Valentus Africa Prices – How Much is SlimRoast Coffee?

valentus africa prices

Valentus is a US-based network marketing company that offers weight management products, including SlimRoast Optimum, Prevail Trim, Keto Creamer, Emulin, 24/7 Carb Burners, among other cutting-edge products. Here’s the Valentus Prices for Africa, including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Egypt, Botswana, Mauritius, Angola, Morocco. . .

The main question I get from African leads who took the free business tour on my Valentus landing page is: “How much does it cost?”

For one, you have to decide what package you want. You can start with a small pack or you can buy a larger pack if you want to start at a higher rank as an Independent Representative.

There is a one time starter fee of $20 US if you want to become an Independent Representative and have the potential to earn commissions when you share your company-provided Valentus websites.

Below, I will give you an estimate on how much each package costs with slim roast coffee, with the one-time starter fee of $20 added, but not shipping added. You will probably need to add $20 extra for shipping, give or take. There is no activation fee on the “Career Packs” with Valentus MLM.

You can either buy products from Valentus as a “preferred customer” or as an “IR” Independent Representative. If you want to start a Valentus business in Africa you will choose “Independent Representative” while on the checkout page.

There’s 5 Packages to choose from:

Here’s the Prices for Nigeria:

Basic (1 product): 28901.92 Naira

Starter (3 products): 59990.92 Naira

Advanced (6 products): 93971.93 Naira

Builder (16 products): 215435.93 Naira

Career (36 products): 433781.92 Naira

Here’s the Prices for Botswana:

Basic (1 product): 868.93 Pula

Starter (3 products): 1803.61 Pula

Advanced (6 products): 2825.24 Pula

Builder (16 products): 6477.02 Pula

Career (36 products): 13041.52 Pula

Here’s the Prices for Ghana:

Basic (1 product): 443.72 Cedi

Starter (3 products): 921.02 Cedi

Advanced (6 products): 1442.72 Cedi

Builder (16 products): 3307.52 Cedi

Career (36 products): 6659.72

Here’s the Prices for Kenya:

Basic (1 product): 8134.91 Shilling

Starter (3 products): 16885.41 Shilling

Advanced (6 products): 26449.91 Shilling

Builder (16 products): 60637.91 Shilling

Career (36 products): 122094.91 Shilling

Here’s the Prices for Mauritius:

Basic (1 product): 2918.23 Rupee

Starter (3 products): 6057.28 Rupee

Advanced (6 products): 9488.34 Rupee

Builder (16 products): 21752.55 Rupee

Career (36 products): 43798.93 Rupee

Here’s the Prices for Angola:

Basic (1 product): 36914.75 Kwanza

Starter (3 products): 76622.93 Kwanza

Advanced (6 products): 120024.89 Kwanza

Builder (16 products): 275163.82 Kwanza

Career (36 products): 554044.51 Kwanza

Here’s the Prices for Morocco:

Basic (1 product): 770.56 Dirham

Starter (3 products): 1599.43 Dirham

Advanced (6 products): 2505.40 Dirham

Builder (16 products): 5743.77 Dirham

Career (36 products): 11565.12 Dirham

Recap on Joining Valentus

Valentus is a global network marketing business, quickly expanding in Africa. You do not need a local office to place your order or promote Valentus products. Your Valentus business can be operated with just a laptop and an internet connection. You will create a username and password upon purchasing your product as an IR as an African coffee distributor.