Top Performing Residential Communities In Dubai

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Are you looking to move to Dubai along with your family? You are keen to move to a place where all the basic and advanced amenities of life are readily available to you. You will want the culture where you are moving from to be closely related to where you move to, as you have to make a choice that offers you an organic switch from one country to another. For this reason, you will need to carefully research the varying residential areas before selecting a property for yourself and your family. Reading a Property Blog is one way to find out all of the latest news and updates in the area, so can be a smart idea before making final decisions and purchasing any properties.

If that is the case then you may want to buy apartment in Dubai in an amazing area. Then you just have to keep an eye on the top-rated properties you will surely be interested to buy in Dubai.

Top Residential Communities In Dubai

Jumeirah Village Circle

This is the Jumeirah village circle commonly known to everyone in Dubai as JVC home to 25 000 people in the UAE. It comes with an affordable place to live that is situated 20 minutes away from the Dubai Marina and Dubai mall. There are plenty of residency spots where you could buy an apartment, villas of multiple ranges both in terms of budget and area.

Community pools however most modern buildings, are now equipped with their own swimming pools and gyms.

As per the price range suggested by many of the developers in the market, this community of organized people caters to the needs of all types of residence seekers. From 1 room apartments to full-fledged houses and villas, one can tap into buying multiple properties. Thanks, Dubai! That allows all the nations to grab their properties within its premises.

The best thing about buying property in Jumeirah Village is the emerging market of UAE. On average, real estate properties come with a jump of 10% increase in rental income. If it is about the yearly ROI, it happens to range from 8-10% that is much higher than many residential spots across the world.

Mira Rim Community

Mira in rim community offers exactly that the three and four-bedroom Townhouses have sizes ranging from 2100-2600 Square-Ft. Each of the five phases comes with a children’s play area a park outdoor pools and a tennis & basketball court. There is a community center as well for your groceries and daily needs. Emaar has done a fantastic job maintaining the place and ensuring that comes well complied with SDGs by the UN.

When it’s about the location, it’s quite far out in Dubai land so it’s about 20 minutes away from the major road network in Dubai which is the six-eyed road. Apart from this, it also means that you get much less humidity throughout the year. That makes many of you sick where the humidity while being quite far off from the sea. The community is too calm in terms of peaceful living. Holding a job/business in main Dubai city would require you to travel on a daily basis.

In terms of real estate indicators, the properties are quite promising that offer you high rental incomes. With the best moderation of the real estate market, the occupancy rate is also good there that has attracted hundreds of thousands of investors across the world. On the list of data analysis prepared by real estate enthusiasts, it stands second to the Jumeirah Village City.

Barsha Heights / Al Barsha

Al Barsha comes divided into two areas. With both partitions, each one caters to the requirements of multiple people. One of them offers large individual villas. Another one comes with the apartment blocks. Properties here are typically three to five-bedroom villas, with some apartment buildings. New villas are available in Al Barsha South.

With all the possible amenities that a society should have Al Barsha is home to renowned schools where you children can avail themselves of quality education. For ex-pat families who are nearby, the city has all the amenities to offer regarding their education, culture, and much more related. Community is the best blend of people coming across the world. Here, the investors are available with multiple commercial properties like hotels. The maximum occupancy rate in UAE that stands second to China, makes the properties worthier to own.

This top United Arab Emirates town stands with high-performance real estate even compared with the markets of the USA and UK.

Final Word On The Best Dubai Residential Communities

These are the top-performing towns in the real estate market of Dubai that tend to be hosting hundreds of thousands of families and investors from different world regions. Apart from the above-mentioned top picks, Dubai comes with a lot of other top living communities. The communities are hosting a diverse range of audiences who are on the lookout for a lucrative living place in Dubai as the United Arab Emirates continues thriving.