How To Become A Valentus Distributor In Austria

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Austria’s population is 9 million people with an average income of $53,000 per year, which is $5,000 a year more than Belgium. Austrian’s speak German primarily and their landscape is beautifully riddled with mountains interwoven with baroque villages.

Austrian’s love their coffee, over 90% of the population drink it, 25% drink Cappuccinos, while 14% use coffee machines at home. Instant coffee is on the rise. 

Entrepreneurship is also on the rise in Austria. Austria and the Ministry of Education launched a program called ‘female Entrepreneurs visit schools” where young women go across Austria teaching girls in school that entrepreneurship and self-employment is basically a very viable and admirable trait to acquire. Home-based businesses and network marketing or MLM are also gaining popularity in Austria.

Austria has over 300,000 independent representatives in MLM, generating over $282 million in direct selling sales.

Why Valentus MLM in Austria

Valentus is a network marketing company based out of the US. They were founded in 2014 by Dave Jordan and specialize in weight management products, primarily weight loss instant coffee. MLM and coffee sales combined is a $600 Billion a year industry. 

Valentus is rapidly growing and is in the ideal stage of growth for new leaders to enter. Their sales are skyrocketing in one month of 2023. Their revenue climber $3 million, from $12 million a month in sales to $15 million a month in sales.

Valentus growth is primarily happening in Asia and Northern European Countries, including Denmark, Belgium, Norway, and Sweden.

Who We Are Looking For

Valentus is looking for Independent Representatives (IR) to spread the word and promote Valentus products in new markets in the region. We are looking for Austrians who ideally have network marketing experience, although we can train the right person.

The right candidate will recruit a local team and teach a recruiting system that anyone can duplicate. This candidate may also create training material in other languages other than English if needed.

We are looking for motivated entrepreneurs who are selfless and willing to teach new reps what it takes to succeed in network marketing.

Why Work with Us

Valentus offers one of the best compensation plans in the industry. There are 7 ways to get paid:

25% Commissions on first time orders.

Earn up to $20 per cycle, matching 200/100 BV between binary Legs (Paid Weekly)

Earn up to 20% on your personally recruited leader’s Binary Match pay.

Earn an extra $100 Legacy Bonus on the first 3 people in your pay line, when they order the larger packs.

Rank bonus. Car Bonus. Company profit-sharing.

Valentus also has a built-in sales funnel that reps can use in building their MLM business. Simply share your “landing pages to pre-enroll” people and when a prospect fills out the form to take the free business tour on your site, the company will send your prospect a series of emails urging them to upgrade their position to a paid member.

(This automated recruiting system is what has helped me recruit over 800 people in the last 6 years.)

valentus join options

Valentus Join Options

We offer several product packages: Basic, Starter, Advanced, Builder, and Career ($59.95 to $1195.95)

The larger pack you start with the higher your rank when you begin. If you are serious about building a team right away and want the highest rank you would buy the “Career Pack” which would start you as an Emerald rank. If you buy the “Builder Pack” you will start at “Ruby rank.” Both of these ranks then can be maintained simply buy ordering 100 bv per month the second month and beyond.

How to Get Started

There are two ways you can join, just like there will be two types of websites you get to promote Valentus with.

One website you get are the “Landing pages to pre-enroll people.” These are sign up forms where an interested prospect can take the free business tour and look around. They will then get the automated emails from the company. This is great to share with your “cold market’, people that don’t really know you.

You then get a customer or “corporate” website where people can purchase product without taking the free tour as a pre-enrollee. You can see that website on their company page.

Either way, you are going to want to sign up as a “IR” Independent Representative which you will see during checkout. This will allow you to be eligible to earn commissions as a rep when people order through your company-provided websites.

Enjoy Our Brilliant Coffee And Become A Rep Yourself!