How To Become A Valentus Distributor In Germany

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There’s 82 million Germans. Their average income is $51,000 a year. 

Germans take their coffee very seriously. They are the biggest consumers and exporters of coffee in the EU. In fact, they take it so seriously that they consume coffee more than their water and their beer!

Although Germans are comfortable with their high-paying careers, home- based businesses are growing. In fact, there are roughly 1,000,000 network marketing reps in Germany who account for $15 Billion in sales out of the $39 Billion generated by Northern Europe, not bad for a small country!

Why Valentus MLM in Germany

The Coffee and MLM industries account for over $600 Billion a year in gross sales. Coffee and MLM are a smart choice for home-based business owners in Germany who want to know they are in a profitable niche.

Valentus is a network marketing business out of the USA. They specialize in weight management products, with instant diet coffee being their best-seller. Valentus is a 5 year old established company by CEO Dave Jordan, who is a 25 year MLM veteran himself.

Why We Want German MLM Leaders

Valentus is an MLM company growing fast in Asia and Northern Europe, especially Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, and Austria. Valentus is growing exponentially as new leaders emerge within the company.

In one month, Valentus went from $12 million in sales to $15 million in sales. There are over 75,000 customers and 25,000 Independent Representatives.

Valentus just launched a new 100,000 square foot facility in Florida, and upgraded to a new corporate office four times bigger than the last. They also have a doctor in charge of product formulation, and they are adding to the existing 25 products every month. They plan to be an almost billion dollar MLM in the next 2 to 3 years.

Who We Are Looking For

Valentus is open to anyone joining or being a customer because it’s about transforming your body as well as your finances. However, we are looking for experienced network marketing leaders who can create and grow a large organization of reps who duplicate a simple lead generation strategy.

We are looking for entrepreneurial leaders who can motivate, inspire, and lead a team of distributors to their own level of success. 

We are looking for leaders who can expand the German market and surrounding countries. 

Valentus is primarily an internet-based MLM company, meaning you can share your websites anywhere in the world and train your team using zoom, skype, Facebook, and Youtube. The sky is the limit with how far you can achieve with Valentus.

Why Work with Us

Valentus offers:

Highest paying compensation plan (Paid 7 ways)

Paid Weekly.

Automated email system that emails your prospects for you.

3-4 company calls per week.

Video training from the top leaders in MLM.

Available in over 120 countries.

Cutting-edge products. (category creators, not generic)

High-definition websites and landing pages for our reps.

Join Options

Valentus offers 5 product packages: Basic, Starter, Advanced, Builder and Career packs, ranging from $59.95 to $1199.95.

You can “buy in” at a higher rank by purchasing the Builder pack or the Career pack. If you buy the Builder pack you will start as a Ruby; if you buy the Career pack you will start as a “Emerald.” To maintain Ruby or Emerald rank the following months, just order 100 BV per month to keep those ranks.

How to Get Started

If you would like to try the product as a customer you can simply order on their website.

If you want to start as a “IR” Independent Representative, there’s a one-time starter fee of $20 when you checkout. When you join as an IR, you will be given your own business dashboard where you can grab your personalized websites and set up your banking.

If you want to take the free business tour and see the automated emails in action (that the company sends out to all your leads on your behalf) then check that out here. If you want to upgrade to a paid member this way, there is a “join now” link in the emails from this big MLM company company.