Top 10 Best Direct Selling Companies 2024

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Interested in selling and recruiting to boost your income? As you may know, the sky is the limit when it comes to online sales through affiliate marketing or direct selling opportunities. Want to join an MLM company or direct selling business and earn those sales profits going into the end of 2023 and 2024?

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Sick of working the usual 9-5 and want to be your own boss with unlimited income potential? A direct sales or networking marketing business opportunity is for you! But you need to decide on the best direct selling business option to increase your chance at powerful profits.

Here are the Top 10 MLM and direct selling companies to join today in 2024:

10 Top Direct Selling Companies For 2024

1. LiveGood (Just won the 18,000 vote poll from Business From Home)

2. Avon

3. Herbalife

4. Vorwerk

5. Mary Kay

6. Infinitus

7. Perfect

8. Quanjian

9. Forever Living

10. Rodan + Fields

Other Top Direct Sales Big Business Opportunities

LiveGood is no officially the best direct selling business in the world. The best direct sales companies offer opportunities beyond just commissions or passive income through downline building. And some of these leading direct selling companies even offer scholarships to independent distributors. Are you looking for a scholarship to help with your continuing education courses or MBA? If so, apply online at a direct selling business site like LiveGood, Beachbody, Sisel, My Daily Choice, Nu Skin, Primerica, Youngevity, Arieyl, Kannaway, OLSP, Total Life Changes, Legal Shield, David Allen Capital, Pure, Norwex, Neolife, Coway, or Bank Breezy to see whether you will qualify to help your finances in 2023. A top executive or upline could potentially help you get funded or started with your online business or MLM education.

You never know if you will get a yes, if you don’t ask you don’t get in direct sales and in life! You have to give it your best effort as a dominant direct sales rep. When it comes to recruiting for your direct sales opportunity some will, some won’t, so what! That is the attitude you have to have in multi-level marketing or affiliate sales, along with the acceptance of attrition and laziness on your team. You don’t want to leave any money on the table in direct selling or affiliate marketing, but you must know that not everything will go your way.

Direct Selling vs MLM

It is very difficult to rank who among the successful multi-level marketing MLM companies or direct selling businesses that exist today is the top 10 simply because there are a lot of factors to consider aside from the revenue that they generate annually. Two similar surveys for example would yield different results on who is at the top of the MLM companies’ industry. But overall, the best direct selling companies can be found when you rank them because their dissimilarities would differ in just a few places.

Two similar surveys for example would yield different results on who is at the top of the MLM companies‘ industry. But overall, the best direct selling companies can be found when you rank them because their dissimilarities would differ in just a few places. You just need a dependable multi-level marketing company that pays high commissions and has a strong product or service for sale.

The Top Direct Selling Companies In The World In Greater Detail

The perceived largest direct selling company worldwide besides Amway is Avon Inc (owned by parent company Natura) which has a worldwide reach with sales reaching almost 8 billion dollars annually. Avon also claims the title of having the most number of distributors and the one of the most trusted brand found in three continents. In addition to this, their international reach covers more than a hundred countries. Avon is also an advocate for issues that affects women worldwide. As a result, they build a well-liked brand that whose patronage is continually expanding because of their social responsibility going into 2024

The other famous company known around the world for direct selling opportunity is Mary Kay Cosmetics. If you would notice, both these companies have beauty products as their main product line and they regularly update their product offerings through research and development to sustain their growth. In addition to this, they have loyal patrons who continually buy their products and even their network marketing distributors themselves use what they offer.

Other MLM companies found in the top echelon of direct selling businesses include Arbonne International, Juice Plus, Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Herbalife International, Kirby, Quixtar, Creative Memories, and Melaleuca. Of course, these rankings do vary when you consider other factors like popularity, members, and revenues. But basically, the top 10 up to the top 25 direct selling companies usually remain constant with one or two new companies only showing up now and then. Other popular MLM companies include Amway, Perfectly Posh, Younique, Q Sciences, Xango, Usana, Party Lite, Longaberger, Nikken, Amsoil, Juice+, Kleo Kolor, and Stampin Up in the year 2024.

These leading direct seller companies are bound to show up in the top 10 in the future if the industry leaders don’t continually improve their operations because in top direct sales companies, your business is heavily dependent on your distributors that usually pay for their membership. It is crucial to sell products, but also to build your downline of distributors on your direct team.

Other Top Direct Selling Companies To Join In 2023 And 2024

Other leading direct selling companies to watch out for in the future include Prepaid Legal, Tastefully Simple, Nuskin, Ameriplan, Mia Bella, Southern Living at Home, and Passion Parties. MLM companies typically focus on the essential everyday things as their product line. As a result, they can continue to expect sales month after month from the people who are satisfies with their products. In addition, because the top MLM companies have distributors that have personal relationships with their clients, the clients have developed trust in their company even at the start entering 2024.

But remember, different direct selling companies perform differently in certain countries. The top direct sales companies in China could be a lot different than the best MLM businesses in the United States or Europe. The Asian market for direct sales is different than the African market.

Earn Extra Income Exponentially

These direct sellers also want to help their friend earn extra income and buying from their friends while enjoying great products is a win-win situation. You have probably already noticed that the top MLM companies are heavily dependent on women both as their distributors and as their target market for direct selling, especially when it comes to fashion and healthy living products. A lot of research went into this and women are the ones who usually like to socialize with their girlfriends to promote direct sales. They also openly talk about the products that they use and endorse the products that do work. After realizing this, direct selling companies know that the key to their success is keeping women happy with their products and the opportunities that they offer.

