The Ultimate Guide To Finding Luxury Long Term Accommodation: Tips And Tricks

luxury accommodations long-term

If settling for less than the best in your long-term lodging isn’t part of your plan, then this blog post is designed just for you. Be you a globe-trotting digital freelancer or in the midst of orchestrating an extended break, prepare to dive into an ocean of elegance and comfort.

We are laying out everything, from hidden treasures to smart strategies, ensuring your pursuit of plush, extended stay accommodation evolves into an extraordinary adventure. Strap in as we embark on this exhilarating journey together!

Understanding Luxury Long-Term Accommodation

Luxury long-term accommodation embodies exactly what its name suggests – plush, relaxing, and roomy living spaces that are available for extended lease periods. It is the go-to solution for those who crave the homely comforts sans the challenges and costs associated with owning a property.

Several key factors should be considered while on the hunt for luxury extended stay lodgings, such as those offered by The Driftway. Firstly, ensure you have a practical budget in mind. Luxury naturally comes with a higher price tag, so be ready to allocate a more substantial portion of your finances compared to standard rental options.

Next, devote some time to investigate your choices. The realm of luxury long-term rentals is diverse, and it is crucial to pinpoint one that aligns with your particular needs and tastes. For instance, if you require a furnished space, focus your search on offerings that provide this feature.

Don’t shy away from bargaining. Luxury long-term accommodations often come with flexible pricing, so if you discover a place that is beyond your budget but perfect otherwise, check if the proprietor is open to negotiating the price. With some effort, your dream luxury long-term accommodation fitting your needs and budget is within reach.

The Upsides Of Long-Term Accommodation

Securing luxury long-term accommodation brings along numerous advantages, be it as a holiday residence or a more permanent base. Besides enjoying a host of premium amenities and services synonymous with luxury hotels or apartments, you get the reassurance of having a cozy and secure haven.

A Homey Haven: When scouting for extended stay options, comfort is paramount. You’ll seek a dwelling that feels like home, a place where you can decompress after a busy day. Luxury long-term accommodation delivers all home-like comforts, and then some! From spacious, well-furnished spaces to superior facilities and amenities, every aspect of your stay will be top-notch.

Peace of Mind: A significant perk of choosing luxury long-term accommodation is the serenity it provides. When you’re secure in the knowledge that you have a safe and comfortable base, it’s much easier to unwind and enjoy your break or work assignment. With round-the-clock security and staff available to assist with any requirements, you’ll consistently feel secure and well looked after in your long-term accommodation.

Identifying The Ideal Location For Your Needs

Finding the perfect location to meet your needs requires careful thought on several factors. Firstly, your budget. What is your spending limit for accommodation? Seeking luxury long- term accommodation means being ready to allocate more funds than if you were hunting for a short-term stay.

Secondly, assess the kind of amenities and facilities you desire. If a luxury apartment is what you’re after, ensure it has all the conveniences you need, such as a gym, pool, and concierge service. However, if you’re mainly focused on finding a comfortable bed for the night, you won’t require an array of fancy features and can save some bucks by choosing a simpler option.

Lastly, contemplate the location itself. Where would you prefer to stay? Are you drawn to the energetic city core, or do you favor tranquil settings, away from the urban hustle? Keep these aspects in mind while fine-tuning your search for the optimal long-term lodging.

Remember these three considerations while searching for extended stay accommodation, and you’re sure to pinpoint the perfect spot catering to your needs.

Different Types Of Long-Term Accommodations

In the search for long-term lodging, you have several options to choose from. Here is an overview of the various types of extended stay accommodations, aiding your quest for the ideal dwelling.

Hotels: Hotels are a common choice for extended stays due to their comfort and convenience. However, they can be pricey, making it crucial to compare rates before booking.

Serviced Apartments: Serviced apartments offer an excellent alternative to hotels, providing more space and privacy. Most serviced apartments include kitchen facilities, allowing self-cooking.

Furnished Apartments: Ideal for long stays, furnished apartments come equipped with all necessary furniture and appliances, meaning you won’t need to bring any additional items.

Unfurnished Apartments: Unfurnished apartments are more economical than their furnished counterparts, but you will need to supply your own furniture and appliances. Ensure the apartment is in good condition before signing a long-term lease.


We trust that our definitive guide to locating luxury long-term accommodation has armed you with invaluable insights and strategies, simplifying your quest for a high-quality dwelling.

Whether it is conducting online research, personally visiting properties, budgeting wisely, or striking deals with landlords, there are a myriad of ways to secure the ideal long-term rental.

Armed with these strategies, you will have no difficulty in identifying an apartment or house that satisfies all your requirements!