5 Trends For Modern Digital Marketers

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In our ever-changing world, brands need to consider how to better engage their customers. The modern marketplace has been pushed ever more towards online commerce, forcing marketers to find creative ways to personalize a buyer’s experience. Digital marketing is clearly the way forward in our increasingly digitized global economy

Marketing experts like Eyal Gutentag, Chief Marketing Officer at ZipRecruiter, know that there are great opportunities to be had. But you should always be ready to adapt as technology advances and trends shift in the world of modern marketing.

1. Diversity and Inclusivity

A major factor impacting consumer behavior has been the shift toward diversity. Buyers are proving to have a strong preference toward businesses that have more diverse branding. Brands that embrace this trend are sure to see increased revenue from a stronger, more inclusive image. Avoid marketing campaigns that create divisive or controversial responses. Instead aim for your advertising and branding to promote inclusivity. Doing some market research could help before creating and implementing risky marketing campaigns.

2. Philanthropy and Purpose

Consumers are looking for brands they can believe in, companies that they can trust and feel good about supporting. In an age when so much information seems untrustworthy, a business with a clear and benevolent mission will rise above the crowd. This could be a combination of practices that directly help the consumer and charitable contributions to worthy causes.

3. Sustainability

As the concern for the environment grows, it is increasingly clear that customers are more inclined to consider a company’s impact on the planet as a deciding factor in whether they hit the buy button. An environmentally conscious company that uses recycled products or packaging, green energy, or any other proven way to lessen its footprint will almost certainly find its efforts validated. The good thing about digital marketing is that it is usually a greener option than flooding the world with more flyers, billboards, pamphlets, brochures, posters, newspapers, and magazines.

4. Voice Search

The ability to order a product or perform a search without punching any buttons at all has been here for a while, but it is only growing. It will see a further boom as more and more consumers are expected to invest in top digital marketing tools and AI devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home. Your company may not be prepared to put out a competing device, but tailoring your content for smart speaker advertising will position your brand favorably on the devices that are already in use.

5. Live Streams

One of the best ways to generate a personal connection with so much interaction online is live-streaming. An actual human presenting content to interested customers has proven to be a very effective branding strategy, and its value is certain to grow. Leveraging trusted influencers to promote products via their live-streams has been a boon for businesses, and this trend is sure to continue.

Stay Up To Date On Top New Digital Marketing Trends

Trends are always changing, and you never know what new event or product might upset the current trajectory, but utilizing the above strategies is a great start to get your business on an upward path. Make sure you master your digital marketing so you can have long-term success with your business.