4 Top Website Visitor Tracking Tools

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One of the best ways to improve your website conversion is to build trust. 

To build trust, you need website visitors who need a reason to visit your business site. They need a reason to look at your content and shop for your products. 

Most simplistically, you need website visitors. You need to attract them to your website and then evaluate what you need to change in regards to your blog content, your sales pages, and design. 

But how do you measure a website visitor? How do you value their time on your website? 

The answer is with website visitor tracking tools. These tools will help you evaluate what is doing the best on your website and what pages are ignored. 

If you want to know the best tracking tools that can help you understand website visitor tracking, this guide is perfect for you. Read on to learn more about website visitor analytics.

Why Do You Need Website Visitor Tracking Tools? 

Before jumping into the website visitor tools, it’s important to evaluate why you need website visitor tracking tools. 

The most important reason is because of lead generation. If you want more leads, you will need to optimize your website. You will need to figure out why your website visitors are not converting. 

When you track the behavior of your website visitors, you can see what’s preventing them from clicking on links or exchanging their information. You can see what your website is lacking. 

You can also see if your website is user friendly and engages audiences with content. For instance, if you aren’t producing a lot of website traffic, it could be that you don’t have outbound sources driving traffic. You don’t have social media set up or SEO content that is appearing on Google searches. 

Another example of a lack of website visitors or visitors who aren’t converting is because your website visuals or copy doesn’t appeal to them. When visitors are on your website, they may not see the value of what you have to offer to them. 

You can also use session replay to help you understand website visitors with Decibel. 

Now that you know why you need website visitor tracking tools, it’s important to understand the value of looking at consumer behavior and the tools that can most help you track a consumer’s behavior. 

Find Analytics That Track Behavior

When you are figuring out what analytics to use on your website to help you optimize it, you need to consider tools that best look at behavior. 

Analyzing the behavior of the user can help you see how long they are staying on pages, what they are clicking on, what they are purchasing the most, and what page they view the least. 

Behavior is critical if you want to increase your website visitors and conversions. It helps you understand your target market better and what they are looking for in your business. 

Some of the analytic tools below can help you attract more website visitors, leading to more conversions.  


Ahrefs is a great analytics tool because it’s designed around SEO and how to get your website to rank higher. 

You need Ahrefs if you want to find keywords to place in your website blog content. Ahrefs can tell you what keywords rank particularly high and how often these keywords are searched. 

Another benefit of Ahrefs is that it can help you analyze SEO problems on your website. It can do website audits and tell you where the issues are on your website. 


Another website visitor tracking tool is SEMrush, which is designed to create ads that drive traffic to your website. 

SEMrush can specifically help with looking at your competitor’s website ranking. You can see what strategies they are using on their website and if you can adopt a similar method to drive more website visitors to your business site

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is unique because they focus on particular areas of helping you improve your website. 

They specifically help with conversions and A/B testing. When you have better conversions and better A/B tests, you can produce more traffic on your website. 

You can see what’s working and test different design ideas, different kinds of content, and more for optimizing your website visitor conversion. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best ways to measure the performance of your website. 

It gives you an analysis of your website visitors, specifically telling you the demographics of your visitors. When you know the demographics of your website, you can see if it matches your target audience. 

This can give you an idea of why your target market is converting or if you are attracting the wrong audience to your website. 

Another benefit of Google Analytics is that it provides a detailed analysis of your traffic. It can tell you traffic volume, specific date ranges of how much you are receiving traffic, and campaign conversions. 

If you want a complete analysis of how your website is doing when it comes to visitors, Google Analytics is a superior choice as a marketing and traffic tool. 

Now It’s Time to Improve Website Conversion

Learning how to track website visitors is about understanding what tools can help you the most. You want to see what website visitor tracking tools can benefit your business the most.

The tools in this article can provide insight into what kind of traffic you are receiving by also assess why you aren’t receiving more traffic. You can assess why your website visitor traffic isn’t converting. It’s time to track!

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