Valentus Distributor in Italy – Becoming an Independent Representative

valentus in italy

There’s 60 million Italians in Italy. Their average income is $32,000 a year, about $3,000 than Spanish citizens. Italians love their coffee, heck that’s where espresso was created. There’s roughly over 270,000 baristas in Italy, with almost half of them have been doing it for over 10 years!

Although, Italy is nowhere near the biggest coffee-drinking country (they don’t even make the top 10) coffee plays a crucial role in their culture. However, Italians love network marketing and coffee, which brings me to write this article on How to Become a Valentus Distributor in Italy.

Why Valentus MLM in Italy

According to the World Federation of Direct Selling Association (wfdsa) there are over 560,000 network marketers in Italy, who generate over $3 Billion a year in gross retail sales in MLM. MLM in Italy has grown 5.8% from 2014 to 2017.

Northern Europe accounts for $38 Billion in retail sales in Direct Selling. The only other region that beats that is Asia at $85 Billion. There’s over 100 million distributors worldwide.

Valentus is a network marketing company based out of the USA. They were founded in 2014 by Dave Jordan, a passionate man who has been a successful network marketer himself for the last 25 years.

Valentus offers a wide-range of weight management and skincare products lead by a doctor. Their flagship product is Prevail SlimRoast Optimum instant coffee.

Why We Want Italian MLM Leaders

Valentus is quickly expanding into Asia and Northern Europe, especially in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and Belgium. Valentus has over 75,000 customers and 25,000 reps around the world. People love Valentus because of the weight loss coffee, Dave Jordan’s passion, and the leadership and training. 

Who We Are Looking For

Valentus is looking for Independent Representatives (IRs) in Italy. We believe that Italy is an untapped market with a lot of potential. Italians are passionate and community-based which is perfect for network marketing. Italians love coffee and building relationships, and making money while sharing great products is an easy and rewarding task for Italians.

We believe there is unlimited potential not only in Italy, but the surrounding countries.

As a Valentus IR, you are not limited to one country. With your company-provided websites you can build your business in any country in the world.

Why Work with Us

Valentus is breaking company records every month. We went from $12 to $15 million in sales in one month in the fall of 2019. We feel that the company is on a momentum streak and it’s a perfect time to catch the wave.

Valentus pays a very competitive compensation plan that pays 7 ways and weekly.

Valentus also offers an automated recruiting system that helps you recruit people. You simply can generate a lead by sharing your company-provided landing pages and the company will email them daily on why they should upgrade to paid member. Personally, this is how I have recruited over 800 people myself.

Join Options

There are several product packages to choose from when joining Valentus as a preferred customer or Independent Representative. If you want to build a Valentus business and be eligible to earn weekly commissions you would want to join as an IR (Independent Representative) during checkout. There is a one-time starter fee of $20US to start.

If you want to be able to earn the most commissions and become the highest rank possible in the beginning you will want to buy the “Career Pack” ($1199.95) This will start you at “Emerald Rank”

If you want to start for a little less but still start at a higher rank you can purchase the Builder pack ($575.95) which will start you at the Ruby Rank. To maintain these higher ranks all you need to do is order at least 100 bv worth of product the following months to keep your rank.

How to Get Started

To get started, you can take the free business tour and see how the automated emails work from Valentus. You will get the same automated email system when you join as an IR and share your “landing pages to pre-enroll people” in your business dashboard under the tab “my website address.”

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