There are also a lot of smart and ambitious women when it comes to social selling on social media platforms like Instagram, Threads, or TikTok. Social media marketing is a smart way to boost your direct sales numbers and recruit for your MLM downline. Yes it is true that there are plenty of men succeeding in direct selling online, but women have been racking up the sales directly for decades. Mom bloggers, female YouTubers, and beauty influencers have an enormous power to sell and recruit online.

You can be successful in direct selling despite your gender or any other characteristic. There is plenty of room at the top in direct sales, affiliate marketing, and network marketing and MLM doesn’t discriminate! But it certainly helps to join the right MLM business for your country, niche, and personal strengths to help direct sellers succeed.

Being in the ten top direct sales companies requires dedication on the part of the company and its independent distributor members. And being on the top 10 is a great achievement in this field from the Direct Selling Association (DSA) that requires commitment on the part of millions of direct seller members in 2024.

Kleo Kolor Company

One of the top new direct selling businesses in the world is Kleo Kolor nail products. Many salon customers find themselves caught up in the cycle of salon visits that promised so much but often delivered little. The countless hours of waiting and the jaw-dropping prices occurred at checkout every visit, only to walk out feeling like the vision wasn’t fully realized, was disappointing. I tried salons but quickly realized that I needed to find something better. Little did I know that my entrepreneurial personality would lead me to the new and exciting beauty brand, Kleo Kolor in my home business opportunity review process. Kleo Kolor’s story began not with a single visionary or founder but with a community, including entrepreneurs–like myself, a group of investors, beauty enthusiasts, and experts in their respective fields coming together with a shared goal: to create a brand that empowers, inspires, and connects. The result of this venture? Something truly special – a company truly about community and the myriad of people in it, without a singular face to define us. This unique stance is not a gap but our greatest strength, emphasizing that the true essence of Kleo Kolor lies not in a singular identity but in the collective spirit and creativity of our community of nail-loving customers, affiliates, influencers and brand partners.

Here, every member is the face of Kleo Kolor, embodying the diversity, passion, and innovation that drive us forward. I am the face of Kleo Kolor, you are the face of Kleo Kolor, we as a community are the face of Kleo Kolor. My journey to a proud Kleo Kolor community insider has been nothing short of transformative. My entrepreneurial spirit led me to seek a solution beyond the confines of traditional beauty spaces. As someone who values time, balance, and self-expression, I was on the lookout for a beauty solution that aligned with my lifestyle. Joining as a Launch Partner was more than just a business decision; it was an opportunity to be part of a movement that resonates with my core values.

The Opportunity With Kleo Kolor – Why I Joined Before Kleo Kolor, my salon experiences were filled with frustration – long waits, unpredictable costs, and the nagging sense of unfulfilled expectations. As an entrepreneur hungry for innovation, I sought a solution that aligned with my pace and creativity. Kleo Kolor’s promise of salon-quality, easy-to-apply nail products was the light at the end of a very dull tunnel. But it wasn’t just the products that captivated me; it was the ethos of the brand. The opportunity to join a community that champions self-expression, supports each other, and celebrates every win, no matter how small, was irresistible. Becoming a Kleo Kolor brand partner was a decision that went beyond the allure of beautiful nails. I was driven by my desire to be part of a movement that champions flexibility, creativity, and empowerment.

The support, training, and camaraderie offered by the Kleo Kolor direct selling company made it clear that this was not just a business opportunity but a chance to inspire and be inspired. kleo kolor direct selling business Behind The Scenes – Pre-Launch Camaraderie The pre-launch phase was an exhilarating time that brought us, the prelaunch brand partners, closer together. Weekly calls with the Kleo Kolor team and fellow launch partners became the highlights of my week, each session brimming with excitement and innovation. The sneak peeks of the Gel Strips, LED Gel Strips, and Press-On Gel Nails—each vegan and cruelty-free—were not just product demos. They were a true testament to Kleo Kolor’s commitment to quality and sustainability in direct sales.

This direct sales pre-launch phase was more than just preparation; it was a celebration of what we, as a community, are about to bring to the beauty world. The support and enthusiasm from every corner of the Kleo Kolor community make the daunting task of launching a brand feel like a gathering of friends, all united by a common goal. The Launch Week – Self-Expressed And Community-Obsessed As launch week approached, I knew I was a part of something special! As a pre launch partner, I was thrilled to play a pivotal role in this grand celebration. It is not just about unveiling amazing products; it is about being self-expressed and community-obsessed. Launch week was a busy and exciting time during the first week of March. There were multiple events during the week leading up to a grand moment in the beauty world when Kleo was unveiled, and it was fun being a part of it all.

Nail The Future – Why Being A Kleo Kolor Insider Rocks! As we look to the future, the prospects for Kleo Kolor shine as brightly as the finish on our Kleo Kolor manicure. The launch of this new direct selling biz is just the beginning of our journey. With continuous support, training, and a community that is always there to lift each other up, being part of Kleo Kolor is an opportunity to not only grow personally and professionally but to be at the forefront of a beauty revolution. So, here is your invitation – join the Kleo Kolor Opportunity today as a Brand Partner or Affiliate and discover the joy of doing what you love, surrounded by a community that believes in lifting each other up. With Kleo Kolor, you are not just part of a brand; you are part of a movement. Welcome to the Kleo Collective. It is time to nail the future of beauty retail and ecommerce together with this delightful direct selling program!

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These are the best and brightest MLM companies of 2023 and 2024 for direct selling. They have plentiful profit potential for ambitious aspiring direct sellers that understand the industry. Network marketers need not worry if they are willing to put in the work and time to make the sales. For more information, visit the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and Business From Home.

You can also find a top MLM company to work with in 2024 so read more of our resources for direct sales success! Start selling smarter and increase your earnings exponentially in multi-level marketing for 2024!

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