Valentus Distributor in Croatia – Becoming an Independent Rep

valentus in croatia

There are 4 million Croatians in Croatia. Their average income is $24,000 which is $10k a year higher than their neighbor Serbia. Croatians take their coffee seriously and are ranked #19 in the world with 4.9 kg per year. They even beat out the USA and the U.K. for coffee consumption. There is no wonder that Croatia is into coffee MLM companies, like Valentus. Here is how to become a Valentus Distributor in Croatia.

This New MLM Business Is Even Better Than Valentus

Why Valentus MLM in Croatia

According to the World Federation of Direct Selling Association (wfdsa) in 2023 there were 35,000 network marketing reps in Croatia, accounting for $41 million in sales. Northern Europe is the second largest MLM market in the world at $38 Billion in gross retail sales coming Direct Selling.

Coffee and MLM revenue combined is a $600+ billion a year industry. It is a smart business choice for Croatian’s to start a home-based business with Valentus, a network marketing company whose number one selling product is instant diet coffee.

Why We Want Croatian MLM Leaders

Valentus is expanding rapidly in Asia and Northern Europe, especially in Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, and Germany. Valentus currently has 25,000 reps and 75,000 customers around the world. Valentus wants to become a huge presence in Northern Europe and Croatia is a hot market for MLM. Croatians are hungry for opportunity, they have drive and passion and can network with large groups of people.

Who We Are Looking For

We are looking for both customers who want life-changing physical results, and we want MLM leaders looking for a new opportunity to make life-changing income. Valentus leaders are currently making over $100,000US per month. There is no limit how much you can make in MLM because there is no income limit. You can legally make as much as you want, it all depends on the size of organization you build.

We are looking for network marketing leaders who can build a team of Independent Representatives locally and internationally. Since Valentus is an internet marketing MLM, you have the ability to build your business anywhere there is an internet connection. 

We are looking for leaders who can implement duplication within their team using easy recruiting strategies and systems that anyone can use. The true exponential income potential comes from a large number of people on your team duplicating the same recruiting techniques and teaching their reps the system all the way down the levels within the organization.

Why Work with Us

Valentus has one of the most cutting-edge compensation plans in the MLM industry. They pay 7 ways, including:

  • 25% commissions on retail orders.
  • Fast start bonuses, up to $100 on product packs
  • Binary match paid weekly between your left and right leg volume.
  • Leadership match where you get paid on your leader’s Binary Pay.
  • Legacy Bonus, earn $100 extra on large orders once qualified.
  • Rank and Car Bonus
  • Company profit sharing.

Join Options

Valentus products range from $59.95 to $1199.95. You can buy in at a higher rank when you buy the Builder pack or the career pack. Once you buy the larger pack the first month, you can maintain that rank the following months just by ordering 100 BV.

You Can Read More About Joining Valentus on their website.

How to Get Started

If you would like to start your business journey with Valentus you will want to choose your product (there are 23 products to choose from) and select the option of signing up as a “IR” Independent Representative. There is a one-time starter fee of $20US.

Once you become an IR you will have access to your business dashboard where you can log in with the username and password you created upon checkout, where you can access your company-provided websites to promote Valentus. You will get credit for everyone who orders through your websites.

Valentus is growing 10-20% a month. Now is the time to get in while we are hitting serious momentum. That is how you capture all the potential profits.