or family member your trust, you may consider investing in their business. 

9. Invest in Yourself

Maybe it’s time to start your own small business. You may have greater control of your money than turning it over to someone else to manage. You can also invest in your own education and learn more about investing on this website along with other top online resources like Market Watch, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Bloomberg.

It’s always a smart idea to invest in your own future so you can learn and then earn!

Invest With Success

The most important thing is to invest safely with money you need to live on. If you have extra savings, then a riskier investment may help you earn more. Remember that with no risk comes no reward, but never to risk more than you can afford to lose when investing.