Trisha Malika Ghosh Interview On Wealth Coaching

Trisha Malika Ghosh: Freedom Lifestyle Coach Helping People Attain Wealth

Trisha Malika Ghosh: Freedom Lifestyle Coach Helping People Attain Wealth

Trisha Ghosh has a double Master’s Degree, is an Author, Entrepreneur, and Lifestyle Coach helping people achieve financial freedom. Her story is below in our exclusive interview.

Wow! Thanks for accepting this interview, Trisha. You have such an impressive track record. I am excited to learn more about you. So, let’s get started.

Where were you born and raised, what was childhood like, and what did you want to be when you ‘grew up?’

I was born in India. My parents moved to the UK soon after I was born. My father got a job with Oxford University.

I stayed there until the age of 10. I had a great childhood and traveled a lot with my parents. My father returned to India as he wanted to be with his Family and Friends.
I have double Masters  degree. Masters in Commerce and Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication with a major in Film Making.

I wanted to be a Documentary Film Maker. Things didn’t work out the way I anticipated so I joined the Corporate sector as a Communications Specialist  and subsequently became a Marketing and Communications Specialist rising to the level of a Director.

Over time, my portfolio got pretty expansive with Communications, Marketing, Social Media, Public Relations, Journalism and Media.

In the meanwhile, I also worked as a freelance feature writer with a leading newspaper in India and just about the same time, I realized that I had a story to tell and I started to write a book. (2010) That is when I discovered that I have great passion for writing.

My Father wanted me to study English Literature in school and I opted for Commerce instead. He always told me that I write well and should get into creative writing but I never took him seriously. I guess I was destined to be a writer so the Universe made me one. I am all set to release my book internationally this year.

Even though I was a monthly six figure earner, I was not happy with my job as it lacked fulfillment. I felt suffocated in the plastic corporate lifestyle and over the time, I  developed so many skills that I wanted to do something in which I could use all my skills together. I also wanted to help the people around me and wanted to end their suffering.

In 2015 my mother was quite sick and because of that I had to resign from my job. I love social media so I decided to pursue a course in Digital Marketing and enrolled myself in an online long distance programme with a leading college in UK. I also got a scholarship.

While I was planning to register my Digital Marketing Agency as I had got a big International Account, a Twitter DM, changed the course of everything and introduced me to that thing which I was looking for but never knew it existed. It was a link to a Network Marketing company.

That day I realised that I was born to do Network Marketing. We are Made for Each Other. Rest is History. Today I am an Author, Entrepreneur and Freedom Lifestyle Coach. I have the pleasure to change lives and am pursuing all my Passions. I am a Happy and a Fulfilled person.


What did your parents do for a living and was there any Entrepreneurship in the family?

Both my parents are teachers. I belong to a family of academicians. I grew up listening about Shakespeare, Satre and all the literary legends and their works. My father is a professor in English Literature and Art Critic. My mother is a primary school teacher.

I have no Entrepreneurship Background. I have Arts in my blood. I guess that is why I do so many different things. I have a lot that I have inherited and then further cultivated in myself. However, I also had this Entrepreneurship bug in me and I ended up being an entrepreneur.


How important was getting a college education to you, and how did you achieve double major, and what was that experience like for you?

I was an average student, I just scored a percentage in 60s but I beat competitions in the first attempt. I belong to a family of scholars and academicians so I was naturally programmed to study well and attain degrees.

Achieving double major was quite effortlessness for me. I loved to study. I was quite proud of my educational qualification but as I experienced life, my view towards the Education and its system changed.

My formal education has probably developed my intellect in a certain way but I think you don’t get real wisdom in the classroom that is necessary to excel in life.

I do value education and remember my Grandmother’s words, “Education is a treasure that no one can steal from you and you can encash it whenever you want.” However, there is a deviation to my thinking.

Life is the greatest teacher and you gain wisdom outside the classroom. Text book education is limited. My degrees did help me in getting good jobs but I actually started to learn after I completed my studies.

My learning was totally off the route. I took small odd jobs and jobs that offered the kind of learning I wanted. I have taken huge risks and taken a difficult route to learn and do what I wanted to.

I never cared about my paychecks. I just had to fulfill my insatiable desire for learning and implement what I learned.

Traditional education develops your intellect but limits your intelligence and restricts your thinking. You are made to think in a certain way, you can’t be a free thinker.

The logic I give is that most of the successful people, great thinkers, scientists, etc do not have significant education rather in many cases they are school or college dropouts.

They challenged the status quo. And this is totally my view I do not mean to impose it on anyone. Whatever, the case maybe you have to grind and hustle and learn with your experiences because that is what really matters.


When did you discover network marketing, what was your first two years like, and can you tell us what you would change if you started over today?

I started Network Marketing a year back to be precise on March 7, 2016. Only the first five months were tough.
I did not have anyone to guide me. Since August I have been doing great.

