Valentus Coffee MLM Opportunity in Greece

valentus opportunity in greece

There is a little over 10 million people living in Greece. Their average income is $27,000 a year, a few hundred dollars more than Turkish people, but $13k less than the neighboring Italians. Turkey loves their coffee. They are ranked #17 in the world for coffee consumption at 5.4 kg per year, which is higher than the U.S. and the U.K. The Greeks also love MLM. Here’s why the Valentus MLM Opportunity is so popular in Greece.

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Why Valentus MLM in Greece

Coffee and MLM combined is a $600 Billion a year industry, making Valentus a great home-based business choice. There are over 148,000 network marketing distributors in Greece, accounting for $133 million in annual sales.

Valentus, a direct selling company that specializes in weight management products, including instant SlimRoast coffee, is an MLM growing rapidly in Northern Europe, particularly in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Croatia, Italy and Austria.

MLM leaders are joining Valentus everyday and “MLM Diamonds’ are being made. Valentus is officially in the momentum stage and their monthly sales is exponentially growing. In one month, Valentus went from $12 million in sales to $15 million in total sales. A year ago they were at just $1 to $2 million per month. 

Timing is everything and MLM leaders know this. This is the right time to join because Valentus will become a billion dollar a year business in the next 2 to 3 years. Their multi-level marketing product-line is also ever-increasing, with 31 cutting-edge network marketing products, and more being created every month, led by a doctor.

Who We Are Looking For

Of course, Valentus products are great for everyone, customers and Independent Representatives alike. However, this article is for network marketing leaders who are looking for a new MLM opportunity in Greece.

We are looking for self-starters, self-driven leaders who can build a team locally and internationally. We are looking for someone who can teach duplication and lead generation techniques to their team, and motivate and inspire them to build their own Valentus affiliate direct selling businesses.

Why Work with Us

Valentus is growing fast around the world and anyone who has network marketing experience knows that getting in before the masses is crucial. Valentus also pays one of the highest commissions in the industry, with 7 different ways to get paid:

  • 25% on retail.
  • Fast Start bonuses on each product sold, up to $100.
  • Binary Match paid weekly, volume between left and right legs.
  • Get Paid on Your Leader’s Weekly Binary Check.
  • Rank and Car Bonuses
  • Company profit sharing.

There are Valentus leaders making between $100,000 to $500,000 per month. There is no income limit. You can build as big of a team of affiliate sales downline professionals as you want.

Join Options

Valentus products range from $59.95 to $1199.95 USD. If you want to start big and with a higher rank, you will want to buy the “Builder Pack” which starts you at “Ruby rank” or buy the Career pack, which starts you at “Emerald Rank.” Then you simply order at least 100 bv the following months to maintain the rank you came in at. There is a one-time starter fee of $20US to become a IR, however that fee is waived for the career pack.

You can also maintain a Ruby rank for 6 months and be bumped up to Emerald rank automatically in 6 months of holding your Ruby rank.

For More Details on Joining Valentus, visit their site.

How to Get Started

If you want to buy product as a customer you would visit the website below and place your order as a “preferred customer.” However, if you want to promote Valentus products, get your own personalized company websites, and be eligible for commissions, then check the IR “Independent Representative” box upon checkout.