How To Become A Valentus Distributor IR In Sweden

valentus sweden

Sweden is the 6th biggest consumers of coffee in the world, coming in at 8.2 kg per year. The Swedes love their coffee, and due to heavy taxation on food and drink in Sweden, the Swedes are turning to MLM company Valentus product instant Slim Roast coffee for their coffee purchases online.

Why Valentus MLM in Sweden

Valentus, founded in the USA by Dave Jordan in 2014, is a direct selling company that offers weight management solutions, via over 30 cutting-edge products. Valentus is a global network marketing opportunity in over 110 countries. We are expanding into Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Belgium.

The Swedes are heavily active in direct selling with over 120,000 reps, generating $256 million in sales in 2023. Northern Europe is the second largest market for MLM at $38 Billion in sales in 2018, beating Northern America by $2 Billion dollars, so coffee is the best MLM business for this nation..

Why We Want Swedish MLM Leaders

MLM and coffee are the two hottest market segments in the world. Coffee and MLM generate over $600 Billion in sales every year. It is a no-brainer when you want to make money online to choose a coffee MLM business.

The top MLM leaders make over $100k a month because of the large organizations they built, and because there is no income ceiling or limit on how much you can earn when you take the Valentus Tour and join their organization.

Who We Are Looking For

The ideal candidate for becoming a Valentus Independent Representative is someone who has network marketing experience to begin with. Network marketing is different than a traditional corporate job, where dog eats dog. In MLM, you make more money by helping others succeed, which is counter-intuitive for many top earners in the corporate landscape.

We are looking for self-starting entrepreneurs that can be consistent, have tenacity, and be able to teach duplication to their reps. Network marketing is about sharing a simple, yet effective prospecting and recruiting system for everyone to implement. Duplication is where the true passive income lies in MLM. We have a powerful automated recruiting system that emails your leads for you, which I will talk about next.

Why Work with Us

Valentus has hit the momentum stage. They are growing 10% per month or more. They went from $12 million in sales in october” to $15 million in November. Top veteran MLM leaders are joining Valentus every day. We also release new products designed by a doctor every few months, and new countries are being added daily to our shipping list.

Join Options

You can join Valentus with one product (basic pack) for $59.95, plus a one-timer starter fee of $20US if you want to be eligible for commissions as an Independent Representative (IR).

If you are serious about building a team quickly you would want to buy in at a higher rank so you can potentially earn more as a “Ruby rank.” You will be Ruby when you buy the “Builder Pack” at $575.95. You can maintain Ruby rank by purchasing 100 BV worth of product the following months.

How to Get Started with your Valentus Business

Once you become a “IR” Independent Representative in Valentus you will want to login to your business dashboard or back office. You can find the valentus login on their website.

You will sign in as a “member” now using the username and password you created during checkout.

Then, you will have access to your personalized websites through the “My Website Address” tab on the left-hand side. These are your personal websites that Valentus gives you so you can share your Valentus Opportunity. You have several websites to choose from.

If you want to generate leads and get the Valentus email system to start emailing your leads for you, use the “landing pages to pre-enroll people” websites, so interested prospects can fill out the form to take the free business tour.

If you want people to buy right away and not be placed in the automated email sequence from Valentus, then just share your corporate website link.