I joined MLSP from where I got hardcore Marketing training and was exposed to industry leaders. I was introduced to the world of amazing people. MLSP taught me what I needed to learn to be a successful Network Marketer. Then I joined Exitus in October and that changed my life forever.

Everyday is a new learning experience for me. Every company that I join adds to my learning and contributes to my success. Nothing would change if I started over today. I start afresh every single day. I can start over and over again, it matter.

You have over 15 years experience in affiliate and network marketing, media, and journalism. What advice do you have for new online marketers?

My total work experience is 12 years and I have been doing affiliate and network marketing for a year now.
My professional background and experience has definitely helped me in my business. The skills provide to leverage my business.

My advice for new online marketers is that don’t dream to be a Millionaire overnight and stay away from people who claim that. You really need to work hard in this business.

There is a learning curve and you have to complete it. The formula for success is that first of all you must learn Marketing and Build Relationships. It is the secret of my success in a short span.

Be a lifelong student. You must be a Giver in this business to be a top earner, you have to add lot of value to the market and the lives of the people before you think of being successful.


What is “high voltage” living? And, how does that tie into “heart-centered Entrepreneurship?”

Life is a fast moving stream, there is no scope for stagnancy. I believe in speed and it thrills me. I am fired up all the time and am a sucker for success.

To me failures are milestones on the road to success as each failure is a lesson to learn. Failures do not slow me down. Hence I learn and move forward with speed every single day to the next day.

I celebrate life every single moment and add bling to it. I love to be happy and infect people with it. I lead life intensely pursuing my passions with high intensity and that is what I call High Voltage Living.

The basis of every action that I take is love. The reason I became an Entrepreneur is that I love life and people. I am a heart centered Entrepreneur because everything that I do originates from my heart and is a product of pure love for life and people.  

I Invest Myself in the Lives Around Me. I am highly passionate about helping people transform their lives as I believe everyone deserves a good life. I empower them and make them believe THAT CHANGE IS POSSIBLE and help them BRING THAT CHANGE.

I love your blog! How old is it, how many posts are on it, and what is your daily traffic like?

I have been blogging  for almost six years now but I started this blog-site sometime in August. I have 21 posts on it as of today. The traffic is okay on it.

What’s the hottest way to generate leads for you these days, and can you share a technique?

I love Facebook and that is my primary lead generation platform for generating hot leads. I use the 1K per Day Facebook Formula to generate leads. It includes Free and simple to use Facebook Strategies that helps us make significant number of conversions without spending a single penny on paid advertising.


You have quite a large Instagram account. Can you share with us how you have built your audience and how you attract leads with it?

I do have an Instagram account but I am not yet using it for lead generation. I have built an audience by simply posting pictures that appeal to people and inspire them. Most of my posts are motivational.


You are also a Freedom Lifestyle Coach. Who is your ideal client, and how do you start to help them?

I never actually planned on being a Freedom Lifestyle Coach, it just happened. Right from my college days, I counselled my friends and acquaintances when they were in trouble.

When I started working, I counselled my troubled colleagues and juniors when they came to me with problems from different aspects of life like work, relationship,family etc.

I enjoyed it as I saw I could motivate people and make them happy. Then I got into Personal Development. Gradually, it so happened that people started to reach out to me on Facebook. I really got serious about it when I started Network Marketing. Freedom Lifestyle Coaching complements my work.

My ideal client is that person who loves life and wants to be successful against all odds.

As a Freedom Lifestyle Coach, I coach people to balance all aspects of their life, be free from all limiting beliefs and blocks and be happy. Your heart, mind and soul have to be in communion for you to be balanced. This balance is integral to your success in life.

I became a Freedom Lifestyle Coach as I see so many people suffering and are directionless. I want to help them with all the experiences and learning that I have got from Life.

The sole purpose of my life is to serve people and help them move towards higher consciousness and lifestyle that I call ‘high voltage living’. Life is beautiful and everyone must experience its beauty.

I enable people gain insight into the wonderful phenomenon called Life. I believe in passionate living and encourage people for the same.

What is your favorite book right now, and why?

I have a long list of Favorite books. The books that I am reading right now are Ask and It is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks and Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins.

I am totally loving them because the first one is all about Law of Attraction, which is one of my favorite subjects and the book is actually helping me get better in it. The second book is by my role model Tony Robbins. I love it as I get the feel that I am being mentored by him through the book.

What are your goals for 2023?

My goal for 2023 is to:

  • Change as many lives as I can.
  • Establish my name on the list of industry Leaders
    by adding significant value to the market.
  • Expand my businesses.
  • Release my book with international launches.


What is your favorite quote and why?

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle.

I totally relate to the quote as this is what I have done all along. I have always created and tailored opportunities for myself. Nothing has come to me easily.


Thank you so much for this interview Trisha!

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