Valentus Africa Prices – How Much is SlimRoast Coffee in Africa?

valentus africa prices

Valentus is a US-based network marketing company that offers weight management products, including SlimRoast Optimum, Prevail Trim, Keto Creamer, Emulin, 24/7 Carb Burners, among other cutting-edge products. Here’s the Valentus Prices for Africa, including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Botswana, Mauritius, Angola, Morocco. . .

The main question I get from African leads who took the free business tour on my Valentus landing page is: “How much does it cost?”

For one, you have to decide what package you want. You can start with a small pack or you can buy a larger pack if you want to start at a higher rank as an Independent Representative.

There is a one time starter fee of $20 US if you want to become an Independent Representative and have the potential to earn commissions when you share your company-provided Valentus websites.

Below, I will give you an estimate on how much each package costs, with the one-time starter fee of $20US added, but not shipping added. You will probably need to add $20 extra for shipping, give or take. (There is no activation fee on the “Career Packs”)

You can either buy products from Valentus as a “preferred customer” or as an “IR” Independent Representative. If you want to start a Valentus business in Africa you will choose “Independent Representative” while on the checkout page.

There’s 5 Packages to choose from:

Here’s the Prices for Nigeria:

Basic (1 product): 28901.92 Naira

Starter (3 products): 59990.92 Naira

Advanced (6 products): 93971.93 Naira

Builder (16 products): 215435.93 Naira

Career (36 products): 433781.92 Naira

Here’s the Prices for Botswana:

Basic (1 product): 868.93 Pula

Starter (3 products): 1803.61 Pula

Advanced (6 products): 2825.24 Pula

Builder (16 products): 6477.02 Pula

Career (36 products): 13041.52 Pula

Here’s the Prices for Ghana:

Basic (1 product): 443.72 Cedi

Starter (3 products): 921.02 Cedi

Advanced (6 products): 1442.72 Cedi

Builder (16 products): 3307.52 Cedi

Career (36 products): 6659.72

Here’s the Prices for Kenya:

Basic (1 product): 8134.91 Shilling

Starter (3 products): 16885.41 Shilling

Advanced (6 products): 26449.91 Shilling

Builder (16 products): 60637.91 Shilling

Career (36 products): 122094.91 Shilling

Here’s the Prices for Mauritius:

Basic (1 product): 2918.23 Rupee

Starter (3 products): 6057.28 Rupee

Advanced (6 products): 9488.34 Rupee

Builder (16 products): 21752.55 Rupee

Career (36 products): 43798.93 Rupee

Here’s the Prices for Angola:

Basic (1 product): 36914.75 Kwanza

Starter (3 products): 76622.93 Kwanza

Advanced (6 products): 120024.89 Kwanza

Builder (16 products): 275163.82 Kwanza

Career (36 products): 554044.51 Kwanza

Here’s the Prices for Morocco:

Basic (1 product): 770.56 Dirham

Starter (3 products): 1599.43 Dirham

Advanced (6 products): 2505.40 Dirham

Builder (16 products): 5743.77 Dirham

Career (36 products): 11565.12 Dirham

Recap on Joining Valentus

Valentus is a global network marketing business, quickly expanding in Africa. You do not need a local office to place your order or promote Valentus products. Your Valentus business can be operated with just a laptop and an internet connection. You will create a username and password upon purchasing your product as an IR.

Once you become an IR (Independent Representative) you can access your business dashboard by logging in to the login page.

If you have already taken the free tour through a Valentus landing page, then sign up through the link in the email that valentus is sending you. You should sign up with the first person who showed you the Valentus opportunity – it’s just proper network marketing practices.

To View the Complete Valentus Line and to Purchase, click the Button:

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