MLM Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, And Vietnam, Taiwan

valentus prices in asia

MLM is taking over the world, and it is more evident in Asia than any other continent on Earth. Valentus is a MLM company out of the United States. They offer cutting-edge weight management products, like SlimRoast Optimum, Prevail Trim, 24/7 Carb Burners, keto creamer, and Emulin. Here are the Valentus Prices for Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

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Valentus network marketing has 5 product packages to choose from. Below I give you an estimate of how much each package costs in the given country. I have also added on the $20 one-time starter fee if you are wanting to join Valentus as an Independent Representative (IR) to be eligible for commissions if you want to promote Valentus as your new network marketing business.

I have NOT added shipping costs to these prices. (All prices are subject to change) All products are the same price. You can mix and match them in checkout so you can start direct selling product.

Here’s the Prices for Valentus Japan:

Basic (1 product): 8674.22 Yen

Starter (3 products): 18004.83 Yen

Advanced (6 products): 28203.41 Yen

Builder (16 products): 64657.89 Yen

Career (36 products): 130189.18 Yen

Here’s the Prices for Valentus Indonesia:

Basic (1 product): 1128094.50 Rupiah

Starter (3 products): 2341554.50 Rupiah

Advanced (6 products): 3667894.50 Rupiah

Builder (16 products): 8408854.50 Rupiah

Career (36 products): 16931294.50 Rupiah

Here’s the Prices for Valentus Malaysia:

Basic (1 product): 333.03 Ringgit

Starter (3 products): 691.26 Ringgit

Advanced (6 products): 1082.82 Ringgit

Builder (16 products): 2482.43 Ringgit

Career (36 products): 4998.39 Ringgit

Here’s the Prices for Valentus Philippines:

Basic (1 product): 4076.65 Peso

Starter (3 products): 8461.79 Peso

Advanced (6 products): 13254.85 Peso

Builder (16 products): 30387.49 Peso

Career (36 products): 61185.45 Peso

Here are the Prices for Valentus Vietnam:

Basic (1 product): 1855519.57 Dong

Starter (3 products): 3851450.57 Dong

Advanced (6 products): 6033049.58 Dong

Builder (16 products): 13831105.58 Dong

Career (36 products): 27849039.57 Dong

Here’s the Prices for Valentus Taiwan:

Basic (1 product): 2440.91 NT$

Starter (3 products): 5066.54 NT$

Advanced (6 products): 7936.40 NT$

Builder (16 products): 18194.65 NT$

Career (36 products): 36635.07 NT$

Recap on Joining Valentus in Asia

Asia is the number #1 market for network marketing. Asia generates almost half of the gross retail sales generated by Direct Selling companies at $86 Billion dollars a year.

Valentus is an MLM business growing rapidly in Asia. It is an exciting opportunity for Asians to capitalize on the beginning of the explosive growth and profit potential that this opportunity offers.

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