5 Ways to Use Print Marketing Materials To Promote Brand Awareness

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Digital marketing might be the popular buzz phrase of the moment, but it is still one component in a successful lead generation engine, and it still needs to be supported by a robust, multidimensional plan that includes print media and other traditional methods of client outreach.

If you are wondering how to work with print materials and how they can be integrated into your digital marketing plan for a streamlined client experience, here are five ways to engage prospective clients and build referrals.

1. Prospecting With Direct Mail Campaigns

If you represent sellers, direct mail campaigns are a great way to generate leads and list new properties, especially for single-family homes. Homeowners often find themselves at a loss for a starting point when they want to move on a property sale, so putting information in their hands at the right time can be all it takes to bring you their business. Make your messaging simple and include a call to action that puts them in touch with more resources. Depending on your marketing strategy, that could be a direct message, an email list enrollment page, or even an app to download. The key is to provide relevant information and a way to move forward.

2. Unify Branding With Digital-Friendly Print Templates

Real estate marketing templates that work on your web page and in print can help clients identify your message and navigate the transition between print and digital resources. Not all visual design techniques work in both print and digital media, though. It is a good idea to work with professionals who can provide you with an approachable, simple template you can use everywhere, to eliminate guesswork in your visual design.

3. Announce Open House Events With Flyers

Real estate marketing flyers are versatile products you can use as handouts or post in appropriate settings as handbill-style ads. They are also relatively inexpensive to produce, especially when you have got a template to work from, so you are not building the design from the ground up. Since they are so easy to produce and informative, they make an ideal print announcement for face to face events and digital open houses alike. If you want to put clients in touch with digital events that maintain safe social distancing, print-ready digital flyers can be made to mirror the print versions, providing you with resources for every client.

4. Use Brochures To Tell Your Story

Have you ever noticed how some real estate offices have several brochures for different purposes? If not, take a look and then copy the idea for your print marketing campaigns. Real estate brochure templates provide you with a compact and attractive method for telling your office’s unique story. Since space is limited, you will probably want one for sellers and one for buyers. If you have a team, an introductory brochure that helps new clients put names and faces together can also be a big help. Like flyers, the right template design can also translate easily to digital.

5. Build Branded Business Card Designs

Remember, the key to effective marketing in the realty business is consistency in your messaging. That means your templates work best when they are unified across all your media, including simple contact cards. Don’t be afraid to fully embody the brand you’re building, it is a good way to reach exactly the right property purchasing clients.