Tuesday Robbins Interview On Internet Marketing Coaching

Tuesday Robbins from Depressed and Broke to Internet Marketing Coach

Tuesday Robbins from Depressed and Broke to Internet Marketing Coach

Tuesday Robbins was trying to have a baby and had severe complications. She overcame them and is now a successful internet marketing mom. Her story is below in our exclusive interview.

Awesome Tuesday, thanks so much for doing this interview! Let’s get started!

Where were you born and raised, what was childhood like, and what did you want to be when you ‘grew up?’

I was born in Jackson, Ohio. Well I’m technically from Chillicothe, Ohio. But Jackson is a really small town where everyone knows everyone and there is no hospital. My childhood home was right next to a cow farm and woods. It was really fun growing up there.

I was such a tomboy that loved to do what my older brother did. I played in the mud, played with Tonka toys and dressed in army camo clothes. I only wore dresses when I had to go to church.

Because we were a small town there was a lot of running around and getting as dirty as possible so we could drive our parents batty. The messier we were the more it drove them batty.

However, I was mostly raised in Virginia Beach, VA. My family moved there when I was 7 because my dad was military and I was there for 22 years.

Me wanting to be like my brother didn’t change because we moved states. I wanted to be his shadow and he wanted to be far away from me. It was a huge change moving to another state.

Making new friends and changing schools is hard for a young girl. But I persevered and fit in and became the protector of those that didn’t have a voice. My new found friends and I would go to the skating rink on Friday nights. We would walk around the mall aimlessly.

One of my friends and I would literally just walk around the neighborhood to see who was home. We didn’t have phones back then, not that we could afford one if we did anyways. I mean we were in middle school. I don’t know many middle schoolers that had money or a job.

Funny enough, because I wasn’t shy I wanted to be a singer but guess what you need to be a singer? LOL A singing voice. Huh? go figure! If I can’t sing, then I will be the bully defender for those that were too shy to stand up for themselves.

This got me into a lot of trouble, fights, and kicked out of school. Luckily I stayed out of trouble enough to graduate. These days I wish there were more people like me in school because bullying has gone way too far these days.


What did your parents do for a living and was there any Entrepreneurship in the family?

Almost my entire family is military. My mom was in the army for 4 years while we were still in Ohio. She then became a lawyer’s assistant and then moved to real estate as a closer.  

She then went to school to become a teacher. She did her 4 years at the local community college and then got a Bachelors at ODU. She now is doing what she always wanted to do.

My dad first worked in the Pillsbury factory in Ohio. Then he decided to join the Navy and that is how we moved to VA. He was stationed there but he was rarely there because he was always out to sea in another country.

It was hard because I wanted my daddy. What girl doesn’t? He served 30 years and retired and now works as a civilian as they call it still doing the same thing he did in the Navy which is working on Jets. Sounds fun but according to him not so much.

As for entrepreneurship Yes! My grams was a convenience store owner. My aunt now owns the same store and she and my uncle were in the farming biz which is now under my cousins control.

My other cousin Lara also started her own ultrasound biz (which she sold) and is also in the network marketing biz. I think she is really into travel. I wouldn’t say entrepreneurship is in the blood but it is a norm in this fam.


What kind of work did you eventually do and what was the downside of these jobs?

My first job was a dishwasher in a high end restaurant that was right on the ocean. I did that for a bit during high school.

When I graduated I found this guy at a club that did promotions for record labels. I did that for a while and then my Best Friend and Owner moved because he was sick so I opted for another route.

I went back to school. Changed my degree a million and 1 times. LOL. I wanted to be an executive chef, I wanted to learn hospitality, I wanted to learn biz management, graphic design,  I was all over the map.

The only 2 things that I still do from that list is design and cook. I love to cook. One day when my kids are older I will go to the cooking school of America. Just a dream of mine not to actually make money from it but to learn from awesome chefs.

I worked in the restaurant industry for years. Started off in the dish room like most newbies, then moved to prep, and then I got into a small car accident and in the restaurant biz if you can’t work they will fire you. They need bodies.

So I found a desk job in a furniture store as a receptionist and then the cashier. I did that for 5 years. I absolutely hated it. At first everyone was super awesome and then people from the company died and everything shifted and attitudes came out and people treated me differently and I had enough and just quite.

The downside of all these jobs is that I hated every single one of them besides promoting. The only time in the 5 years of working at the furniture store I was happy is when I was helping others. No matter if it was showing them to the damn bathroom or finding an end table they saw the day before.

My passion is helping people especially moms. If you find that one thing that you would willing to do for free then you’ve found your forever “JOB”. If you can monetize it then that is even better.


You were depressed and in debt. How did you overcome this, and what kind of things did you do to lift the depression and finally become a mom?

I was depressed and in debt after I tried to become a mom. My fiance and I had just moved into an apartment and 1 month into being there we found out we were pregnant. We were overjoyed! I wanted to scream, but a happy scream.

This happiness wouldn’t last very long though. About 3 months into being pregnant we found out that we should end the pregnancy because the baby wouldn’t survive.

I said no way we would do that. My faith was strong and doctors aren’t always right. Well, this time they were correct. At 6 months pregnant and 2 days after Christmas I found out that our baby girls heart had stopped.

I had to be given medicine to make it seem as if I was in labor so I could push out our baby. This was very traumatizing and this is when we also found out that I had a heart condition brought on by stress and pregnancy.

