Types Of Jobs A Process Server Or Private Investigator Gets Involved With

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Process Servers Colorado Springs will have the same problems to solve as those in other parts of the world. The difference when hiring one in your local area is that they will have an in-depth knowledge of how to find someone hiding locally. It is not everyone, who owes money that will have the means to disappear too far afield to escape justice and having documents served on them.

There are many jobs that a process server and private investigator (PI) will tackle on behalf of their clients, and we will look to explore just what some of them are.


Process servers are generally private investigators too. PIs need to find someone first before they can serve them with legal documents. Tracing can be through undercover surveillance and asking the right questions to the people who may know of a person’s whereabouts. Covert surveillance experts can track down people that no others can during an investigation.

Social media is now the friend of the private investigator when they are to trace someone to present them with legal documents. Anybody who uses social media can be giving away details about their whereabouts to a PI, including their location. It is the way many people escaping end up found. If not through the use of their mobile phone, it will be because a bank withdrawal has been traced to a precise cashpoint machine location.


The number one thing that a private investigator, in general, will become involved in is surveillance. The purpose of it is to gather evidence potentially for someone involved in a potential divorce case. It will track what someone is doing if they are becoming secretive about where they are going or what they are doing, for instance. Sometimes the investigation case could be about scams or fraudulent schemes.

Various techniques are used in surveillance. A camera will snap the evidence that there has been some contact between one individual and another and be the proof as to what kind of contact that was.

There is no doubt that surveillance acts as a useful tool when it comes to proving the dishonesty of those cheating on their spouses. It can be invaluable in cases where child custody is at stake.

Family Matters

Private investigators will extend their services into matters relating to divorce, restraining orders, and child custody cases.

With divorce cases, it will mean that divorce papers can be served on a spouse on behalf of a client where the parties no longer want to be in contact with each other.

Restraining orders will be enforced where there is a danger or risk of violence to either party in a marriage break-up situation. The document can be served so that the party as risk is not involved. The document must be passed over correctly to the one it is intended for with the restraining order, so that legal procedure is followed and so enforceable.

Private Investigator Professionals

Whether it is a process server or a private investigator that you need, the same firms will supply you with either. Very often, they can be someone who participates in both kinds of work. Process servers, for instance, will need to find the individuals to serve legal documents with, whether or not they are trying to hide from them. Surveillance goes beyond tracing and is about continuing to keep tabs on someone that is involved with another in a way that they are keeping secret from someone else. This could be a partner that is being cheated on.

It is good to have legal expertise on our side during the whole procedure of legal action. The private investigator might find who we are looking for, the process server will then serve legal documents on them, then a lawyer will use the evidence collected in a court of law to support a case. This will mean someone receiving justice by way of a criminal conviction or compensation in damages.