Understand Your Customers: How to Know What They Are Searching For

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Are you a marketer for a growing or emerging business? If so, then you need to understand your customers better than they know themselves. But what does this mean and how can you do it? 

Don’t worry because you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know in our ultimate guide for your business and knowing your customers. By the end of this article you will be able to create stellar content that will bring in new customers for life, so let’s get started. 

What Does It Mean to Understand Your Customers? 

Understanding your customers is vital to growing a successful business. To do this you need to dive deeper than the superficial demographics you might have outlined in your business plan.

You need to know your audience better than they know themselves. Map out their buyer’s journey and understand where your potential prospects are in that journey. 

The field of psychographics has increased in popularity for marketers for good reason. You need to know what your clients value, what their belief system is, and what pain points, or problems, your product or service can solve. To give the best customer service and to create content that connects with your audience you need to take the time to really get to know them. 

Benefits of Understanding Your Customer

As mentioned, one of the results of knowing your customers, and potential customers, inside and out is that your customer service team can provide exceptional service. But before your prospects can become clients you need to reach them. And that is where understanding your customers really shines. 

When you take the time to map out what your customers are feeling before they purchase, you can create stellar content that will speak to them. This will propel them to purchase faster than the longest list of benefits of your product or service. 

Lastly, customers that feel heard and understood become life-long loyal customers. And loyal, repeat customers will send future clients to you through word-of-mouth referrals. As you can see the benefits of taking the time to map out your customers will not only bring you new customers but keep them as loyal customers. 

How to Create Content That Speaks to Your Customer

So, how do you get to know your clients and understand what they truly want? There are three key aspects that will give you a better perspective into the minds of your customers. Let’s jump into them now so you can start creating the content that will bring new customers into your business every day. 

Talk to Your Customers

The first step is to go to the source. Ask to meet with current and former clients then listen to what they have to say about your business, your product, and your service. 

Ask them pointed questions that will give you insights into what they were thinking and feeling before they purchased from you. Then ask them how they feel about their purchase including what problems or concerns do they have? Find out if they have a wishlist of features and benefits you or your product could provide. 

Listening to your customers will give you invaluable feedback on what your potential clients are thinking. When you know what questions and concerns your clients had before they purchased, you’re ready to jump into step two. 

Do Your Keyword Research

Too many business owners jump into this step without first talking with their clients. Then they wonder why their content isn’t bringing in the level and kinds of traffic they want. You must understand intent before you can find keywords that will speak to your clients. 

The best keyword tools on the market won’t do you any good if you don’t know what your clients are searching for and why. Then you will know what keywords you should target when you understand the intent behind the search. You can learn more about keyword research in the SEO section of the Everything Entrepreneur Blog. 

Find the intersection between keywords you can rank for and the search intent of your potential clients. Then you can create amazing content that will bring in new clients consistently with organic SEO traffic. 

Follow the Data

Finally, you must follow the data. Track what is working and what isn’t so you can create more of the former. First, take a look at your Google Analytics. What articles are already bringing you the most potential prospects? 

Can you create more content around those topics? Can you do a deep dive further into the topics that resonate with your clients? This is how you’ll create content that speaks directly to your audience and converts them to customers. 

From Customer Search to Customer Analytics: Know Your Customer

When you understand your customers you can create content that hits the mark every time. And you can train your team to deliver the level of customer service that will bring those clients back for repeat business. This aspect of your business is vital to growing and scaling it to the level you’ve always wanted. 

For more great information on this and other topics, check out the rest of our blog. Visit the SEO section of the Everything Entrepreneur Blog to understand your customers better when it comes to their search engine behavior.