I now know that it only affects me when I am pregnant. My fiance and I both cried and argued and I blamed him, he blamed me. This is how my depression started and it didn’t end there. We were at a stage in life that we wanted to try again for another child.

I got pregnant but pretty much as soon as I found out I was pregnant I found out that it was an ectopic pregnancy.

The baby didn’t make it to my womb it was stuck in my fallopian tube. They gave me meds to flush out my tube and we thought it worked but a few days later I woke up in the most horrific pain I have ever felt in my life. My tube had ruptured and I was literally bleeding to death.

My fiance got me to the hospital just in time for them to do surgery and take out my left tube. When I came to the doctor said if you would’ve been any later you would not be with us.

So, to say I was depressed and in debt is my words but that’s the only way to describe my situation. But it is very understated.

Now that I am a tube down I’m thinking to myself that my chances of being a mom just dropped drastically. With  only one tube I was sure that I would never be a mom.

Surely enough 6 months later we got pregnant again. This time I was at the docs office weekly. Ultrasounds weekly. The docs and my family were determined to have a baby. As time went on I started to look up on life and my depression started lifting because I had a healthy baby growing inside me.

Even though this pregnancy was no cake walk. I was in the hospital more times than I wanted because of my heart condition.

Actually at around 22 weeks I had a really bad episode and I was in the hospital for a few days because they had to stop my heart because the rhythm wouldn’t go back to norm. Meaning it was staying at around 300 beats per minute. This was a very scary situation but my little princess acted as if nothing was happening.

However, with the stress of all that I was dilated 2 centimeters which is was caused me to go into early labor. Luckily my baby was born healthy but small. However you would never know now. She is a normal 2 year old princess. Along with my other daughter that we got pregnant with 6 months after having Ari. Talk about dreams coming true.

My kids and my fiancé and reading and constantly working on myself is what helped me get out of depression.

My debt is not completely gone but it is a process that I am working on. Working smarter now. If I could say what helped me the most with my mindset it would be working on catching the negative thought and changing them with positive ones and reading books by Darren Hardy, Napoleon Hill, and Robert Greene!

When did you discover internet/network marketing, and what were your first two years like?

I discovered network marketing shortly after my first daughter was born. It was awesome. I made money quickly and easily with this company. It was a product that I would have to wear to sale.

However, about a year into being with the company I found out that with my heart condition that the product would eventually destroy my nails. Something to do with my nails not being able to breathe. So I decided to leave and I tried health and wellness but again with my heart condition the products would cause me to have episodes.

That is when I decided to change direction completely and start my own coaching biz. I am also an affiliate with some companies, but my coaching biz is my main focus. Helping people realize they are not limited by fear, anxiety, or depression is my passion. I love helping clients and having them light up with that aha moment. It is very rewarding.

My first 2 years were bumpy, filled with tears, almost quitting, and then having epiphany.

I am on my 3rd year now and am putting together a lot of great things for my audience that will take them from a mom like I was, not knowing what to do to how to do it, with no plan of action to now having idea after idea and putting them into action.

That is exactly what I help people with. Setting the foundation so you will always know what to do. Whether it is fear based, anxiety based, or I just don’t know where the hell to start based, is my area of expertise!


What is the the best tip you have for new network marketers?

The best I can give newbies is don’t start promoting right away. Find out what your message is, what do you stand for, who do you serve and why do you serve them. It is not about you it is about the customer or client.


I like your YouTube videos. How do you get your downline to produce?

Awe thanks. I am not a huge YouTuber but if you want your downline to produce you have to do things that are replicable. It has to be something that most individuals will be able to do as well. If only you will be able to do what you just did then it only serves you and that is not the point.

Replication is key to your success and there’s.

And, how do you get your blog ranked?

I watched a few training videos on this and I actually created a video on how to rank and index your blog that you can find on my YouTube channel. I am no SEO master but knowing some of these tricks can help.


I love your blog! How old is it, how many posts are on it, and what is your daily traffic like?

My blogging is fairly new. I have changed it a couple times, until I found the right domain name nothing was set in stone. I think I first started blogging in 2012 but it was not in line with my passion so I stopped.

I think I have 35 posts at this point in 2023. They are centered around tips for network marketers. Which is what I love doing is helping others find their voice and their passion to live out their dreams.

My daily traffic is not where I want it to be but that’s because I haven’t been pushing it much lately because I am working on things in the background for my coaching biz that is taking up a lot of time.


Should every internet marketer blog and why?

Yes! I think everyone in the online marketing area should have their own blog or website so that they can brand themselves apart from their company. Why? Because if your company dies tomorrow you have to start from scratch and that is no fun. I am only speaking from experience.

What’s the best way to generate leads for you these days, and can you share a technique?

The best for me is Live Videos and sharing my free Ebook and Success Planner to people. People love free stuff. Especially when it helps them in their biz.


What is your favorite book right now and why?

Well, right now I am reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I am only a few chapters in and so far his stories have been spot on. The story about his son almost made me cry and laugh at the same time. If you don’t know what I am talking about I would definitely go check it out.


What are your goals for 2023?

To change the lives and mindset of moms all over the world in 2023.

What is your favorite quote and why?

My fav quote is actually by me. It is the header to my blog.



I share this with my clients when they are talking in negative terms and it works. It is my motto I live by and others should to.


Thank you so much for this interview Tuesday!

Thank you so much for finding me and interviewing me. It was a pleasure doing this interview.